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 Im 5'7 285 lbs with diabetes in my family. i am already feeling some of the symptoms of it. what can i do?
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 ok does this sound like diabetes? i've been to the doc but havent got my results back yet and realy scared.
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2) sickness
3) i get ill realy easily (i've been ill every holiday)
4) feel hungary all the time
5) feel tirsty all the time
6) need ...

 has any one else got type 2 diabetes & how do u manage your blood sugar levels ?
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thanks to all who took the trouble to reply . i got some wonderful feed-...

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 Is diabetes contagious?
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 i have diabetis i'm 44 years old and have high blood sugar does any one know of any natural ways to lower it?
i have diabetis i'm 44 years old and have high blood sugar does any one know of any natural ways to lower it

i dont know what type but i DO NOT use innsulin but i do take these blue ...

 I like to hide foods in my belly button to snack on, is this normal?
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 before there was insulin how did they cure diabetes?
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 can diabetics drink beer?

i'm scared of needles?
is that normal

well its normal but for me its not and i have 3 ivs in me now cux of my motorcycle crash so thats all i have to say scardy.



-haileyy (:
i personally don't have the same problem, but yeah i'd say that's pretty normal.
it just means that you have a low tolerance for pain.

Yes, but don't be. In this modern age the needles are sharper which is a good thing. Back then needles were thick meaning the you feel the pain as the needle enters into you.

actually, yes a lot of people have this fear and its understandable so don't worry about it too much

bob t
look the other way.

Brittney S
yes. i know many people like my self who are extremely afraid of needles.

!!Brileys mommy!!
lol mm hmm. i use to be deathly afraid, id pass out lol Cry, Kick SCREAM, Cuss.. I ran from the nurses"when i was 6" and Actually Got away, didn't get to far, my Dada got a hold of me.. lmao it took like 10 nurses to hold my *** down. im completely use to needles now, not to long ago i was in the hospital FOREVER.. 10 mins didn't go buy without them coming to poke me lol..it takes time for the phobia to go away :) i was also Scared shitless of Elevators, id rather climb a Milli flights of steps, than get into a flipping elavator lmao i was Pathetic when i was younger.. i was also really scared to be rolled up into a blanket..Yeah. don't laugh at me ha ha i wouldn't even get near or in a closet :( over them both, but trust me, if i ever got stuck in an elevator, Still today id be the first Mother ****** out of that damn thing.. about 4 years ago i got stuck in the elavavator at the town hospital with a bunch of old folks in there with me.. Yea, my *** was climbin all over their heads LMAO i got in so much trouble!!! it was funny.. Holy **** lol

Yes, many people are and it is natural.

yee i have a phobia of them

its okay to be scared of needles..lots of people have phobias but needles, i've known other who are scared of them too.

Myst3r10us M3chan1c
Either it is or you and i are both weird. I'm scared like hell of needles!

Yes, I am too! Terrified of them to the point where I have to be held down to get a shot! It's just a phobia, everyone is deathly afraid of something even if they refuse to admit it. ; )

Honey you are not alone I am to;be a big girl is what they tell me...

K.A.R.A =]
yes its natural for a person to want to avoid pointy things that hurt

Tillo L

yeah. i pass out sometimes when i see them. its a common fear.

John M
yep. if you have just been diagnosed with diabetes and are looking at regular interaction with needles, you will quickly lose your fear of the needles and the anxiety associated with the daily sticks. It just becomes normal for you, you learn to relax, you improve your technique, and while its not something you ever enjoy, its not going to be a big deal for you once you get used to it.

Good luck!

david l
yes it's normal. like some people are afraid of bugs or the dark.

Sure is, if you're one of those people who is afraid of needles.

I don't think it's normal, but it happens. Most grownups take getting a needle in stride. It hurts for a second and then it's over. We can all tolerate a second of very minor pain.

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