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trev's mommy
is 55 a bad blood glucose reading?
that was before food, now im going to eat and check it agian in 30 mins. what should it be then?
Additional Details
hypoglycemia is on one side of my family and diabetes on the other.

i ate and it went up to 68. is that better??

55 would be low enough that I would treat it with some fast-acting sugar like juice in addition to eating. You could be crashing. Keep checking to see how the food affects it because it takes an hour for a regular meal to peak. You might need a jump sooner.

Rick K
Wow .... Kinda low for me....LOL.... if i get that low I get DIZZY..... mine is right around 130 to 175... I'm a type 2 diabetic, but I guess arond 80 is where it should be acording to my doc!

that's a very low blood sugar reading. are you a diabetic or hypoglycemic? if not, i would definitely contact a doctor so that you can get tests done to determine this.

It depends on what type diabetic you are and how advanced your condition is. My husband's blood sugar would be in the 200's 30 minutes after eating. As long as it rises to at least 100, you're ok.

tim g
55 is too low.

Immediately consult your doctor you are suffering from hypoglycemia ( a condition of low blood sugar) you want to eat some thing to bring it to normal. Severe hypoglemia can be fatal.

You can visit my free website to know more about hypoglycemia.

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