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Why do i get the shakes when i'm hungy and is it something i should be checking into..or what?

I ♥ FMA!
Maybe the shakes are from being cold and being cold makes you hungry?? Ok, sorry I'm not a doctor. You should probably ask them though. Hmm I've never heard of that.

lol because that's a way your body says "feed me!". next time you go to the doctor you can ask him/her about it. but i wouldn't be too worried. i get headaches when i'm hungry...

You should get it checked out to be safe. But if it only happens when you go without food for extended periods of time you may just be borderline. You should still get it checked though.

is there history of diabetees in your family u might wanna check that out

low blood sugar ; see a doctor this is a real problem and you could go into a coma

Katie bb
You may have hypoglycemia. It is a blood sugar level problem which you can control fairly easily. You can get it checked out at the doctors by getting your blood taken and have them check your blood sugar and insulin levels.

What I have done, is to eat 6 small meals throughout the day about 3 hours apart. Make sure you have more protein and stay away from too much sugar and caffiene.

Your best bet is to have your blood drawn for the doc's to check it out.

Special K
Try drinking a glass of milk the minute it starts happening. Its your body telling you it needs energy. You should try and eat before this happens. Always carry a snack with you if your meal breaks are not consistant

monkeylover :]
depends if u do it all the time
if not then probably nothing
but if it happens lots than check it out

You Betcha!
Sounds like hypoglycemia to me (low blood sugar)...which is the complete opposite from diabetes....I'd go to the doctor if i were you.

This will happen to me if I eat sugar -- let's say like 3:00 (candy, etc.) and then by 5:00 -- my sugar level will drop really fast (I don't eat a lot of sugar as a rule) ---- then I get shakey and FEEL like I'm starving.....but the TRUTH is my sugar just skyrocketed downward and that is what made me feel that way. Could this be it and you aren't paying attention to the sugar consumption?

i doubt its anything serious im the same way im the kind of person that needs to eat at least every 2 hours you may be the same way just eat lots of little meals through out the day

Mr. Sonny
It sounds as though your blood sugar is too low. Diabetics experience this when their blood sugars are too low.This can be serious & cause a diabetic coma. A simple blood test can tell you if you have a problem. I would get it checked ASAP.

you're shaking because your blood sugars are getting all whacked. don't wait so long before you eat. eat something every four hours, healthy stuff. If you keep whacking up your blood sugar levels you'll wind up with diabetes. knock it off, be good to yourself, treat yourself as you would your own child. and get yourself to a doctor.

Monita C
Are you diabetic?

If you are a diabetic and you are recieving treatment via pills or insulin you need to tell your doctor about this happening so he can advise you on how to deal with it appropriately. A diabetic who is receiving treatment will get the shakes and be hungry when they have a condition called hypoglycaemia. Hypoglycaemia is not caused by the diabetes it is caused by the treatment for diabetes (eg insulin injections).

It can happen for a number of reasons. such as you have let too much time elapse between meals, or if you have type II diabetes and it happens frequently despite regular meals it could indicate that your treatment is too aggressive.

Diabetic medication is not intelligent like the body is, it reduces your blood sugar levels but it does not monitor them, you have to do that from the outside. Once the medication is in your body it will reduce your blood sugar levels consistently no matter how low they get, if they get too low the shakes is a sign for you that it has happened.

So if you are a diabetic receiving treatment and you are getting shaky and hungry often, tell your doctor. :)

Be well

john n
The shakes are indicative of low blood sugar. The body needs food to fuel it and when you don't eat your blood sugar goes down. You feel shaky and a little disoriented at first, and if you still don't eat, can lose consciousness.
You can check your blood sugar very easily with a hand held device called a blood glucose meter that you can often get for free from your pharmacist with the purchase of testing strips. (machine is about $30 otherwise)

Even if it is or is not diabetes, shakes when you are hungry is not common, and should obviously be looked into by a medical professional. Are you always hungry and then get the shakes? Or do you get the shakes and decide to eat something and it goes away? If so, this could be a reverse diabetes thing. Hyperglycemic (diabetics are hypoglycemic). This means your blood sugar drops (for whatever reason - too much insulin, not enough food, too much excercise). Think of it as a baloon filled with water and has a small hole. If you haven't eaten all day long, eventually, the water will run out. This where you start shaking. But if you eat regularly through out the day, you fill the baloon up with more water, and it's harder for it to go empty. I'm sure using a car and gasoline would have been a better analogy, but I'm not gonna retype that. Either way, start documenting the incidents by keeping a food journal for about 5 weeks. Be sure to list what time you woke up, what you ate, if you took a nap, when you ate lunch and dinner, and what time before or after eating your shakes occur. Try varying it up from day to day (like, don't eat breakfast on monday and see what happens, or skip lunch another day - but be sure to document!). Then set up an appointment with your doctor, and take your journal with you. He may have you start checking your sugar, but that's another question and answer session in and of itself. Good luck.

You should have that checked. It could be a sign of diabetes or hpypglycemia(low blood sugar).

The Jacko
There is a cure for hunger chills, It's called food.
What are you Anorexic? Everybody gets the shakes when they starve.

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