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 How can you tell if your diabetic?

 What are the symptoms of diabetes?
I have cousins on my dad's side of the family and my mom says that it would be very easy to get diabetes because of that and I don't really eat very healthy even though I'm a ...

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every site i go to tells me to eat right or diet and exerise but what if i cant excercise and what is eating right

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 ok does this sound like diabetes? i've been to the doc but havent got my results back yet and realy scared.
1)realy bad dizzy spells + bluryness
2) sickness
3) i get ill realy easily (i've been ill every holiday)
4) feel hungary all the time
5) feel tirsty all the time
6) need ...

 has any one else got type 2 diabetes & how do u manage your blood sugar levels ?
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thanks to all who took the trouble to reply . i got some wonderful feed-...

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 What are some symptoms of diabetes? What symptoms made you call the doctor before you were diagnosed?

 Does this sound like diabetes?
I am waiting on my blood test results, but the suspense is killing me....I am constantly tired, fatigued, and hungry. I crave sweets all the time, have split, blurry vision, have gained weight in the ...

 Is diabetes contagious?
just wondering....

 Can drinking too much soda pop over time help contribute to diabetes? ?
If someone drinks an abnormal amount of soda pop per day, say 3/4 of a 2 liter per day, can that help to onset diabetes if they eat otherwise pretty healthy?

Can drinking too much soda ...

 Is diabetic chocolate different?
Is diabetic chocolate any different from normal chocolate apart from having no suger....

 i have diabetis i'm 44 years old and have high blood sugar does any one know of any natural ways to lower it?
i have diabetis i'm 44 years old and have high blood sugar does any one know of any natural ways to lower it

i dont know what type but i DO NOT use innsulin but i do take these blue ...

 I like to hide foods in my belly button to snack on, is this normal?
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 Why do i get the shakes when i'm hungy and is it something i should be checking into..or what?

 can diabetics eat any food?
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 How can I make my son stop with insulin?
My son has got diabetes type 1. He doesn't work out and he loves eating sweets. He is not overweight at all but he should eat more healthy and grow some muscles. Is it possible to make him work ...

what happends if i dont get enough protien ?
i'm a vegetarian and i'm afriad i'm not getting enough protien or any of my daily needs. i've been feeling reallly weak , expectually in my ribs. and i'm excessively tired even tho i get alot of sleep. i think i've been feeling this way because of my lack protien needs.

*Live Your Life*

you don't know me

ull die honey

your head will fall off :/

5 gum rocks!!!
your killing yourself.
if you do not eat meat and other things(dead animals)
you can kill yourself if not carefull.

*Danielle* :)
you die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

you can find protein in many other foods. research it well. but it sounds like you have anemia. get a blood test and some iron tablets fromm the doctor. (anemia is iron deficiency)

John S
u get this condition called kwshiokor
this can resut in very severe edma of the body
and very brittle hair and nails
dun try it out

you fall apart...literally

Nicholas T
yep if you dont have protiens you bones brake and get weak...
especialy for women and be carefull becous you wont get that back over 40 or 35...
get a lot of milk, eggs, fish, lots of dairy products, beans and stuff
they got lots of proteins and are not meat exactly maybe the fish but its not a big deal..

William W
you loose strength and start to feel woosy, then you get a hear attack and still live. But then the poice come to investigate and find out you dont eat protien and then shoot you in the head thor you in the car and feed it to the police dogs

Jenna Cate
I was a vegetarian for 5 months and didn't get enough protein. The lining of my stomach started to burn off, and my doctor told me to stop not eating meat.

Molly S
don't worry about it.. i'm a vegetarian too..make sure you eat lots of peanuts, maybe a peanut butter jelly for breakfast every morning? also theres these special K protein bars that happen to be delicious!

Alæx Bænjamin loves Röck
You can become sick and unhealthy. Make sure to balance out your proteins to ensure you get the correct number of proteins

Sounds like low iron - That happened to me when I was pregnant. I was very tired and weak. Do you eat eggs? If not eat more lentils beans, and spinach, there is both iron and protein in these things.
If you don't have enough protein your body will start to feed on your own muscle and you will get weak among other things. Also remember that muscle burns fat so it is possible you will get flabbyish (if that is a word) Could also go to the health food store and get some protein powder. Hope that helps.
P.S Don't over do the soy products they are actually not that good for you. Chinese people use it more as a condiment than a meal. We overdo everything here in the west.

Vicky T Viking
Those starving kids with inflated bellies on TV have protein deficiency through not eating enough of the right foods. You need protein for your skin, bones and to help your body repair itself. It's sounds like you may be low on iron too

Beans, nuts, pulses, quinoa, green veg, eggs, soya are good sources of protein and iron - so go and eat some!

It could very well be from a lack of protein.

Try to eat foods that provide a good mix of nutrients, like eating beans and rice together provides a good source of protein.

Also, make sure you take a muti-vitamin every day, it should help.

Good Luck.

Paris L
well, then you should drink protien shakes, take protien pills. something like that, it probably wouldn't hurt to go to a doctor about this. the same thing happened to me, i am also a vegetarian. when the weakness, and feeling sick pretty much everyday struck me, i simply started drinking protien shakes. it helps! but good luck! (:

well you wont be healthy enough
so i guess you should get more.

you might be anemic which is actually caused by low iron. trying eating some kidney beans...also if you're worried about protein eat tofu and drink milk. If all else fails, see a doctor, i hear they're good with these health things

This is a problem for vegetarians, because the body does need protein. You can get protein from various shakes, but the best way is to get it from food.

Being a vegitarian means you can get your protein from nuts, soy and a ton of other sources. Just go to the store and look at labels, protein is not only available in meat, it's everywhere!

Nick L
your bones wont be as strong. and milk has protein,so does fish

Have some protein already. You can have soy protein or eat some eggs. It could be that you're anemic. Try some iron pills to see if that helps.

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