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 Why am i still so fat?
I hardly ever eat. At the most i eat 200 calories a day. I exercise twice a day for an hour. I do 1000 crunches a day, plus a bunch of cardio.

Why am i still so fat? I am 5'7, and i ...

 What is the best thing to eat after working out to lose weight?

 how can i grow taller within a few days? im 13 , 95lbs and 4'11?
I know i've been told that i'll keep growing until i hit the age of 18-21 , but can i speed it up within a few days??...

 how is it possible to weigh less in the morning, when nothing left your body?
so whenever i compare my wieght from at night to the morning its usually like a 2-4 pound diffrence! how is it possible to weigh less and look skinnier in the morning when nothing has left your body ...

 I'm 13 and weigh 144 lbs. Am I fat?
Is it ok to weigh 144 lbs and be 5' 6"?

i'm scared that i'm fat! I'm almost 14. Is this normal?

Please be honest! And if u think i'm fat, give me ...

 eating before or after exercise?
i am going to start going running with a friend, she works until late so we will be going running at around 8pm.
i get home around 5pm, so would it be a better idea for me to eat when i get home ...

 Am i over weight???????????????
Im 13 yrs old and 5' 6" and i weigh 150 pounds. Am i over weight? plz be truthful!...

 how can I lose 10 pounds with out taking pills?
Right now i weigh 130 and would like to weigh 120 and lose it as fast as possible without taking any pills ir doing anything that can harm me. So whats the easiest and quickest way to lose it?...

 I'm a male, 5'91/2" tall and 150 lbs. Am I fat?
I feel like a giant piece of lard. I have a little belly that I can't seem to get rid of. People say I need to be 160 lbs! but that is crazy for me. I already have high blood pressure. Is ...

 Am I Too Fat Or What?
Im 14
And Aroud 108 pounds
Should I Lose Weight
If So How much??


Additional Details
oh im a ...

 will i lose my curves if i starve??
hi i want to go on a detox (starvation)but wondered what will happen to my body.it will be for 5days with less then 500 calories or just water.my biggest worry is am i going to lose my curves and is ...

 How do i loose weight if i am 200 pounds male and a 13 year old?
plz help!...

 Is htis a normal wieght?
5 foot 7
14 year old girl
123 pounds.
I wanna loose mroe and for track we do about 1-2 miles a day and I do shot put. Will doing this work, or will I just end up building muscle?...

 Do you think i'm fat? Honest opinions please..?
I'm 5'4''
i weigh 123..
i think i'm really fat..
i want to lose atleast like 15 pounds..
what do you think?
i want honest opinions on the two pics &...

 do you think I can lose weight by not going to the gym but to walk in town?
I'm trying to lose weight but I can't go to gym cause i'm paying for my driving lessions, so do you think walking for about 30 to a hour would lose my ...

 how to get a six pack??? 10 points?
whats the quickst way to get a 6 pack (i aint fat) lol pllllzzzz help?????...

 Do Fruits have any caloriess ???
title explains itself lol.

and if so, how many ??...

 am i skinny, average or fat?
i weigh 82 pounds and i am 4'7 thnx bye <33 :D
Additional Details
i am 12 years old ;]...

 Does my bf think I am fat?
I jokingly insinuated to my bf that he did not find me attractive because I am fat. He replied by saying "that isn't true, you aren't that fat!" and he was serious as a heart ...

 Tell the truth! Am I fat?!?! hehe?
is this fat 155 pounds and 5,5, what tips should I do to lose weight?...

Mrs. Iero <333
Am I fat? 120 pounds?
and im five feet four inches

Weight Loss Just By Drinking Water
Make A Successful Weight Loss Just By Drinking Water - Maybe The Easiest Weight Loss Method
Well, you may have heard it before - you can lose weight just by drinking pure plain water. Do you think it is like that? Yes, it is, you can lose weight just by drinking water. I will explain why it is so.
There are studies that show that just by drinking water your metabolism will increase with up to 30 percentages. That is quite impressive, isn't it? To make your weight loss possible you need to drink eight glasses of water every day, and if you have lots of overweight you need to drink a few glasses more. If you live in a warm climate or if you exercise very intensive you need to drink more than the eight glasses. You maybe think that eight glasses is much water to drink, but you shouldn't drink it at the same time; instead you need to spread it out throughout the day.

Drinking water is not only great for your weight loss. Just by drinking lots of water you will look better because and your skin will become more glowing. Your muscles will work more effective when you exercise which will lead to a better shaped body.
A few tips about how you should act when you decide to lose weight just by drinking water:
· Start every morning with a glass of water.
· Drink a glass of water before every meal.
· Drink lukewarm water, it may be easier to drink lots of water when it isn't cold.
· Add a slice of lemon if you don't like the taste of the water.
· Avoid drinking just before you go to bed.
Drinking water is a cheap and very effective way to lose weight, but often you need to add some diet and exercise to make your weight loss effective.



You should talk to your doctor if you're concerned about your health. They'll be able to give you good/reliable HEALTHY tips about what you could be doing better.

I don't think 120 pounds sounds like you're fat. But if you're concerned, you should see your doctor.

no u are not fat

no. are you crazy though?

No not unless I am. If it makes you feel better I have a friend 2 inches taller than us weighs the same and looks annorexic.

No way! That's not fat at all. My mom is 5,4 and she weighs the same as you.

Timra T
well ht makes me feel better cuz im 5'4 and 120 so no cuz im like really skinny to most people

NOOOooo...I am 5 feed 2 inches and I am 135 pounds....everyone loves my body!!!

Your skiny...hunny were in the curves era now!

Keep them!!!

ahaa are u serious...no way are u fat...never do BMI testing its a load of crap and doesn't take into account muscle mass, one good fat test is to sit dwn and it u get masses of rolls then yes your fat, but at 120lb and 5ft4 no way :D x

no you are not , you will have plenty of time to worry about getting fat when your 40

Baby G
Ummmm no.

Jael P
It all depends on your age.


No. Your BMI is 20.4 and that is normal and perfectly healthy. Good for you!

omg... are you effing kidding me??? jesus. no girl you ARE NOT FAT AT ALL!!! go sit on your *** and eat fried food all the time.. how about McDonalds. than you will know what fat is. you are NOT FAT!!! stop being so critical!

no your perfect ! your bmi (body mass index) is 20.6 .

BMI Categories:

* Underweight = <18.5
* Normal weight = 18.5-24.9 (your here)
* Overweight = 25-29.9
* Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

You might look at yourself and see some fat on you, but thats ok you need to have fat on your body to be normal we dont want the whole world looking like Victoria secret models now do we?

no you are not fat at all. you are right where you are supposed to be.


dev (:
you are perfectly average (:

Nope you're perfect :)
I'm 5ft2 and 115 pounds and I've never been fat so as you're a bit taller, you should weight slightly more, so you're just right =]

Alex :D

this should answer everything.

no, that's right below average, you're pretty skinny.

kawaii xD
i'm fatter than you and i'm 5 ft 1 inch.
i'm 143! and i'm 12 years old! >.<

How old are you? Mostly average people who are five feet 4 inches are 90 pounds :p

and anyway what does it matter? why are girls so obsessed with weight? dont you get it that girls with a few curves and not waifs like lindsay bone-han are so much more attractive??
Love yourself! :-)

heck no! ur like, perfect!

No you are not. You are perfect.

no your fine!

don't try to be fake and plastic.

Random girl :)
no your not fat at all, our the right weight (Y) its al good dw :D


nope ur like lower side of normal weight

pick me as best PLEASeee i need ten points

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