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Cheryl <3
can diabetics eat any food?
My sister's friend is coming over and she is diabetic, shes any staying for two night so I need 2 diabetic recipes for tea and dinner and she is also vegetarian. Thanks x

they cant eat any food so dont bother feeding her

people who suffer from diabetes crave for sugar, so just be careful not to give too much of it, or any at all =)

i can't give any recipes though as i don't know any =(

duh, u just have to watch the sugar level in WHAT u eat

Lady Carole
Google it !

my dads a diabetic.
stick to WHOLEMEAL carbs like brown bread, brown rice etc.
vegetables, natural sugars from fruits are okay
she could even have a small amount of dessert
it is all about watching her sugar level

a safe number is between 5 or 8 mg/litre (or something, if she has a blood sugar tester she'll be able to tell what hers is)
although you shouldn't let her sugar level get too low either

it wouldn't be lethal if her sugar got too high just the once, my dad's has occassionally been 21 mg/litre which is more than double the healthy amount

just don't treat her like shes an alien, and try not to worry too much, just enjoy her company, she should know what she can and can't eat

good luck =)

no they should eat healthy food reduce sugar and fat, ask your doctor.

VEGETABLES basically contain no sugar-elements....except a bananna, which is a fruit. - With such a high level of POTASSIUM, bananna intake for a diabetic should be very carefully controlled.

THE MAIN INGREDIENT that diabetics must avoid is table sugars.

Also be careful to control any fruit juices as they also contain high levels of added sugars.

Make sure she doesnt have too much or too little sugar. She should be fine. Also make sure she tests her blood sugar (she will have a little thing)

The Merchant

Just make sure that you both don't over do it on the chocolate as a diabetic cannot have too much sugary foods or drinks it depends on the type of diabetes that she has.

Also since she is a vegetarian don't buy any meat obviously.

Well there's Vegetable Lasagne it is really easy to make and serves four people so there's plenty to go round.

And a good Veggie Side Dish is easy to make and is thoroughly recommended by a lot of Diabetics.

There is a good dip called Spinach Vegetable Dip that is nice to put on vegetables.

Follow this advice and I guarantee that your friend would always love to come back to your house.

... Stranger

As long as you watch the "sugar" content of the food you`ll be OK ,however there are more than one type of Diabetes you know.The food that Diabetics are allowed varies for each type.

They can eat. Just watch the sugar level in foods and in what they eat.

Call your friend's sister and ask what foods she likes to eat .Perhaps she's like to make one meal ?
Also make sure to have some regular soda in the house in case of low sugars.

Yeah, they just have to count carbohydrate. That's where they judge how much insulin they have to take based on the amount of carbohydrate in a meal. But I'd say most diabetics could guess if they don't have the figures in front of them. I can anyway. No real need for diabetic recipes.

Well you don't have to make anything different than what you would normally have apart from meat.

People with diabetes can eat all the same things as everybody else.

It really depends on what stage their diabetes is in. Some people in the early stages can eat just about anything, just as long as they watch their sugar intake. Some can only eat certain types of food and at certain parts of the day.
The best way to get the correct answer is to ask your sister's friend if there are any foods she cannot eat.

My sister is diabetic to be honest u could ask her what she can and cannot eat but being diabetic means your body doesnt produce as much insulin therfore the more sugar u eat the more danger you put ure body in she should have a tester with her to test her sugar level i wouldnt worry too much just make sure you ask her for example do u want sugar in ure tea or what ever hoped i helped :)

mike h
Don't worry about it, diabetics can basically eat anything as long as they control their sugar/carb intake. Your sisters friend will be well used to doing this herself, so just cook any normal healthy meal, stay away from sugary desserts and you'll be fine.

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