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Umm..wow, I didn't cut myself purposely, but I did get a laugh on reading all the fake answers.

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has any one else got type 2 diabetes & how do u manage your blood sugar levels ?
im having trouble maintaining mine and i think im doing everything right [diet medication etc ]
Additional Details
thanks to all who took the trouble to reply . i got some wonderful feed-back . and will try to do as suggested , many thanks & God bless ..........patty xx

i work with a lot of diabetic people in the hospital and some people are just very "brittle" diabetics and much harder to control than others.......i would recommend looking at several diabetic websites and reading all that you can get your hands on.......being knowledgeable seems to make a big difference with this disease........good luck

It takes time. Another thing you could do is taking short walks during the day. It seems to be helping me. Excerise of any kind also helps. Just keep watching the amount of sugar you take in. Keep up the good work and I hope things work out for you.

yu l
u have to be eating fiber food and also avoid excess starch food

i've got type 2 have mine stays around the 10.7 mark and wouldn't go any lower so if u find out please let me know. also i test mine with a blood glucose test system, cost me 4 pound and i get every i need with it for free.

robert p
by eating little and often,, and make sure you eat some carbs before bed,, especially after drinking alcohol
eat more bran,bread,and brown rice for slow release effect this helps no end,,
always check your sugar levels b4 bed and if things dont settle down see your gp
good luck

King Creole
Stabilize your blood sugar by eating fiber from whole grains, beans (legumes), vegetables, and fruit, and consider using a fiber supplement such as glucomannan or psyllium. Take 600 to 1,200 mg a day of an alpha lipoic acid supplement to improve insulin sensitivity and help protect against diabetic complications such as nerve damage.
If you are overweight, lose weight with a long-term program of exercise and healthier eating to improve your insulin sensitivity.

Jan G
My husband and father are diabetics. My dad takes two shots a day while my husband is on three pills a day. My dad doesn't take care of himself as well as my husband does. He plays golf every day lots of excersise and watches what he eats and drinks. Fruit in moderation because it will make your blood sugar high. Otherwise talk to you doctor maybe you need different medications, and if you are not on meds then maybe its time for you to get on them. Good Luck and take care!

Sometimes diet & exercise are just not enough and medication is necessary. If the pills don't work, increase the exercise & talk with a nutritionist/dietician who can help you with food you should eat & which you should avoid. Surprisingly, some "healthy" foods should be limited if diabetic, because they have a lot of "natural" sugars in them. If your blood sugar is still not under control after this, you may need insulin injections. Your body just may not be able to produce the insulin you need. Do NOT avoid this, if it becomes necessary. Diabetes can be fatal if not treated properly. Even if not fatal, you can cause severe problems by letting blood sugars be high for too long.

Probably the first step is to take blood sugar readings every three hours and use the results to see how your lifestyle (food, exercise levels, drinking, etc.) affect it.

If you are taking medication that stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin, you may have reached the stage where the pancreas no longer responds. If you don't already take Metformin, suggest it to your doctor as it attacks the glucose in your bloodstream directly. The first few weeks it will upset your stomach but after that you get used to it.

Another tip is to take exercise that makes you a little breathless for up to half an hour a day. Exercise burns blood sugar.

The next stage, after Metformin, is to inject insulin. Don't worry about that. It is quite painless and, boy, does your enthusiasm for life return! You will continue to take Metformin as well.

If you are on insulin, record your mmol reading before your breakfast and before your evening meal. If the glucose level is above 7 mmol three mornings in succession, increase your insulin dose by 2 units every evening until it drops below 7. Similarly, if it is above 7 mmol three evenings in succession increase your morning dose by 2 units daily until it drops below 7.

However, beware of hypos. If you take insulin and have one day a week which is physically more hectic than other days, take less insulin.

The British Diabetic Association website (link below) has lots of tips too. But, the best advice is to consult your doctor and get the 3-month average test done, then let the doc prescibe for you.

cross-stitch kelly
Have your doctor check your medication, and instead of eating 3 regular meals a day, eat three small meals and three snacks. This will keep your blood sugar levels from fluctuating so much.

I have been trying for 5 years!!!! I am going to an endocrinologist now for a couple of months. She put me on BYETTA 5units a day and my blood sugar has gone from 560 to some mornings 47. So now I am trying to find a happy medium. I have also started to do some exercise in the afternoons which in my opinion is doing wonders.


Have you eliminated white bread, white rice and white potatioes from your diet?

PLenty of veggies?

Lean meats... not processed ground meat....

If yes, then you may need to start getting insulin injections or try metaformin...


shelly b
there are several factors that effect your blood sugar levels. You didnt mention whether or not its going high or low. So i will cover as much as I can. Try to eat several small meals a day. Make sure you do not over eat. Watch your sweets and starches as these will add sugar into your system. Dont over eat fruits as these are sugar also. Make sure your diet is balanced. If you must drink soda, make sure its diet, and dont drink alot of fruit juice.
Stress and on going infections can also drive your blood sugar up. Visit the dr. to make sure you do not have any unknown infections going on. If you are stressed, try and find a way to relax and maybe get away for a day
Lastly, the amount of unsulin youre taking may not be enough to meet your needs. Talk to your dr about the units you are taking and how often youre taking it. I may need adjusting. The kind of insulin may need to be changed as well. Good luck

worried guy
Hi Patty - I'm type 2 because of a cyst on my pancreas - they(!) want me to have it removed by keyhole - but - been told if I do then I become type 1 - in a real dillemma but can't cope as things are. Mrs can't cope with mood swings etc. Having hypos (below 1.8mml) on almost a daily basis - life is hell!!

Yes, there are many. It seems that you are able with diet and medications. The one point I didn't realise when I stated out was the carbohydrates. You may want to start counting carbs in your diet, if you're not doing so already. It came too late for me and I'm taking insulin to augment what I'm producing. Still, my blood sugar is in the low 100's and my A1c was 6.3 two months ago. I'm hoping for A1c in the 5's. Hard as hell but I'm trying and that's what counts. Hope you can do well too.

sandra s
I do promote a wellness company that have supplements that could help with your diabetes.

My sister has type 2 diabetes. You need to make sure you are getting your sugar from fruit and milk etc. and not processed sugar. You can have some things like biscuits and chocolate but you have to limit it.

Avoid alcohol. If you want to drink some wine or something drink one glass and NEVER on an empty stomach.

Exercise can often help people with type 2 who have trouble balancing their blood sugar levels. Little and often is best, a 20 min walk twice a day will help you balance your blood sugar levels for example. Or a 20-30 min swim and a 20 min walk. You could try cycling to and from school or work etc.

Eat oatmeal or porridge. Have it with a small amount of honey, no sugar. Add fresh fruit. Have that for breakfast.

Avoid big meals. Have five small meals a day instead, for example,

Breakfast, oatmeal and fresh fruit.

Meal 2, soup and a roll, small amount of butter.

Meal 3, sandwich, mainly salad as filling for sandwich, small amount of grated cheese or some meat, chicken.

Meal 4, Baked potato, with tuna, or baked beans, or cheese, if you didn't have cheese earlier in day.

Meal 5, slice of buttered toast or two plain biscuits with a glass of milk or hot chocolate.

My sister was told to eat something like the toast before going to bed, it made a big difference to her sleep and blood sugar levels in the morning and earlier part of the next day.

Small meals, small portions, often.

Exercise, moderate, twice a day.

Drink milk or juice if you feel tired between meals.

Eat something starchy before going to bed and first thing in the morning.

IMPORTANT, dehydration affects blood sugar levels dramatically, you MUST drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day, more if you drink coffee or tea.

Drink no more than 4 cups of coffee or tea a day.

Avoid all soft drinks except fruit juice (can be diluted with carbonated water), milk, or water.

This is a tough question that has a lot to answer..

Diabetes is more about blood sugar. Its more about what docs like to call ’’Target Organ Damage’’ It targets you main organ systems and before you know it you have stroke, heart attacks, Kidney failure and blindness. Not to mention foot ulcers, amputations, diabetic comas and what not. OK, so now thats clear. Diabetes is a deadly disease.

How do you manage it?

Well you manage the sugar AND you manage to prevent target organ damage..

Blood sugar: I recommend a glucometer. It cost only 50 bucks nowadays. your FBS should be 70-110 max 120. The post meal one should be 150-160... Regular checks are essential

HBA1C: But even regular blood checks are just snapshots.. you could still miss out. The HbA1C is more like a 24 hour surveillance video vs the snapshot. It should be below 7... have one every 3 months to assess you overall sugar control.

Target Organ checks:

Eye check up for retinopathy: Annually, at least

Urine microprotein: Ditto for Kidney involvement

Sensation check ups : Monthly and always wear footwear, even inside the house.
Check your feet every night for cuts and skin loss. A diabetic may not recognise an ulcer till its too late.. as he/she can’t feel pain that well. Foot care is thus, very important for a diabetic

Cardiac: Lipid Profiles, Stress tests annually might be a good idea, as chest pain is often absent in diabetics due to nerve involvement

Very important: Avoid large heavy meals that cause the blood glucose to surge. Take several mini meals. Prefer complex carbs over refined.. more vegetables and less white flour. Fruit juices are best avoided, go for the natural fruit instead. Which fruit? Take them only if your sugar is under good control.. see above.. and prefer fibrous fruits.. oranges and tangerines are such. Any fruit is OK, if your sugars are under control.Go for foodstuffs with lower gycemic indices.. they are absorbed slower.
Diet was the only way of treating DM before insulin was isolated.. and it is really important. Ask your dietician for details, there are quite a few, including the data given above..Avoid heavy meals, high glycemic loads such as sweets,refined flour,sugar etc... all cause the insulin to spike and wear the pancreas out further...
Take more fibre and low glycemic foodstuffs..There really is a review on diet... no space here..
Also very important. Helps to reduce insulin resistance and metabolize the sugar. But let it be graded never sudden as it can lower you blood sugar dangerously, if not monitored and if done without adequate glucose in the blood.
Exercise keeps your blood vessels lining(endothelium healthy and thats really important!

Very dangerous. This is low blood sugar, usually <60, which can lead to unconsciousness and even death.. Can be due to excess insulin,diabetic drug dosage, excess exercise, less intake, diarrhea etc all culiminating in less sugar in the blood. So all diabetics should try for regular meals and regular exercise.. And carry glucose/sweets for use in emergencies, in addition to a medical card, in case they become unconscious

This is beyond this review, but all diabetics should ensure that they are on an ACE inhibitor/ARB and a statin, in addition to their blood sugar medication,unless there is a reason not to... Ask your doctor. These drugs prevent the dreaded Target organ damage to a great extent.. ACE inhibitors have interestingly been shown to prevent the onset of diabetes in people who are prone to develop it!

So in summary:
Check for it, Keep monitoring your body and be proactive.. You can beat it

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