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 am i overweight?!?
ok answer this honestly! i'm 14 years old and i weigh like 95ish pounds! is that overweight? whats normal?
Additional Details
i'm like 5feet and like 2 inches :(...

 Easy way to lose weight without exercise?
i need this. help?
Additional Details
by the way.
i dont eat pies or junk food!
im 5'7 and weight like 145...

 i'm 15 and am 5ft 2" do you think i'm gonna grow anymore? is there anyway to?...?

Additional Details
sorry i ment i'm 5ft3"...

 My wife is getting fat?
I have been married for 12 years now and after we were married for 8 years she started getting fat. she used to be slim and attractive but bow she is a tub and i am getting sick of her. its like she ...

 If you weigh 100 lbs, and you are 5'5 is that fat or skinny?

Additional Details
ITs NOT me!...

 am i overweight?? :(?
i'm 5'2 and i weigh 118 lbs. i'm 12 almost 13
Additional Details
typo: i'm 5'3...

 Have I over-eaten today so far?
Breakfast: Two pieces of toast and a banana

Lunch: 1/2 Sandwich and two Oreo cookies

And for dinner I'll probably eat an apple or something.

Am I good for today?<...

 Slimming World advice quite urgent..plz help.?
Ok basically my husband is 22 stone and needs to diet as he has health problems..he already walks everywhere...2 miles to school and back with the kids..twice per day and we have a treadmill at home.B...

 Do you think yoga is just a form of exercise or part of a religious ritual?
Malaysia's National Fatwa Council will soon come out with a ruling on whether to ban yoga exercises as some believe that practicing yoga can deviate Muslims from their beliefs. Do you think that ...

 are you fat if youre 5'4 16 and 125 ibs?

 How do I know when I'm fat?

Additional Details
Why am I so fat?...

 a fat 14 year old girl needs advice on Weight loss... picture!?
Ok i am 14 years old i am 5,5 and i weigh 115 lbs... i used to weigh like 113... i would like to weigh 109 lbs or like 105... I play a lot of tennis i am home schooled so i can play tennis a lot......

 Did I Eat Okay Today?
Breakfast: Half a cup of oatmeal (144 calories)
Lunch: Spaghetti (77 calories)
Tea: Two boiled potatoes (160 calories)

And all I've drank is water. And I have burnt 150 ...

 Am I Overweight?

I'm 13 years old and weigh 135 lbs, is that overweight? I mean, I consider myself overweight, but I need others' opinions...
Also, how can I loose between 10-20 lbs??<...

 I am 13 and how can i make myself shorter?
Ok. I just turned 13. im a boy. Im like 5"10. I weigh 115 lbs. My dad is 6"3 an my mom is 5"7. Will i be as tall as my dad... Or inbetween my parents. If im gonna be as tall as my dad, ...

 You are what you eat? what are you then?

 Stretch Marks? I'm 14!?
Ok I'm 14 and i have stretch marks on my inner theighs!

How do you get rid of them?
How did i get them?

I'm not fat i do dance 6 times a week and i've had ...

 I am skinny but eat like LOADS! ?
I eat like a lot of snacks like;
crisps,fruit,sandwiches,toast,chocolat… .. and more.

But i eat like cereal or toast for breakfast (never miss it) , then for lunch i have like a ...

im 17 years old, 80 pounds, female, 5 ft.

this is me:


im sort of worried? because peoepl keep ...

 Why am i always hungry after dinner?
i eat til i am like full then ten mins later im like hungry again, i am 13 years old.
Additional Details
i dont eat alot of junk ...

Am I too thin? Help me please?
Everyone always tells me i'm too thin, but i feel happy and healthy with my body, finally! before i was a size 1, now I'm a size 3 and I have never felt better :) yet people are still telling me that. I'm 5'4" and 110 lbs. I have a small frame. Are they right?
Additional Details
Also I eat all the time, usually 3 meals a day with other food in between. I excersize for an hour once every 2 days.

Random 22

As long as you're eating a healthy/varied diet containing enough calories AND you're happy with the way your body looks - screw "everyone" - what matters is whether you're happy and enjoy your body!

diombana a
be yourself

Do you eat healthily? Do you skip meals, or "binge and purge," to maintain your weight? If your answers were yes, no, and no, then good for you and don't worry about it. Otherwise, you're putting yourself in danger, and should seek help.

Nope, your fine, you're at a healthy weight :)

Corie A
I don't think so, I am 5'3" and I weigh 117lbs. I don't think you are too thin, but maybe try not to loose anymore weight.

if your doctor hasnt told you that you are underweight than you arent

well hows it affecting your love life beacause me and most of my freinds hate skinny skiny chicks like they have to be average mabey go to 130

uh youre average

I am also 5'4 and I was about 108 3 months ago. I never had anyone tell me I'm too thin. I've gained about 7 pounds since then. But I don't think you are too thin at all.

As long as you don't look disgustingly thin and yucky, then don't worry about it.

as long as ur happy dude come on level 3 3 more to answer

no ur what size a normal person should be but now america is like 250 average so comparatively your too thin

Nope, you're at a perfectly normal weight.

I checked and used a BMI calculator for you.

You can check for yourself! Go to google and type in BMI calculator.

Misty =]
Yh but as long as ur happy with the way you are and aren't sufferring from any deficiencies then its fine X

Amber C
you should actually be about 120, but im sure 110 is fine. it might be on the small side, but i would love to be that size.

Aimee S
a size 3 at 5'4? Thats perfectly fine tell everyone to stfu

Be happy for that!

No. You are perfectly fine. Don't worry about it. It's just you're natural body's metabloism system. Don't listen to what other people tell you. I've been told I was thin for years and I never let it faze me because in the end, I'm happy with myself the way I am and you should be too. And it just means that when you're older you'll be thin as well and there's no problem there. Ignore what they say, many could just be jealous and learn to differentiate if they're just joking about it or really telling you the truth. Usually, friends joke or my frieds do and if it's a complete stranger, their opinion shouldn't matter. Besides, most boys like thin girls so don't worry at all.

y n
you probably look nice and your weight is fine. a picture would have helped.

No 110 is a good weight for 5'4".
Who cares what they say if you're happy and healthy with your body.
It doesn't matter what other people say, just ignore it, they'll stop, or just tell them you like the size you are, and to leave you alone about it.


Bettie P
If you feel happy and healthy then forget what everyone else says... my best friend is 94 lbs at best everyone says the same about her but she's happy and even doctors say she's as healthy as she should be.

no thats about how much i weigh, its fine

Anne Marie
well, i am very thin too. everyone says it and they call me anorexic when im not. so ur probably a little small, like me, but u'll be fine.

It doesn't matter as long as you feel healthy.
I have the same problem, I'm only 12, I am 5'2", and I weigh about 90 lbs. (It also sorta depends on your age) Don't fret over it, as long as your skinny 'cause your healthy. It would be different if you were starving yourself.

there are sites on the internet with this information. In case you're not familiar with Yahoo search or Google Search , they are fantastic search engines & will give you what the medical society has deemed appropriate in an easy-to-read table format that you might even be able to print out & refer to in the future instead of bothering us with. We are not medical site nor a professional site, nor do we come up w/ the statistics.

Jose A
if you feel happy the way you are don't  let other people tried to mess you up just keep do what you do

No your fine. They are just jealous.

shelbi a
If you're happy with yourself, who cares what everyone else thinks?

Nope your perfectly fine honey, it don't matter what people say, dont worry your meant to be the way you are!

I know exactly how you feel, and it really annoys me because I go through the same thing.

I'm around 5'7 1/2 and I weight around 111 pounds and I usually fit into a size 0 or 1.
You don't know how much I get that I'm sooo or too skinny, but the funny part is I eat A LOT, as in I eat tremendous amounts.

Don't listen to them, your a perfect size and weight and some girls would kill for your body, just learn to tune those negative (often jealous) remarks. Every girl should learn to love the body, thats the only true way to be ever satisfied.

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