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Type 1 since I was 11!

Never been over weight!

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4) feel hungary all the time
5) feel tirsty all the time
6) need ...

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 i have diabetis i'm 44 years old and have high blood sugar does any one know of any natural ways to lower it?
i have diabetis i'm 44 years old and have high blood sugar does any one know of any natural ways to lower it

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isa hba1c blood level of 8.6 ok?

Additional Details
child mole grow up,
and shawn c why are you even answering if you dont know what it is. its an idication of long term blood glucose levels

shawn c
a what of what ok?

child mole

Zed N
its a few 0.1's high I think, but its a 'see your doctor thing' though, dont worry, it should get better.

i think mine is 45.9 so ya yours should be fine.

unfortunately you may feel fine, but 8.6 is just to high.i've been running at about 8-9 for the last few years, bad i know, and now i'm starting to have early stage retinopathy.and i'm only 25!
its easy to just get out of the habit of eating right, and taking enough insulin....in my case ate well, exercised but just never took ENOUGH.
so have a chat with doctor and dietician to get a regime that works for you.
best of luck!!!
ps no need to freak out yet though you can get it down!!!its over a long period of time that the damage is caused.

Too high! Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? That's not a good number at all. It either means you have diabetes or that your diabetes is not adequately contolled.

Bambi Berkowicz
It is not good. Your body is not dealing with your carb intake well. Either your diet is too high in carbs, you're not exercising enough, your meds aren't working, or your not taking your meds properly.

Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) is a form of hemoglobin used primarily to identify the average plasma glucose concentration over prolonged periods of time.
In general, the reference range (that found in healthy persons), is about 4%–5.9%.
The International Diabetes Federation and American College of Endocrinology recommend HbA1c values below 6.5%, while American Diabetes Association recommends that the HbA1c be below 7.0% for most patients. A high HbA1c represents poor glucose control.
A level of 8.6% seems to be on the high side. I should recommend you talk to your physician about it.

Someone above me said theirs was 45? this is not true, maybe 4.5, I don't think 45 is even possible. My a1c has been about 8 or 9 for the past ten or so years, I have been type 1 for almost 18 years now, I have no known complications, I think it depends on your genetic make a lot. but you can't control that, what you can control is your blood sugar, and by getting them down you will increase your chances of living complication free.

Gary B
An A1c of 8.6 is rather bad. It show a 90 day AVERAGE of almost 200!

That reading is definitely diabetic, and the patient (you???) need to be seen by a doctor and begin treatment for diabetes as soon as possible.

With a 90 days average this high, it is quite probable that you have been this high for a long time, possibly several years, and have already begun to damage your system. You are probably already feeling the "tingling " and numbness of diabetic neuropathy, but you probably have much damage inside that is not immediately noticeable, like retinal damage in your eyes or a degrading of your kidney functions.

GET THAT READING DOWN NOW! A "normal" A1C reading is between 5 and 6, with anything over 7 indicating diabetes. Eliminate ALL sugars from your diet, and greatly reduce starches (breads, pastas, rice, corn, potaotes). The doctor should repeat the test in 90 days.

Renato N
is not ok, is too high,

Jodie K
Yeah its not bad but 7 or 6 would be even better. Mine was 9 last time so I am hoping to get mine lower :) I would be happy with 8.6 though

gilly g
It's a little high but nothing to worry about. Have you eaten recently?

not ok.....it really depends on whats up with you //should be 6 or lower..mine is in the 7.4 range but ive had surgury and its been getting better and my DR isnt to upset...im more upset them him..

I agree with eNorma, JV and George - as frustrating as controlling diabetes is, an HbA1c of 8.6% is indeed too high.

HbA1c is a sort of a 3-month average of your glucose control (because the HbA1c tests for the glucose molecule on your red blood cells, and the red blood cell life span is about 3 months long). Thus, fasting a day before the test will not change the results.

As the other answerers stated, the recommended HbA1c level for a person with diabetes should be less than 7%. An 8.6 is a heads-up to go through medications, lifestyle, diet and exercise to see which one could be modified.

Hope that helps!

In the book I am reading Dr. Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes, he says that less than 6% is the desired rate.

He also describes diet changes that will allow you to reduce the level to an acceptable level and that test subjects also lost weight, and reduced medications by 50% or more. He described the way that insulin is controlled naturally by the body, and how to make that process work better.

Another book I am reading is The PH Miracle for Diabetes by Dr. Young. He says that insulin becomes less effective if you become more acidic, and that by becoming more alkaline, you improve the results of your blood sugar levels and your A1c will drop in about 3-6 months.

Utill you can read the books, try reducing animal fats, cut back on milk products, and eggs. It explains why in the books.

Happy New Year!

No, not really. Having 8.6% hemoglobin A1c, will mean your average blood glucose has been around 190-200. This is pretty high average. The normal range for blood glucose is 80-110. This means you are consistantly running above normal, quite a bit above normal. You need to consult with your doctor, if you are diabetic, you need to start monitoring your blood sugar better, and maybe adjust medication. This is not critical yet, but needs to be discussed. Normal values for HGBA1c is less than 7%. The person with the value of 9% is also not ok and should consult their doctor as well.

hba1c is a measure of how well a person's diabetes is controlled over the last few months.

And whether or not you have eatent recentle isn't a factor. hba1c measures the sugar chains on your red blood cells, which take months to get there, which is why it is a long term measure of how your diabetes is.

A typical normal range is 4.3%-5.9%, so your diabetes hasn't been controlled and you have room for improvement.

Tikikay C <3
no, that would be considered high. That means that your diabetes is not under proper control. Your daily blood sugars are running high, would be my guess. Check into some diabetic clinics to learn more about how to properly control your diabetes with diet and insulin. A1c tests are great way of telling how uncontrolled or controlled your diabetes is.

No. A 8.6 HbA1c is not okay. It means that your diabetes isn't well controlled. Maybe you should ask your doctor to adjust your medications and you need to take them on a regular basis. It should be less than 7.

Basically, this test measures what your average blood glucose level (bg) has been for the last few months. There's some debate as to how far back in time it goes, but it's about 2 or 3 months, with a bit more emphasis on the most recent month. 4.3%-5.9% is considered a normal range. If your above 10; there is room for improvement.The result is always given as a percentage: how much glucose is stuck to the hemoglobin as a percentage of the maximum that could be stuck to the molecule. Hope it helps.

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