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[email protected]
i live with my boyfriend for 5 years and i am on his bank account ,i have type 2 diabetes, can i be evicted?
what are the the laws with this

robert r
eviction in this case is a blatent form of discrimination, your medical problems are no ones business but your own, find out how that inf o was leaked and to whom what you really have is a personal security and confidence problem.

your health has nothing to do with his bank account or you being evicted. If you are saying because of your medical condition can you by law be forced to move out, then probaly yes if you do something against the law same as any non diabetic. Lets say you throw a party it gets out of control you can get kicked out the same as if you didn't have it. but can you get kicked out only because you are diabetic no.

It depends on a lot of things...
1) Where do you live? Common law marriage (as it's called in some states and countries) may give you the same rights as if you were married. But it's not recognized everywhere.
2) Do you own or rent? If you own and your name is on the title/,mortgage then he can't evict you. If you rent, and your name is on the lease he can't evict you. But, if it isn't on the lease, you're technically living their illegally anyway.
3) The diabetes doesn't have anything to do with whether or not you can be evicted. Unfortunately, bad things happen to people with illnesses too.

It depends where you live and what kind of lease agreement he has with the landlord. Eviction must be by court order and you and your boyfriend must be given advance notice so you can show in court in your defense.
Often the reason for the eviction are illegal or criminal activities of the tenant, Either case you should get legal help since laws are different not only in states but in localities.

If you have signed a renter's agreement, then you cannot be evicted due to a non-infectious disease like diabetes.

If the agreement was not on paper, but just you living with your boyfriend, then if he wants you gone, you have to go. Without a signed contract, you're living there on sufferance.

If you're not paying rent, or if your boyfriend is in violation of the terms of his lease, then YES! Your relationship to him, banking details and medical history are irrelevant.

I think we need a little more info from you. Why would you be evicted? And what does being in on his bank account have to do with anything? As far as Diabetes is concerned- it is a illness not a death sentence.

T. B. the Wise
There is no helpful information at all here. Can you be evicted for having diabetes? Is your name on the lease? Please rephrase.

Jim D
I suggest you check your local laws for that answer. Laws vary from state to state and then there are also city ordinances that may have some certain amendments to consider. Also, if you are a HUD participant, there may be other factors to consider as well. I would just check with all the laws that apply.

no, that has nothing to do with you being evicted. if you don't pay rent or keep throwing loud parties, that can get you evicted.

Huh....None of these things have anything to do with each other. I think you are leaving out some details.

I have no idea what one has to do with the other, but if you are not paying rent YES you can be evicted, if you and your boyfriend are splitting up and the apartment is in his name YES you can be evicted.

type 2 diabetes isnt a disability that makes it so you cant work and pay your rent.

In my opinion 5 years and you dont have your own account and your not married to him is asking for finacial HELL

I had a wart on my thumb once and they evicted me. :-(

I don't understand? Not enough details. Have the two of you been evicted? If you live together.....? Please provide more details and how does diabetes fit into this?

Diabetes has nothing to do with the rental law for the apartment.

What? What does his bank account, your diabetes, and eviction have to do with one another? I'm confused.

There is so much good advice already , but ... I would like to add a little to it anyway, namely , PLEASE see to it immediately that you have a job, an income of your own of some sort . Take your name off that account of his and get one in your own name . You do not need anybody else's approval when you feel you want to spend some money . Earn it yourself and enjoy it yourself. Pay your debts and don't be a moocher living in a person's apartment etc., and they have total control over your destiny . He can do an about turn and kick you out any time if your name is not on the renter contract . All you need is a good fight or argument and you are history . I hope for your sake you put some money aside . Sure is hell to be hungry and have no place to keep warm . Look out for yourself and good luck to you .

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