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Am I overweight I am 12,im 5'0 and i weigh 80 pounds?
I always feel sooo fat!!

no , perfect

Lucie F
if you are 12 and you weigh ONLY 80 pounds.......
you are actually a little UNDER weight.......
calm down and talk to a parent or a counseler.
you are not over weight!

Aaron S
No you are not overweight you are just fine at your age and height.

No, of course you aren't. You could gain 20 pounds and be perfectly fine.

God bless.

no!!!! actually no offense but u too skinny for your height

5' and 80 pounds would be underweight . . . almost scary, iin fact.

No, you are UNDER-weight ! You can gain 20 pounds and still be ok...


cee cee
for your height you are at a good weight. Instead of worrying about your weight, just eat healthy and exercise and have fun and you will be fine.

no yoir not fat! I'm slightly younger han you! not that young..
but anyway now. I'm 4'10 and I weight 80 punds! you not even close to fat!
So feel happy for what you are!

Check with BMI calculator. Click on link below.

No you are not overweight!!

I bet you're not 5 ft. tall & 80 lbs. Too weak to be typing on your PC... you'd be half dead by now. Come on.......

ur normal

don't even worry about it your only 12 im 14 and weight has controlled my life becuz i too thought i was fat when all my friends said i was skinny..just keep eating and don't even worry about weight...Your SKINNY!

This is an easy one.

this is gotta be a trick question, overweight? heck no. you sound underweight

You are 12, it's a crazy time for girls. You are certainly not fat at 80 pounds, you need to focus on getting a more positive body image. Be proud of who you are, you deserve better then being a body obsessed girl.

Absolutely not, you are perfect. Quit reading fashion, modeling and movie magazines. The magazine, tv and movie industry promotes unhealthy lifestyles for those movie and tv stars and models, that's why most are so incredibly thin.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! u shouldnt feel that way about yourself. 80 pounds! i would say u r almost underweight! its perfectly normal tho for u to feel that way. but dont start dieting when your so young or stop eating. that will just put u in a horrible condition. if u really think your fat, then just avoid junk food as much as possible.

You are not overweight. If you feel unhappy maybe you should try eating healthy. That will make you feel better. It seems to me you need more self confidence. You dont have to be a twig to be prettty. You are beautiful just the way you are. Remember that.

Nope, not fat at all! 80 Pounds is pretty normal for someone your height and age. If you were an adult that height, you might expect to be even 110lbs or more!! Please, don't go feeling fat. You're not.

I'm 13, 5'4 and 107.

believe me !! ur not... i was 12 and 4'10 and i was ninety pounds and my doctor said i still wasnt over weight! i was shocked... lol

you are definitely not overweight. You just need to feel more confident in yourself. You need to stop saying that you're fat and keep telling yourself you are skinny. Most people probably think that you're in really good shape and the truth is, you are. Since many many people are falling into obesity in the USA, you just need to make sure you're not one of them. Based on the world we live in nowadays, the only way to become thinner is to become anorexic/bolimic but the you waste your life.

girl you are no in any way fat at all

OMG, no, if you are only 12 and 5'0 and weigh 80 lbs you defiantly not overweight. You don't need to be concerned at all about being fat.

*i love him*
omg u r so not fat i wish i weighed that much when i was 12 honestly i am the fat one here i am 13 and i weigh125 i am also 5'4 s no ur not in fact u r totally skinny its just that u r under peer pressure and this is the time in life when girls are really a really low self esteem about themselves except for me because u know i really am fat


Your trying to get attention, obviously!

no ur like EXTREMELY thin!!!! GAIN SOME WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Oh my God. You are SO UNDER weight. I can't believe the number of girls--very young like you--who think they are fat when they are so terribly under weight.

You need to GAIN weight. You should weigh about 115 lbs.


Whatever...your neither old enough nor heavy enough to be fat...

relax and enjoy your childhood...your body is going to change over the next 4-6 years anyway...

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