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 are you fat if youre 5'4 16 and 125 ibs?

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im 17 years old, 80 pounds, female, 5 ft.

this is me:


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im in middle school
i weigh about 107 pounds and am a size 4
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 is 137 pounds for a 14 year old girl with height 5''7' normal or is it overwweight?

 Should I listen to my mom and lose weight? Am I right to be upset?

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 5 foot 1 130 pounds??????????????????????????????????…
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bright n shiny, full of love
Am I fat or skinny??
I'm 5'1 AND 105 POUNDS.

i guess you're average

normal & skinny


Come on now we know youre smarter than that.

If you're asking that question at 105 pounds you probably need to talk to a counselor. I'm not trying to be mean but if you are that light and concerned about being fat you might want to talk to someone.

Jilliann (:
Thats probably a good weight. I'm 5'5" and 120ish

(: Deffinetly not fat

Thats a really healthy weight :) aka skinny! lol

Jonathan Davis is my hero!
Well your about average maybe a little less than average.

Can you maybe not post that. Seriously, you know you are skinny. You should delete this because it's just making you look retarded. You actually really skinny you sound anorexic. (guys don't like when girls are like that)



Ben S
thats about average

you're normal, healthy weight..you should be happy! You can always google BMI and find out your body mass index and that will let you know if you are underweight, normal, or overweight..It's really helpful

Rebecca L
Your slim-ish.

are you trying to make yourself feel better by asking this question? Look around, do you think you are fat? Perhaps you need a different mirror or perhaps you should ask a doctor if you are really worried about your health.

I think you should eat some more burgers and pizza and ice cream

Listen, if you have to even ask then you are not fat. Common sense should tell you this. Your weight is normal for your height.

Shakeria B
Definatly Skinny girl Im 5'5 and 105 pounds and im only 12 and in 7th grade your sknny but even if you were fat love yourself in the way god created you

Silver Moon

Silly question!

I would say that your about normal.

Cards Fan 15
eat meat and drink milk ur skinny

[email protected]
I think thats a perfect weight. I am 5'7 135 pounds. I am just not to skinny and not fat. With your height that is a great weight!

I really believe your skinny that would be the normal weight for a 5'1
and 105 is skinny!!

Oh come ON....you know the answer, you just want to hear it 8593473 times.

Need to have a large sandwich. Any lighter and you may float away!! HA!!

105 pounds your a freaking stick.

Keep fishing, because I'm not taking the bait.

Spencer W

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
How the hell could you think you're fat? D:
You're skinny.



michael b
no you are not ur proby great

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