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i have just found out I'm a diabetic what can I eat and drink?

Sam X9
Avoid sweet foods and beverages. Reduce the intake of rice and be more and vegetable and fresh fish. (ie. steam, baked or grilled). Consult a doctor for further advise and prescription.

natasha *
If you have a decent doctor, he should refer you to a diabetic's group. Something simular to a selfhelp group.

My mum was diagnosed 6 years ago, and it did help her, because they told her how to adjust her cooking habits, eating habits, told her she had to eat regularly, gave her menus etc. With that she lost weight, and has manged to get it under control.

Good luck, it is a complete lifestyle change and if you have children you will have to keep an eye on them too. I also recommend testing your blood very regularly too. Your doctor should give you a kit.

You shouldn't be asking the people here! Ask your doctor.

First follow your doctor's advice about diet now. You can modify your diet later but now follow him/her. Obviously you should avoid foods high in sugars until you learn more about controlling your eating habits and the possible sugar contents. Now, it might seem impossible, but bear with it and it will get easier. I suggest trying to locate a diabetic support group near you to guide you. Yes, I know some old fashioned remedies that help and even some Chinese remedies but those don't replace the care and the tests of a physician. There will be many mentors in your area...so use their experience.

That depends on which type of diabetes you have, up to a point. However, in general you should aim for low GI foods. The diabetic diet is basically a healthy diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, not too much fat and low in quick-acting sugars.

Amlan M
it would be better if ask a doctor then usin YAHOO ANSWERS as docs r more experienced.

i would definatley go and see a doc about that one because it's a serious issue and if you get random advice from people that aren't doctors it could affect your health very badly

P.S sorry about the news

You should really see a nutritionist. They can give you good meal plans, and list of foods to avoid. You can also check out
Webmd.com or Medscape.com, you can find a lot of answers on these sites. Good luck.

I highly recommend you see a nutritionist.

The Doctor should give you advice on what you can and cannot eat and drink.

Try a vegan diet. A recent study found that the vegan diet can reverse type-2 diabetes. See http://www.vegetarianorganiclife.com/ I believe a vegan diet will help the type-1 diabetic too.

Get a diabetic cookbook. I am sorry you're going through that. I had a diabetic pregnancy. The ONE thing I did learn, the safest and best diet for anyone to be on would be the diabetic diet. You can eat a lot --- like 6 meals a day but all in small portions of course. It was a while ago but there are a lot of foods you can eat. Check out the recipes on-line, cookbooks, etc.

email me.

Stay away from refined grain foods like white bread, white rice potatoes, so on a so forth. Opt for whole grain substitutes like 100% Whole Wheat bread and brown rice. Oatmeal is good too.

Eat lean cuts of meat. 80/20 ground beef is no longer good for you. Go for the 93% lean ground beef or the ground turkey.

Make sure you get plenty of veggies. Salads are good. tomatoes and fruits... A lot of those are considered free foods.

Lean proteins and good carbs are the key to beating this.

Whatever you do, never eat anything with the words "(patrtially) hydrogenated oils" in the label.

Depends on your type of diabetes.
Loads of books in shops and info on-line
Pretty much follow the GI diet foods, low glycamic index foods general good.
White bread and chicken wings (the skin does the damage!) causes problems for my Dad
alcohol can be a problem, and needs to be moderated
by checking your blood sugar levels, you will get to see what affects you and can avoid.... or moderate the amount you eat
Becareful after initial diagnosis, depression can set in, there are loads of diabetics out there, so you are not alone, try and find some support, as a lot of people do not appreciate the emotional impact of this diagnosis
try not to let your whole life revolve around it!

anythng you can eat and drink always eat little and keep your stomach light.

If you just found out you were diabetic then the Dr should have told you. It is based upon what kind you have. Type 1 or two ect.

got to go with the others.Hear what the doc says change your life style otherwise heart desease will follow

Your doctor told you what you can eat when he told u your diabetic

upon diagnosis, your doctor should have given you a list of things that you should eat and drink. if not, just eat real healthy. fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, lots of water, and of course no junk food or fast food. make sure what read labels and don't take in too much sugar. your doctor should have also told you what your limit is on that. if your doctor didn't give you that information, you need to go to them and make them give it to you as soon as possible

you should have beeen sent to see a dietician if I was you I would ask your doctor as there are several differant variations of treatment for diabetes and you dont wanna be given the wrong one

Celestia S
Go immediately to a nutritionist to get the diabetic diet or go online and google it. You should have done this rather than come to Answers, darling. No sugars. You must read labels because there are hidden sugars everywhere. You must eat lots of non-starchy vegetables, lean meats, be careful with the fat groups, buy sugar free "sweets", start using aspartame or the splenda substitute. There are so many alternatives for diabetics now that you have many options open to you. Take care and do be careful.

jessica d
well my granda is a diabetic you cant drink drinks with sugar in them only sweetners and you cant eat to much chocolate.

d s
There are classes you can attend, usually at your local Hospital.
How you eat and when can depend on what your sugar is at.
I do know you have to cut back on starches (white bread etc...)
Sweets of course. But you should always keep a hard sweet candy with you in case your sugar drops. I do know you should eat 5-6 small meals through out the day. I have 4 employees who are all diabetic, and have different ways of doing things. So it is a matter of getting to know your body and how it reacts at different times. I really advice you find a class to attend, most are free, or check with your insurance, they can also direct you.
Good Luck and hope you get things under control.

Relax, and ignore about half of what your doctor told you. You can eat and drink pretty much anything, but steer clear of processed sugars, like coke and sweets. Don't cut them out, go diet for the coke (no sugar) and cut down on sweets. Chocolate isn't too bad, as the sugar is absorbed by your body quite slowly, but everything in moderation. Eat as much oily food as you want, whoever said not too had no idea what they were on. I've had it about 10 years now, and it isn't the end of the world. Good luck.

You need to take more care of yours.....Eat food which is more fibre, avoid sugary food, sweets..........Try to eat green vagitable as much as you can...........

this doesnt have to be as bad as it may seem. You need diabetic teaching done. I am diabetic(type 2, med./diet controlled). You can eat just about anything you want within reason. This takes a lot of self control but it is better than restricting certain foods you crave(chocolate ,etc.) Eat 6 times a day(breakfast,snack,lunch,snack,supper,s… Eat small amounts each time.Dont dump a lot of food in your body all at once. It's harder to keep your blood sugars stable.Unless you doc. says NO, then you can have that tiny peice of cake or 1 cookie as long as you dont do that all day. Remember, other foods turn into sugar eventually. That peice of bread or pasta is just as bad for you as that cookie. It's all about moderation and eating healthy and spreading out your meals through the day. Keep track of your blood-sugars. Know what range your doc. wants you to stay within.

don't drink sugary drink, such as coke, mineral water, cordial...you can consume the diet versions but as a diabetic you gotta take care of your body , so try and avoid them. Drink water, fruit juice (without added sugar). tea and coffee without sugar or that fake sugar you get in the supermarkets. Food?? have you every heard of the healthy diet pyramind? look it up...basically avoid fatty foods and suagry foods (unless having a hypo...drop in sugar levels) DO eat multigrain bread, beans, legumes, pasta, rice (some types are better than others), veges, fruit etc...

Be careful with cereals and yoghurts because alot of them contain "hidden sugar" so make sure you read the labels

If you want to treat yourself..popcorn is a good choice...but yes try not to have alot of salt or butter on it...the very occassion piece of chocolate won't hurt either ;)

Make sure you keep your proteins up, so eat fish regularly or eats eggs or other proteins meats, dairy products because your body will have to do alot more repairing than other people.

Justa little added note...try and keep fit...i have found it really helps with my sugar levels BUT make SURE you have an extra helping of food if you are goign to exercise and always have some form of sugary food on you!

It may sound like alot to do but i was diagnosed when i was 13, and in the last couple of years i have managed to get myself into "star patient status"...so take care of that body of yours!!

If you are on Novorapid flexpen (or a different brand) follow a healthy diet thats all. Cos you inject depending on how much carbohydrates you consume.

If you are on the 2 a day insulin (cant remember the name!) then you have to be a bit more careful. For that, i suggest you take advice from ur doc

Always make sure you carry something sweet with you just in case you have a hypoglycaemic attack (hypo). Since you are new, it is likely to happen to you.

Whatever you do, DO NOT follow a "diabetic diet". There is no such thing Its just a way to make money!

sarah p

Cathy h
Please go to a registered website & also consult your doctor
Basically you have to watch your intake of all sugars - as bread, carbs, fruit,. all contain sugars, it is not so straight forward

Please get professional help on this one.............

you should be able to get an appointment with a dietitian through your doctor, they will fill you in

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