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Justin L
how high should my blood Sugar be before I go to the E.R?
I just got out of the er for my blood suger.They didn't tell me how high is to high
Additional Details
Help me asap diabetes is new to me and i can't see my doc... till tomorrow

tim g
Avoid all sugar, especially soda, candy & cookies. No syrup, jelly, cake, fruit juice, doughnuts, frosted flakes, honey, watch the fruit, etc...

If you don't eat, your blood sugar will go down. Meat, eggs, nuts & cheese will keep it low too.

Eat small balanced meals.

kim g
The range for normal blood sugar is 70-110.
You don't say if you are treating your diabetes w/ insulin or oral meds or anything else - The best rule of thumb is..if you are symptomatic -thirsty, hungry, los of urination, sweaty, shaky, nauseous....check your sugar, take meds if needed and prescribed and recheck in 30 min to 1 hr. For now chill -ask your Dr. tomorrow if he wants you to go to ER and when...

Go. 363 is too high. They start having you test for ketones at 240. Make them do something to bring it down until you can see your doctor.

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