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im afraid to go to the doctor so im asking you people...how will i know if i'm diabetic?

stella H
u can go to a drug store to buy strips to test to see how much sugar u have in ur system. go to a pharmcy and ask for them. u dont have to get a presciption for them.

Ivan E. Cao-Berg
i have attached a link to the american diabetes association with a lot of information about pre-diabetes. there are a number of classical symptons which if you have, should go to the doctor. remember that diabetes is not a death sentence, is a wake-up call!

Go to webmd.com.. put diabetes in the search and you will find a symtom checklist, you can get very ill if you are so do see a Dr if you find a lot of symtoms match yours. it can kill you.

And Still _smile_
If you have these three P's
P-Polyuria: excessive urination
P-Polydypsia: excessive thirst
P-Polyphagia: excessive hunger

most likely you are a candidate...

the thirsty bit sounds about right. if you're overweight, that generally is the first stage of being potentially diabetic. if you are overweight, you should just go in for a check up anyway. you don't want to find out after you get a heart attack.

Thirsty, weak, dizzy, ants will flock into your urine.

Get the test. Is it the needle you are afraid of? Have your blood taken from your arm not from the tip of the fingers. It will be more painful if you get it from the fingers because there are more receptors (pain/touch sensors) there than on the arm.

Preventive measures would be to exercise- jog, aerobics, boxing as the saying goes: An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


My daughter's pediatric endocrinologist (a children's diabetes doctor) said I can use her glucose meter to find out if I'm diabetic. Find a friend who has a glucose meter to help you. Take your blood sugar two hours after you eat. Make sure it's no sooner than 2 hours. Make sure you do it after eating a normal meal. Your blood sugar result should be lower than 180.

But if it tells you you're diabetic, then you do have to go to a doctor. Run, don't walk. Diabetes won't kill you right away, but if untreated you can go blind, lose limbs, and live in horrible pain because the sugar in your blood eats away the coating of your nerve endings. These things are not not possible complications, these things WILL happen if diabetes is left untreated.

The signs and syptoms of diabetes are frequent urination; increased thirst and consequent increased fluid intake; and increased appetite.
I suggest that you put ur fear aside and get the test. I have celiac sprue (wheat and gluten intolerance), i was afraid to take the test...i found out i have it and now I feel better than I have.
I now realize that if I had waited longer, I would hav caused more damage to myself rather than help myself.

[email protected]
Sorry but you have to go to the doctor, are find some free health fare and they give test, you can not have symptoms or you might have false ones.

Nearly impossible to test yourself, my friend.
Best to let the pros do the evaluation; diagnosing your own illness could prove to be more dangerous that the problem itself.
For your own sake, please go to the doctor.

You will have frequent urination and unquenchable thirst. You might have an unusual redness to your skin color. Your urine might have an unusual odor to it. It is so easy to get a urine test strip and know...why not find out? It is best for your body if the blood sugar is well regulated. You don't want the side effects many years down the road of uncontrolled blood sugar.

Go to a doctor, really. Either you can stop worrying about it then, or you'll know that you have it so you will be able to regulate it better and not damage your body. But excessive thirst, headaches, ramdom grouchiness and horrible feelings particularly after you've eaten something high in carbs or sugar.

go get tested. It's not something to fool with. I am diabetic and now I also have renal failure. If you catch it early and change your life style you will be much better off. The synptome are thirsty all the time. Your tired even after you sleep 8 hours. Eventually you'll start losing weight. a little at 1st. then very rapidly. Not worth it to ignore.

-frequent urination
-sudden weight loss
-blurred visoin
-mood swings

u can basically find ouit by medical screening and taking a urine or blood samlpe for glucose levels

* Frequent urination
* Excessive thirst
* Extreme hunger
* Unusual weight loss
* Increased fatigue
* Irritability
* Blurry vision
I have been diabetic (over 5 years) and take pills, low fat diet and excercise.....I do have pain, sleep apnea, mood swings, high cholestral, etc....take an online test...

www.diabetes.org and search symptons and test

by getting tested and monitoring your blood sugar with a medical professional. there are blood sugar, glucose tests, that can be done.

tired all the time, constant thirst, loss of concentration. don't be afraid of the doctor. if you are diabetic, doctors can help you. you can live a normal life as a diabetic, and the chances for survival are very good.

please see your doctor.

Ok i am not a doctor, but i will try to answer ur question..Try to get answers to these questions.

1. Do you feel thirsty always
2. Do you feel dizzy after a hearty meal?

If your answer is yes, then chances are that u r diabetic..

Or else better, get a small machine which will analyse your bloor sample..it is very cheap

Go to the doctor.
Symptoms include Frequent urination
Excessive thirst
Extreme hunger
Unusual weight loss
Increased fatigue
Blurry vision
Use this link to assess your risk:
But please, go to the doctor!

Mr. Knowitall
If you know anyone who is diabetic, he or she will have a blood glucose meter and would probably be happy to test you. It's a very painless test, it requires just a tiny speck of blood.

Test after fasting (when you wake up is best) and an hour after eating something sugary or starchy (pancakes!), and you'll know!

You really ought to see a doctor, though. Diabetes leads to all kinds of nasty things like blindness, kidney failure. gangrene in your feet (and then they have to take them off!), and heart attacks. If the Dr. suspects diabetes, he will order a series of tests for other things it might be, like your liver. It's all serious stuff, so take care of yourself!

stephen k
Unless you can get ahold of Mr. Peachy (a member here who is a diabetic), you need a professional opinion to decide for certain whether you are diabetic or not

Pregnant with #3, A Baby Boy!
You'll know by going to your doctor and discussing it with him/her and running some tests.

I don't mean to be sarcastic, but your health isn't something to risk. Better safe than sorry.

I certainly wish you the best!

just go check!

it either runs in your family, and then there will be certain symptons i think.
it can be if you are overweight/obese.

so just go check, its easier!!

There are certain symptoms but especially if you are thirsty beyond quenching.

Please,please, please go to the doctor so you can detect and treat it early. My uncle was severely diabetic and he caught it early but he didn't do like the doctor told him (healthy eating habits.) He lost a leg, all of his teeth had to be pulled, fingers had to be amputated, had to be on dialysis for kidney failure and became legally blind. My aunt took care of him until he passed last year and he was only in his fifties. So please take care of yourself early and eat right concerning the issue. I didn't say this to scare you but to inform you of the impact it can have on you or your family.

Go to the doctor. One of two things will happen.

You will find out you are not diabetic and be happy.

You will find out you are diabetic and be treated, which will make you live longer and healthier, which will make you happy.

Conquer your fear!

You might be very thirsty all the time. But, too find out for sure, you need a complete blood test done at your doctor's office or a good clinic. A real doctor is the only way to be sure.

Constant thirst, Feeling tired all the time. Feeling shaky before eating a meal. My son and sister are both diabetics. My sister passed away from it. Go to your doctor and get checked out. Nothing to mess around with.

Anyone but Obama in 2012!
Youll be thirsty a lot. Your weight will drop. You wont feel good. You might black out. Spend the $2.00 and get the test.

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