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Soon 2 B Famous
Am I too fat??
My mom bought me a new (and expensive) bathing suit for summer. Its a bikini and I told her I'd wear it so returning it is not an option. I feel like I'm fat and want to know if I am. If I am will you give me some tips for slimming up. I have big hips, and my mom says I ahve "muscular arms"(and not the extremely gross muscular arms)

Ok I am about 5'3'' and weigh about 132 pounds...am I fat?
Additional Details
O and if it has to do with anything I am 13 and have a bigger bust than most

Melissa S
your fat if you can pinch under your bicep and get a chunk bigger then an inch ... same rule applies for the belly.

drink lots of water, avoid the three whites: white flour, sugar and salt!

Ronan C
ur not fat you just think you are once you get out you will be totally fine dont worry

it's impossible to tell just by your weight and height.. some people's bones are just heavier, so they weigh more than others even though they don't look fat.. but i think you're average.. maybe only a couple pounds over weight but that shouldn't be noticeable.. so wear that swimsuit and show off that body! =]

sydney ♥
your bmi is 23. and that is classified as normal weigh, if you don't believe me, then go to a bmi website. you're fine. don't worry.

well im 13 and 4'11" and about 93 pounds and im a little chunky...so u dont sound fat,maybe a little chunky but theres nothing wrong with that!

Kelly B
Your in the range for your height.
Besides. Looking big has nothing to do with how much you weigh.....IT's the way your body carries the weight.

im your age too
im 5'3 1/2

i weigh about 113
but im a runner.

you may be a little chubby but not anything bad at all.
try having a bananna for breakfast, when you get hungry for a snack, cashews or yogurt.
dinner- chicken salad

and what really helps is chewing gum when your hungry.
also you get hungry when your bored, so keep yourself busy.

i used to be fat and thats how i lost weight.

I would say not really. It depends. you could have 132 lbs of muscles. I'm 5'4 and after I had my children I weighed 135 lbs for about a year and a half. I wasn't FAT, but I wasn't fit either, I was pretty jelloish around the middle. I did a lot of walking and used the Firm Abs work out video. Now I'm down to 125 lbs and look a lot more fit. If you look in the mirror and feel like jello, like I did, work a a little. It shouldn't take TOO much effort because your not really over weight, your just not an anorexic.

Cody K
You are not fat, 132 pounds is nothing to worry about. If you feel like you need to be slimmer though, then try doing sit-ups or going for runs. Not eating food depletes your muscles, so it would be better to just exercise

Well im 5'2 and im 129,
and people tell me im
skinny. =]
So no i dont think your
fat at all!

just keep excercising and eating heathy, thats wat im doing!

I don't think so, if you have these 'muscular' arms say you do. My friend is 5'3", and he weighs 110 lbs, but he's stick skinny. So I think you're okay.

It's hard to tell just from your height and weight, but i'd say no. No matter what, you should feel good about yourself. Your mom cares about you more than anyone in the world, so if she feels confident in putting you in a bikini, you should probably accept her opinion. She wouldn't have bought it for you if she thought you would look bad in it.

even if you were fat (which you're not), it doesn't really matter during swim suit season anyway. if you're going swimming, wearing a tshirt of whatever looks like you're uncomfortable and just draws attention to yourself. you're gonna look the way you look no matter what.
basically, if i were you i would wear the new bathing suit

no because some of that fat will go twords developing

that's probably the higher end of normal. It really depends on your built though. I'm 5'7'' and your weight, and I do not look very thin but I am far from fat. 120 seems like a good weight you can aim for if you feel self conscious. Just diet and exersise!

melinda b
I don't think your fat, plus your mom wouldn't buy a bikini for you if you were.

132 is HARDLY fat, try exercising.

Allie C
Statistically you are at a 'normal weight' with a 'large frame'. But, if you are feeling umcomfortable with yourself, I recoment eating 6 small portioned meals a day packed full of veggies and fruits and lean meats. Stay away from candy and any sort of sugar. And choose whole wheat bread over white bread. There are 'bad' carbs in it which will break down into sugar.

not fat maybe a lil chubby

I checked on a BMI calculator. Your weight is in the normal range for someone of your height, so no, you're not fat.

Having big hips has nothing to do with being fat by the way, it's a body build thing. :)

You are risk of being overweight. Below it is the exact link for you to find out. (I don't know when you were born so it says you are 13 years and 4 months) You are ok but if you still want to lose weight then you could check out tip and nutrition in Yahoo Food.

The term chunky monkey comes to mind for some reason

all curves misses!!! dont listen 2 the some of the nasty comments above!! men hate skinny girls........

It totally depends on the muscle vs. fat ratio. You probably know that fat weighs less than muscle, so if you do have a lot of muscle, then you could be considered skinny.
You don't seem fat, and to tell you the truth, it's better to do one of two things. If your self esteem or whatever is being damaged by your weight, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Something healthy.
Other option: forget about it. It doesn't matter. As long as you are not 400 pounds. You SHOULD feel good about yourself though. To those extremely judge-mental people weight does matter.
You and all of those other people should STOP asking if they are fat though. It's kind of annoying.

You don't sound at all fat. Hold your shoulders up and walk with a smile. BE HAPPY!


no, you don't sound fat to me.

sounds like you're a healthy, well-developed young lady. wear it with PRIDE!

it doesn't sound like you';re fat
just curvy
which is good :D
you don't want to be flat as a board

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