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prabrahim a
any information regarding Dr J P Jain palam gaon delhi diabetes killer, one who can cure diabetes.?

Starving Artist
I don't know of the dr. But need him.I will be waiyng for rplies.I am sick of dibetes and its scheduled eating and insulin is ruining my stomach.sorry i can't help you but hope others answer so they can help us both.I know a holistic healer who cured hers it was 800.wish i could afford that.

Dennis P
Hi, who's this doctor? Where did you see his web site?
I heard that diabetes can be cured as well.

I hope this isn't one of the doctors that claims he can cure things in a week. Sorry, it can't be done with diabetes. If you go to someone like him you can be endangering your health. I ended up in the hospital and almost died from stuff like this. Follow a strict, healthy diet and walk every day. Some people are looking for a quick easy way out because watching your diet and exercising takes self discipline.

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