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Additional Details
Help me asap diabetes is new to me and i can't see my doc... till ...

young lovee. <33
i think i have diabetes?? ANSWER PLZZ?
i think i have diabetes. IM ALREADY GOING TO THE DOCTOR so dont say only a doctor can diagnose you.thats really anoyying.anyways.im 14.i weigh 98 pounds.haha i know im fat.im 5 foot 2.in june i weighed 90.i dont know if thats from puberty or summer and eating when bored lol.last wendsa until saturday, i had extreem dry thirst, dry mouth and urinating every 30 minutes. ALLL OF THAT WENT AWAY.except thirst, and dry moutth but its not all the time.ive been trying to not drink as much water (when i had the extreem thirst i was drinking 30 glasses a day) now just like 10.every time i eat sugar, i get a headache that will last a long time, or i get drowsy and my eyes get heavy,but i dont go to sleep.also, my fingers have fallen asleep while im texting which is weird to me.sometimes i get dizzy if i stand up,and it gets so black i gotta practically let myself fall.also, when i woke up,my sight was fine, but i was like able to see my heartbeat with my eyes.it was preety weird.for a week ive been getting frequent headaches.theyr not that strong.also, i keep on getting..i dont know if its heartburn or something,but and the center of my chest hurts sometimes too. i dunooo.

Consult your doctor quicker.

I don't believe its diabetes I could be wrong.. Honest truth. I am 16 iI went to the doctor ... hospitals, heart specialist had 5 mri's 3 cat scans and 2 E.G.G for all the same reason...
They don't understand whats going out that when i stand i blank out... it go black and fall over i have dry mouth... always hungry body parts fall asleep i can't sleep when its night time... i have headaches...

I was told i don't drink enough water because my body can't hold it from the Heart specialist

by the hospital and Neurologist ... I have a cyst on my brain which is causing the head-echs... and the blacking out... i go now yearly for Mri's

Doctor said we have no comment what is happening...

My body can't take heat anymore or my heart beats to fast and i pass out.

I now drink 6 bottles of water a day.... If not i could cause death in a week for my body not retaining water...

Yet we still are on a search what is happening and it could take mine years

okay anyhow that was my little story

Yet you could be have diabetes... I can't tell you only a blood test can... Do what the doctor ask and says.... hopefully they will find what is wrong

Most sincerely Matthew M.

Bozz Mozz
This sounds more like low blood pressure and/or a lack of proper nutrition and vitamins. It could be dehydration too as crazy as that sounds. You can still become dehydrated despite drinking. It matters what you're drinking, your weight, the weather and your activity. Good that you're going to a doctor, get the right opinion. Good luck.

Your fingers going numb from texting has nothing to do with diabetes or dehydration. I can tell you the cause/cure for numb fingers during texting, but I don't think you want to hear it.

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