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what is the cause of recurent hypoglycemia for the first time in the same day in non diabetic patient?

John S
The most common reason would be unknown diabetes. Are you sure you don't have it. The other reasons range from metobolic disorders to tumors of the adrenal gland. Diffentially get checked out by a doctor.

tim g
Avoid sugar and high amounts of carbohydrates. Eat balanced meals with whole grains at regular times.
Keep a granola bar near.

i have hypoglycemia and im not diabetic.just keep glucose tablets with you and when you feel shaky or dizzy eat one. i think it can happen in the same day especially if you dont raise your blood sugar levels

How did you check your blood glucose if you're not a diabetic? Did you borrow someone elses meter?

It could be diet related, but I would need to know how hypoglycemic the person was.

remember, for a non diabetic normal range can be anywhere from 60-120, but not fluctuating too much.

Somone listed a few possibilities but i want to elaborate. I am a pre-med student who works with an endochrinologist and i have myself dealt with the disease for sooooo long (hypoglycemia that is). And after a long time on the proper diet and seeing no change, my endochrinologist just didn't know what to do. After doing some more research, i found out that i had celiac's disease. As it turns out celiacs disease and many other food allergies may be a very likely cause of hypoglycemia. My endochrinologist was amazed after doing some research within the medical community at how many cases there are where people's hypoglycemia is caused by celiacs disease. Many doctors are unaware of this, and many other causes. It's my experience that a lot of doctors write hypoglycemia off as this disease that is a by-product of the terrible diets we have these days. And i don't doubt that in a lot of situations that is the case. However, there can be other causes and few realize that. What is important is that you change your diet first and see how that makes you feel. If a steady, proper diet does not make you feel better, then it is likely, as it was with me, that there is an underlying cause that needs to be fixed. Now i'm not sure if you know about the diet so i will add a paragraph summing it up, and you can ask me for help if you need with it.

Your diet needs to eliminate simple surgars and starches. If you are hypo then your body responds to sugar in your digestive system by releasing too much insulin in the blood stream. This then takes too much sugar into your cells and leaves your blood stream low in sugar, which typically affects your brain first (inability to focus) and then you start to feel irritable, light headed, and begin to shake. You need to supplant sugars with more protiens and good fats, which break down into sugar slower and doesn't stimulate a large insulin response. You also need to make your diet higher in whole grain foods if you are going to eat breads, cereals, or pasta, since those things are generaly very startchy when they are not mad from whole grains. You also should increase your intake of vegetables and cut down on really sugary fruits like bannanas and pineapple. Try to cut down on candy and sugary drinks, Orange juice is not good!! If you feel like your blood sugar is getting low a good snack is cheese. You also need to eat often, 4-6 times a day, and never eat a large meal. Caffiene and alcohol also make the situation worse by forcing your body to produce more insulin. If you follow this diet and you feel better you still should go to the doctors(to at least tell him in case there is something causing it!!!) There is no medicine cure for it, only diet. However, it is important that you find out if there is a cause behind it, so still go.

I hope that this helps! I can elaborate on anything i have said that may not be clear. If you have any questions feel free to ask!!! Good luck!

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