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 I am fifty and have just been diagnosed with diabetes. I've attended diabetes class and it scared me. If I am
able to get my blood sugar down consistantly through a combination of medication, diet and excercise, will I have a normal life expectancy?...

 How can you tell if your diabetic?

 What are the symptoms of diabetes?
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 Im 5'7 285 lbs with diabetes in my family. i am already feeling some of the symptoms of it. what can i do?
every site i go to tells me to eat right or diet and exerise but what if i cant excercise and what is eating right

and how can eating right help when everything you eat rurns to gluclose ...

 ok does this sound like diabetes? i've been to the doc but havent got my results back yet and realy scared.
1)realy bad dizzy spells + bluryness
2) sickness
3) i get ill realy easily (i've been ill every holiday)
4) feel hungary all the time
5) feel tirsty all the time
6) need ...

 has any one else got type 2 diabetes & how do u manage your blood sugar levels ?
im having trouble maintaining mine and i think im doing everything right [diet medication etc ]
Additional Details
thanks to all who took the trouble to reply . i got some wonderful feed-...

 do i have a sixth toe?
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 What the different between type 1 & type 2 diabetics?

 HELP! My dad's diabetic...?
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 What are some symptoms of diabetes? What symptoms made you call the doctor before you were diagnosed?

 Does this sound like diabetes?
I am waiting on my blood test results, but the suspense is killing me....I am constantly tired, fatigued, and hungry. I crave sweets all the time, have split, blurry vision, have gained weight in the ...

 Is diabetes contagious?
just wondering....

 Can drinking too much soda pop over time help contribute to diabetes? ?
If someone drinks an abnormal amount of soda pop per day, say 3/4 of a 2 liter per day, can that help to onset diabetes if they eat otherwise pretty healthy?

Can drinking too much soda ...

 Is diabetic chocolate different?
Is diabetic chocolate any different from normal chocolate apart from having no suger....

 i have diabetis i'm 44 years old and have high blood sugar does any one know of any natural ways to lower it?
i have diabetis i'm 44 years old and have high blood sugar does any one know of any natural ways to lower it

i dont know what type but i DO NOT use innsulin but i do take these blue ...

 I like to hide foods in my belly button to snack on, is this normal?
My friend was disgusted when I told him, Im 23 and Im in university....

 i live with my boyfriend for 5 years and i am on his bank account ,i have type 2 diabetes, can i be evicted?
what are the the laws with ...

 Why do i get the shakes when i'm hungy and is it something i should be checking into..or what?

 can diabetics eat any food?
My sister's friend is coming over and she is diabetic, shes any staying for two night so I need 2 diabetic recipes for tea and dinner and she is also vegetarian. Thanks ...

My friend recommended this organic food to my husband saying that It can cure my husband's diabetes?
My friend recommended this organic food to my husband saying that It can cure my husband's diabetes . and we don't have to pay him if it doesn't work. But my hubby have to fast for 3 days. Do you think he should try it? I worry that the dieting part might affect him adversely

I was told just a teaspoon of cinnamon a day will not necessarily cure diabetes but control it. It may not taste all that great but you could always brush your teeth or chase it with something.

Id your friend a doctor? if not, it is best to consult a doctor before giving the food to your husband

it sounds to good to be true I don't think this suggestion is a reasonable one and yes it can be dangerous

ask him to go to a nature-path, if you are going to pay for it, get professional advice.
Diabeates is nothing to fool around with.

Steve R
If he fasts for 3 days, his blood sugar will be so low, it might kill him.

If its sounds too good to be true, it probly is.
Ask your doctor first together.
Go to the appointments together, be informed and care for each other. Enjoy a Hug today~

Hey Mo...
Do some research and beware of closet Doctors.You fast when you go to the Dr. to have you blood tested.WHY?NOT EATING KEEPS THE BODY IN CHECK,IF YOUR BODY DOESN'T HAVE TO PRODUCE OR DIGEST the chemical reaction TO BREAK FOOD INTO ENERGY.Yes the body will be cleaned out,and the miracle is done ,by his organic suggestions.

You can't fast when you have diabetes! And nothing will "cure" it, it will just help with symptoms.

Its a problem with your pancreas, not something that you can cure! I can't believe your hubby has this and you seem like you don't know too much about it.

Be careful... Ask your doc for a final answer...

There is no cure for Diabetes at this time. Your friend's "remedy" may indeed help with the symptoms but I would be extremely skeptical of someone offering a cure. You also said that "you don't have to pay him if it doesn't work". So is the guy willing to wait for say, 10-15 years of low (non diabetic) A1C test numbers? Probably not. To me that would be the only way I would be convinced I was "cured".
I would also be skeptical of someone you think is your "friend" that is willing to put your husbands life at risk.

There is no cure (yet) for diabetes. It's not worth endangering your husband's health.

by asking this question You must not believe it will work. If your not 100% certain then why try it. Is it worth risking your husband

Yes you should try it. My uncle had tried it before. It worked. He tried nutrilite supplements. It definitely kept his glucose normal even without taking the doctor's medication. He had been taking doctor's medication for 14 years without any signs of improvement. In fact the doctor kept increasing his dosage, till one day the doctor told him he had to be taking insulin injections, together with medication. He decided to try alternative treatment because he hates jabs. After taking the supplements, he stopped taking all of the doctor's medication. But he still goes for his monthly check-ups. It's been 2 years. He's still maintains a normal glucose level. The doctor recommended that he continue taking his supplements as it obviously worked better than medicine.

Bud H
Leading medical researchers and clinicians have recommended that individuals take a daily multi-nutrient supplement. If you would like I could recommend a supplement for you. For information just email I will be glad to get more information to you. Bud

Ayurvedic Doctor

Go for some natural remedies for treating diabetes because thats safer than any other options. Here are some beneficial foods for diabetic patients:

1. Almond: The use of almond, after its oil has been extracted, is considered beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. It does not contain any starch.

2. Banana: Bananas are believed to the useful in controlling diabetes. According to the Journal of American Medical Association, “Banana and Skimmed milk furnish a simple and effective method for weight reduction in treating diabetic patients”. Unripe bananas, cooked as a vegetable, are considered especially valuable in this disease.

3. Buttermilk: The use of the buttermilk has been found beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. Lactic Acid contained in it stimulates the secretion of the pancreas and thereby helps control blood sugar levels.

4. Flour: Certain whole grain cereals also help to lower blood sugar in diabetes. A mixture of certain flours made from cereals, grains, legumes, and pulses are especially beneficial. One such mixture can be prepared by combining the flour of soyabean, black gram, jowar, bajra, Bengal gram, wheat bran and barley. This mixed flour can be used for preparing chapattis.

5. Tomato: Tomato with its low carbohydrates contents is very good food for diabetic patients and for those who want to reduce their body weight. It is said to be very effective in controlling the percentage of sugar in the urine of diabetic patients.

For more information, visit some good educational diabetes websites http://www.diabetesmellitus-information.com , http://www.morphemeremedies.com/homeremedies_diabetic.htm

things that make you go hmmmm
dont try it unless you ask your doctors first

I woudn't trust it. As far as I know, no one knows of any way to cure diabetes, only make it a bit less harmful and annoying (and even that depends on what kind of diabetes a person has). I most especially wouldn't trust the fasting for three days part; if you want to try the stuff, have him switch to the new diet immediately, don't keep him off food for three days before switching.

Also, it would be helpful if you could get an explanation from this friend as to HOW this system works.

The fasting for 3 days, may kill him if he is insulin and medicine dependent.
There is no current cure for diabetes.
You can help control the sugar problems by eating better, but there is no cure as of right now.

There is no cure for diabetes. His best bet is to listen to his doctor and forllow the doctors orders

I see he is not really a friend if he is going to charge you for this miracle cure .
Quackery is still alive and well .
If your husband fasted for 3 days he was lucky he didn`t get Ketone acidosis .

NO, you know good and well that your husbands blood sugar has to be maintained carefully. If he fasts, it will dip drastically and could cause him so serious consequences such as seizures and maybe even death.

Follow your doctors directions. You husband can always eat organic and amend his eating, weight and exercising to help his diabetes, but fasting is VERY dangerous.

Know it all
I do not know about fasting with diabetes, could throw blood sugar way out of whack, there are ways to put diabetes into full remission, I know because I helped my brother do just this. His sugars are fully stable and normal.

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