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I'm 5'7 122 pounds... is this a good weight??? I run 3-4 times a week to stay toned....

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Kayla M
13 year old girl 5"5 134.2 lbs... over weight? perfect? anorexic? ?
i was wondering if im in a healthy fitness zone or not.,

Jonny Dangerously
how do you feel?

Chandlar L
you are fine.
you are in the BMI range for your age and height.

do a BMI check

You are the ideal weight for your height
Your BMI is 22.5

If your BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9 you're an ideal weight for your height. To maintain this, make sure you eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and keep active with regular exercise. This will lower your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes and other health problems.

Even if your weight is ideal, you need to keep an eye on your waist size. People who are 'apple-shaped' rather than 'pear-shaped' are more at risk from health problems.
Top tip

Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. To improve your health further, stop smoking, cut down on salt and high-fat foods, and limit your alcohol intake.

It sounds like a normal weight for your frame. Eat smart, exercise...You will be fine.

me foo
nice ^^

I am 5 ft 5 in and that is my goal weight. You are perfect!

I think its a little bit too heavy

I am 14 yrs 5' 6" and i am 100 pounds


i m thirteen 5 1' and 92 lb but i'm good.

Just fine.

There is more to life than your physical looks. Don't worry about it!!! You are perfect for just being you.

Ronnie K
i think that is the ideal weight for your height

Riley's Mommy
your fine!

No one is perfect... Not even me. It doens't matter what people think of you. What do you think about yourself?

you're fine i'm 5"8 and i weigh 138. i'm a boy and the reason why i weigh so less is because i'm cutting weight to meet a weight class for wrestling.

Jiminy Glick
I would have to say that you are the correct weight. You may be a little chubby. You are still 5"5 and when you get taller, that weight will disperse, giving you what is called a core, the V-shape stomach and that looks very attractive on a girl. If you go anorexic, you will lose that core V-shape feature.

that;s fine!

Ms. Mysterious ♥
i think ur perfect!!!!

thats a good weight but it depends on your body type

holly rose
your definetley over weight and your only 13 not a good thing

Your mom.
Gorgeously Perfect ;D

yer good hunn.

perfect im 5'3 117 ilbs your a perfect weight dont listen to what others have to say!

do you feel good about yourself?
it really impossible to tell.
nobodys weight is perfect for another person.
the healthy weight for you could be anorexic for someone of the same size.
so i would just go by, if you feel good :D

sounds good! but if your not happy with it, just exercise and eat healthy. make sure you eat enough though.

[email protected]
Perfect, aanorexic would be if you weighed 72-90 something.
And overweight? accourding to your height, anything close to200p.

sounds good, are you average?

yeah, if your fitness level is active and high

ir 13... 5'5" and 134 lbs!! that healthy!! its not anorexix and it not over weight!!!

just fine. :)

Cheelicious is a Snitch
You are in the healthy range-- especially if just entering puberty

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