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 i have a diabetic dog and heard quercetin could help his eyesight but dont know how much is safe for him.?

 How many medical professionals in the diabetic field?

 what are the chances of fertility when you are diabetic?

 any information regarding Dr J P Jain palam gaon delhi diabetes killer, one who can cure diabetes.?

 Is there a non-disposable pen for injection of lantus insulin?

 What should I cook?
Running out of ideas to cook for my Dad. 75 year old recovering from heart surgery and also has diabetes.


 Is Milligrams the same as Equivalent Units?
I have some medicine and I need milligrams but I got eu. which stands for Equivalent units. I need to know how to convert, or how many Milligrams are in Equivalent Units....

 Can diabetic patients take lot of papaya. Will it increase the sugar level.?
I am diabetic patient for past 7 years I feel hungry always. I want to know what type of food can I take to fill my stomach full....

 Can emotional instability be a symptom of diabetes?
I was just wondering, because my grandfather was a diabetic, and I also know that he was often emotionally unstable and even abusive towards his wife and children. And don't get me wrong. I know ...

 I have a insulin dependent chihuahua to which I give her 4 units twice a day. ?
I have given her insulin for two years now. My question is this. Anyone have any idea if insulin hurst when injected? She is a chihuahua so there is only so much fat you can find on her. I am ...

 Blood flow in legs and feet!?
Im diabetic and the blood flow in my legs is very low. Can you tell me anything i can do to help blood flow?...

 how high should my blood Sugar be before I go to the E.R?
I just got out of the er for my blood suger.They didn't tell me how high is to high
Additional Details
Help me asap diabetes is new to me and i can't see my doc... till ...

Thoughts on the Omnipod Insulin pump?
I recently received a demo Omnipod, which i found somewhat bulky, if that could take the place of my current minimed paradigm insulin pump i would be very pleased. I was wondering if anyone with an Omnipod could share any of their experiences. I just got the go ahead from Omnipod that my insurance will pay for the switch, in as soon as a couple days to a couple weeks i am suppose to recieve the Omnipod. So before i have no room left to wiggle out i was wondering if anyone had thoughts on the matter?!

Well i think its quite bulky also, it just doent look comfartable, i use animas and there great, but thats just my prefernce. I think one of those jonas brother guys uses an Omnipod also. Plus with an omnipod it looks like if you hit something it would smash. But the tech on it is mindblowing and would make it much easier to keep record of your history and a lot easier at you endo on adjusting what needs to be adjusted.

good luck

I have the omnipod and its just plain AWESOME! you can swim, take a bath, take a shower, sleep easilly with it ON you! i love this pump especially cuz it has NO tubes! ihope i helped. please get the Pod its awesome.

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