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 Do I have diabetes???
I am 17, 5'6'' or 5'7'' and weigh about 190 lbs. My mom has this diabetes thing that pokes your finger, then it shows your blood sugar. The doctor gave her to track her ...

 If you're 17 and haven't been diagnosed with Type I diabetes, you're pretty much in the clear, right?
Just wondering.
Don't you get diagnosed with Type I earlier on in life?
I know that you can get Type II when you're like 80, but doesn't juvenille diabetes mean it appears in ...

 Can diabetics be cured ?
If we regularly follow the guidence from the dr take medicenes as per dr instuctions withous miss and follow a perfect diet regime and do excercise will this (diabetic) be cured no issue if takes ...

 whats wrong with me? i'm 15 years old, and been constantly thirsty for about 2 weeks.?
i've had loads to drink, but it never seems to stop me being thirsty. my granda has diabetes is this a sign that i have?
Additional Details
ADD: it's just water i mainly drink ...

 My Mum Is Refusing To Inject Herself With Insulin, What Should I Do?
She has to take alot of tablets in the morning and night not to mention injecting herself with insulin twice a day. She doesnt do any of them, she thinks that it is gods decision whether she dies or ...

 Is it true if you have diabetes you lose weight/bodymass?

 Who else has Diabetes? If so what Type?

Additional Details
Type 1 since I was 11!

Never been over weight!

Very annoying!...

 I am fifty and have just been diagnosed with diabetes. I've attended diabetes class and it scared me. If I am
able to get my blood sugar down consistantly through a combination of medication, diet and excercise, will I have a normal life expectancy?...

 How can you tell if your diabetic?

 What are the symptoms of diabetes?
I have cousins on my dad's side of the family and my mom says that it would be very easy to get diabetes because of that and I don't really eat very healthy even though I'm a ...

 Im 5'7 285 lbs with diabetes in my family. i am already feeling some of the symptoms of it. what can i do?
every site i go to tells me to eat right or diet and exerise but what if i cant excercise and what is eating right

and how can eating right help when everything you eat rurns to gluclose ...

 ok does this sound like diabetes? i've been to the doc but havent got my results back yet and realy scared.
1)realy bad dizzy spells + bluryness
2) sickness
3) i get ill realy easily (i've been ill every holiday)
4) feel hungary all the time
5) feel tirsty all the time
6) need ...

 has any one else got type 2 diabetes & how do u manage your blood sugar levels ?
im having trouble maintaining mine and i think im doing everything right [diet medication etc ]
Additional Details
thanks to all who took the trouble to reply . i got some wonderful feed-...

 do i have a sixth toe?
cause i want ed to kno cause idk if i do or ot come and tell me???:)...

 What the different between type 1 & type 2 diabetics?

 HELP! My dad's diabetic...?
Diabetes runs in our family and my dad just recently found out that he got it as well. Can anyone advise me on how to take care of a diabetic person? The do's and don'ts? What to eat and ...

 should someone who's type 1 diabetic drink coca cola?

 What are some symptoms of diabetes? What symptoms made you call the doctor before you were diagnosed?

 Does this sound like diabetes?
I am waiting on my blood test results, but the suspense is killing me....I am constantly tired, fatigued, and hungry. I crave sweets all the time, have split, blurry vision, have gained weight in the ...

 Is diabetes contagious?
just wondering....

The More I learn The More I'm Uneducated
What is the best way to fight diabetes?
My random Blood count is 300

hi the best way to fight diabetes are-
avoid sugar made things
eat sour things it will make ur diabetes
avoid oily things
eat neem
drink more water and etc
i hope this will help u bye

i hope u r on meds til u can get this under control.... wow! Eat a high fiber/fruit/veggie diet...excersie & watch u'r BAD carbs... Sugar isn't always the demon here... it's the bad carbs that cause the sugar that u'r pancrease can't tackle.

they stated in Diabetes Assoc... that u take the amt of carbs that u r eating in ...say bread.... MINUS the FIBER... & that's u'r total carbs. U should only have bet. 30-40 IF that mch per meal. They make low carb bread by AUNT HATTIE's .. total carbs, i believe is 6.. even some tortilla r low n carbs now as well. & those wraps... high in fiber & low in carbs.

Doing jst those things alone will help in lowering u'r glucose

Hi, the normal way would to go to a pharmacy or the hostpital and ask for tablets/pills for diabetes.

adriel v
don't eat much sweet and if you eat sweet be sure that you drink water

300 is very high! You have to watch what you eat. Watch your sugar intake,pastas,red gravies,potatoes,white rice,white bread.

Deepa R
Exercise, strictly avoid sugar in tea, coffee, avoid sweets. soak methi seeds about (5 gm) in water and drink it along with a glass of water first thing in the m'rng. If you can powder them and have in the m'rng it would even more beneficial. All the best

Of course always seek a professionals help first. Diabetes can be controlled by diet but sometimes that's not enough. That's when constant checking of your blood sugar is required and becomes an important part of a diabetics life. You're doctor may start you with pills and if that's not enough injection for insulin maybe required when your sugar can not be controlled. Sometimes it takes a while trying to figure out how to balance everything but don't give up. Diabetes can be really harsh on your body if you let it just go. People end up in dialysis and even into coma if it's not taken care of. Seek professional help they can help you.

Muthu S
Avoid sugar in all forms(.Note; take help from ants)

Wow, sounds like most of the answers on here are just to collect points but there is some sound advice, also. Sugar is not the enemy, as a diabetic, you can have sugar but in moderate amounts. The sugar needs to be counted as a carb, watch your carbs and calories. Exercise, that is very important for lowering blood sugar and go to your doctor often. You can get more information at dlife.com. It is a site that is for diabetics. I go there frequently for info and advice.

i actually don't know........but what is feel is to eat right diet at the right time ,exercise right at the right time and sleep right at the right time........these are enough........

and taking reiki[meditation] and not consuming sugar is also advisable.......

Divya Jyoti
walking helps a lot. Work out as much as you can. Mental tensions should be kept away. do some pranayama they help a lot

With Sir Lancetlot.

tyagi c
Swift morning walk

Along with food control
Do regular exercise – walking, yoga, cycling etc

Becky W
take your medicine as the doctor tells you to,eat healthy,exercise and learn all the facts about it. the more you know the better.

If you already have diabetes, the only way to lower your blood count is to just exercise eat healthy but that doesnt mean that it will help get rid of diabetes even if you get your weight down you'll always have the diabetes they will never go away.

controlled dietary habits, regular exercise, especially yoga and cheerful lifestyle can help u a lot. yoga and meditation can boost up ur determination in following restricted diet.

spiritual healer
Do meditation under the guidance of an experienced spiritual teacher who is willing to take your problem over a period of time, and, also provides antibodies to your sytem in a subtle manner. You should get rid of 90 percent of diabetes in five to nine months.

Eat a balanced diet eat in moderation see your doctor regularly. Don't listen to the myths to stay away from sugar and don't listen to those that claims that eating sweets or just sugar alone causes Diabetes. The best advice is to listen to your doctor. Make sure that you keep something sweet close by when your out on the road such as a regular soda candy juice or some candy. Take your meds and insulin if you are required to take it.

Go to the DOCTOR and listen to what he/she says
Watch what you eat....No sugar
drink lots of water not soda
If you're overweight, try losing some
excerise....walking is good 10 minutes 3 times a day is recommended





You don't need to fight diabetes. You need to embrace diabetes.
You need to assemble a diabetes team to help you embrace this new lifestyle.You are the head of your team.
See a great endocrinologist, take diabetes ed classes , meet with a dietitian.
Educate yourself and keep current on the subject.
No two people are alike. Your treatment will be different from mine.There is no "one size fits all " lifestyle for people with diabetes,
Good Luck

How to beat diabetes ?

Depending upon the severity of the Blood sugar levels etc. needed medications should be taken in consultation with the physician. In severe cases insulin will be effective. These are known to all, but I would suggest the following 6 tips which would help very much. ABOVE ALL BEFORE THAT I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE ONE TIP WHICH I HAVE GIVEN TO MANY PATIENTS AND THEY HAVE FOUND IT VERY USEFUL IN CONTAINING DIABETES -

CASSIA or CINNAMON is very useful. Get about 100 gms of Cinnamon and after roasting a little make it powder. You have to take this powder say quarter teaspoon in hot milk daily at bedtime. If you take this contineously for one month you will find the improvement in blood sugar levels. But it should be continued as there is no permanent cure for Diabetes. This is an effective treatment and I shall be personally happy if your disease is cured by taking this.

Here are the other 6 tips that can help beat this devastating disease:

1. Eat more natural foods rich in fiber, simply prepared, low in fat, grease and sugar. Eat a lot of whole-grain products like legumes, salads and vegetables. Eat a big breakfast daily - a hot multi grain cereal will keep you full for hours and keep your blood sugar level from going up and down.

2. Eat fresh whole fruits; do not go over three servings a day if you are a diabetic.

3. Avoid refined foods at all costs. They are usually high in fat and loaded with sugar, and also low in fiber.

4. Reduce fats, oils, and grease. Use animal products in moderation, and avoid oily and creamy dressings and sauces. When less fat is eaten, less fat reaches the bloodstream and the liver.

5. Walk 30 minutes to 1 hour each day. Walking everyday is beneficial to help burn up the extra sugar in your blood.

6. Work with your physician closely to monitor your dietary needs.-

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