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should someone who's type 1 diabetic drink coca cola?

faye h
i drink diet coke all the time

No, nor diet coke (or diet anything). Artificial sweeteners will eventually wreak as much havoc to a diabetic system as actual pure cane sugar. See research on artificial sweeteners and it's impact on insulin.

My husband has had type 2 since 2001, he was told by his doctor that he needed to cut out all soda all together because no matter if it is diet or not the sugar content of the product is extremely high. Since this came straight from the doctor I would have to say no.

All soft drinks are bad for everyone. They are very acidic and lead to a condition called Acidosis.

If you have acidosis, the body and injected insulin will not work nearly as well. This can lead to diabetes in otherwise healthy people or those that where pre-diabetic.

Dr. Young writes in his book The PH Miracle for Diabetes that insulin is much more effective once your body is more alkaline. Also people following his diet plan are much more likely to see very stable blood sugar levels, and will be able to reduce medications a lot.

What is insulin doing for you? If you where type 2, then it just is taking high blood sugar spikes and changing them into body fat (like you really needed that). As a type 1, you already know that the insulin is needed to replace the insulin that your pancreas is not making in sufficient quantities. Yet if you are having a sugar spike, some insulin is also taking that dangerously high sugar level and changing that into body fat.

Body fat is also another place that the bloodstream can hide acids, in fat cells. By following a more alkaline diet, the bloodstream will start to produce bicarbonates, and this will help your body with many things, including preventing muscle cramps when you run or exercise.

As your muscles work, they produce acids, and the blood caries these away. Yet this can cause stomach cramps, or cause you to slow down once you have to much acid in the bloodstream. By having these bicarbonates already stored in the body, the bloodstream will not become as acidic while exercising, and you will not get muscle cramps. Yet drinking 1 soft drink will consume many days worth of bicarbonates in 1 hour.

Artificial sweeteners are also very acidic, and should all be avoided. Cheese, milk products, meats, and especially animal fats all change to acidic byproducts as you digest them.

Good Luck!

No! well i think it depends on there sugar level doesn't it?

Nomad D
In theory, yes, you can drink non-diet soda, provided you count the carbs and take an appropriate dose of insulin to cover them.

In practice, the carbs from non-diet soda will hit you hard and fast (it's basically just sugar water, after all) and you're likely to see a sharp spike in glucose level because your insulin won't be able to keep up with it. Even naturally-produced insulin frequently can't match the rate that soda spikes glucose levels in people without diabetes; injected insulin, which is dosed less accurately and doesn't act as quickly, has no chance of even coming close. However, provided you took the appropriate amount of insulin to cover the carbs in the soda, it will come back down in a reasonable amount of time.

Just be aware that current research suggests that rapid swings in glucose level may actually be even more harmful than consistently elevated glucose levels.

no. unless it is as a hypo treatment(if their sugars are low) in that case approx 200ml of regular coke, or any other soda, should bring them up to a good level, and then a snack should sustain them.

diet sodas however can be drank no problems at all!!


its not adviseable but yes you can as long as you count the carbohydrate content although to be honest i used to drink it all the time before i became diabetic but now i find the best is diet coke which is very nice and you can also drink pepsi max or any other low calorie or sugar free drink without limits

karen h
No they can't drink regular coca cola. It will increase their sugar. Just diet coke or diet pepsi.

If it is diet or coke zero it is fine but regular is not advisable unless they are drinking it to raise there blood glucose levels if they fall to low.

NO....it's full of white sugar and high fructose corn syrup!

Here are some Natural Cures for Diabetes.

1,000 mg. L-Glutamine - Stops Sugar Cravings
1,000 mg. Alpha Lipoic Acid - Natural Diabetic Cure
1,000 mg. Chromium Picolinate - Regulates Blood Sugar

Also prayer to Jesus heals!

Anita M
not unless they have low blood sugar levels, other wise just diet coke a diabetic nurse will advise diet versions of drinks as they do not contain sugar

No-one should drink these vile drinks!! Full of rubbish which the body doeesn't need. Stick to good old water. Far better for the skin and the digestion system

KePiN iT dL

Patricia C
Nothing with sugar in it.


The only time regular coca cola is recommended, is when your blood sugar levels drop and you feel dazed and dizzy. Both of my parents are diabetics, otherwise its diet coke, energy drinks are a no no as well, as it would increase your blood sugar levels rapidly.

Nelly Nelly Nelly
No just diet coke

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