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 does my 2 year old have diabetes?
Hi my daughter is 2 1/2 years old, recently she has been drinking excessively and constantly waking up soaking wet several times in the night.
I am frequently changing her nappy when we are out ...

 can you take insulin and still keep working?
my dad was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago and was doing ok for awhile, now the doctor tells him he needs to quit working and talk to a lawyer to get started on disability because he has to ...

 What happens if you're diabetic but never get it diagnosed or treated?
Like if someone pees all the time, stays thirsty, has the round "diabetic" belly, but never goes to the doctor and feels fine except for a bit lethargic and low energy? Will you suddenly ...

 help I'm SO dead?
One of my friends from school has diebeties and I think I might have it because some of the symptoms are happening to me one of the biggest thing is I just about faint every time I see a needle what ...

 I have diabetes, I have no other diseases, why can't I reuse my insulin needles?
I DON'T, but I was just wondering why they say you can't. I have no diseases other than diabetes (been tested) and they say you should never re-use a needle. I never have, but I was ...

 Diabetes is it the end???
Hello, once diagnoised with diabetes II does that mean your stuck with it the rest of your life, that your cells will simply not go back to a normal state were they were before you were diagnoised? O...

 how do u get diabetes?
ma doctor told me that u get it if ur over wieght nd u eat alot of suger or it runs in ur familly... nd den he said dat u dnt get it from eating alot of sugar... isz dat true?...

 What is the best way to fight diabetes?
My random Blood count is 300...

 parents think i am crazy when i tell them i think i have diabetes?
I looked at all the symptons of diabetes and i might have it. however, most of the symptons could be a coincidence (look at my last question). how do i convince them that i want to see my doctor or ...

 i weigh 550 pounds if i don't eat at all just drink water how long well it take 2 lose weight?

 my son is angry over diabetes, he's 12.?
He is getting very angry and crys. He said he lays in bed at night and asks God what he did to deserve D. It breaks my heart. I've gotten him a book written by a 14yr old boy with D, and I see ...

 I'm I going to get diabetes?
Both my parents got diagnosed with very light diabetes 3 years ago, my dad is 63 and my mom is 52, my grandfather has diabetes he was an alcoholic and ate very bad, my uncle has diabetes, my brother ...

 isa hba1c blood level of 8.6 ok?

Additional Details
child mole grow up,
and shawn c why are you even answering if you dont know what it is. its an idication of long term blood glucose ...

 As I was shopping today I became very dizzy, nausea,and had a faint feeling. Is this a sign of diabetes?
I have also gained unexplained weight, frequent urination, and always thirsty....

 My friend recommended this organic food to my husband saying that It can cure my husband's diabetes?
My friend recommended this organic food to my husband saying that It can cure my husband's diabetes . and we don't have to pay him if it doesn't work. But my hubby have to fast for 3 ...

 what happends if i dont get enough protien ?
i'm a vegetarian and i'm afriad i'm not getting enough protien or any of my daily needs. i've been feeling reallly weak , expectually in my ribs. and i'm excessively tired ...

 Does diabetes affect one's ability to drive well?

 i'm scared of needles?
is that ...

 Do I have diabetes???
I am 17, 5'6'' or 5'7'' and weigh about 190 lbs. My mom has this diabetes thing that pokes your finger, then it shows your blood sugar. The doctor gave her to track her ...

 If you're 17 and haven't been diagnosed with Type I diabetes, you're pretty much in the clear, right?
Just wondering.
Don't you get diagnosed with Type I earlier on in life?
I know that you can get Type II when you're like 80, but doesn't juvenille diabetes mean it appears in ...

Bobby F
My friend just fell off of my roof and she broke her leg and I think she is delirious. What should I do?
we were throwing a frisbee and it went on the roof and she went and got it, but tripped and fell onto the deck two storeys down, and whacked her head on a railing. she's talking about random stuff and shes moaning and her eyes are like rolling back into her head and stuff, and i think she may be semi - unconscious. my house doors are locked, and my cell phone is broken, and i don't really have any neighbors for miles. what should I do????? im using my ipod touch to post this... im only 13 and my friend is 12 and a half what should i do!! now shes screaming and stuff and her eyes look really red

why the **** are you outside with your doors locked? you should climb in a window.
use her cell phone, if she has one.
if not, you're screwed.

Call an ambulance!

use her phone!! or break into your house!

call 911!

wow... do you have a house phone? are you parents home? do you have a bike? ride fast.... that sounds serious... wow

quick, get Lassie! idk, break into your house and call 911. she could die.
Oh, how'd you get to the computer? is it outside, too?

and you thought...this looks like a job for yahoo answers!

can you say Troll?

I'm sorry, but your friend will never recover. You should put her out of her misery. Go get your daddy's gun, take her out back, and bury the body where it will never be noticed.

You have a home phone? call 911

use there house phone to call 911!

im bored 24/7 *!*
sprint to your neighbors no matter how far they are
omg i feel soo bad
good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

or try breaking in to your house
a window or something

This is an emergency!! Get something to break a door glass or a window so you can get into the house and use the telephone.

Call 911 and describe the emergency in a calm voice. Remain on the line in case they need more information. They may have trouble finding your place if you're out in the boonies.

Do not try to move your friend in any way! Take a blanket and cover her up so she stays warm. This will help prevent shock.

Then make another call to her family and yours, wherever they are.

I hope your iPod can pick up these messages. It's great that you were resourceful enough to ask for help.

Blitzball Player!
Get her to the hospital even if u have to walk to a neighbors go! She could suffering from brain damage

huh? you can't be serious.

☄ ← comet?
break into your house and/or scream your head off at the next car and/or haul *** to the nearest neighbor.

Lissy M
Find access to a phone and call 911 immediately!! Or contact someone that can get you help immediately! She may be unconscious, seizing, or have a bad concussion. Either way, try to get help as soon as possible!!

Brad J
go to the street and see if any body is driving by stop them and get them to call 911

angel 1
Tha number is 9 1 1 .

Grow up
Why on earth would you post it on yahoo answers, by the time you typed all that you could have ran the miles to a neighbours house

Sadie - MJ is Loved and Missed x
Call an Ambulance!

And how does this in any way have to do with diabetes?

Good Luck. x

Throw a rock at the window, break in, and call 911.

im 13 to and i would just like break a window or somthn and just go in and call 911 and that might be a serious injury and could have brain damage or internal bleeding so dont be stupid and go break a window with a rock or somthing

Will Revene
this sounds serious. if you are locked out i would break a window to get in. this could be really really serious. she could have permanent brain damage.

call 911

also this ha snothing to do with diabetes

Use your house phone to call 911 if you are telling the truth. If you are trolling.... come back when you're 16. Maybe 17. kthx bye

ummm hun if that isreally going on you should be calling an ambulance or soemthing NOT posting it to yahoo...kids....

Magical Mystery Tour
break into your house. thats a serious problem. or use the internet to contact someone. hurry though

Give your mom's name and phone number. SOmebody will call her for you.

post your address (don't forget the state) & someone will call an ambulance for you

Call 1-800-TROLL.

But if you're serious, call 911. Kids these days, so idiotic.

Tin S
She could have a concussion like the actors wife Liam Neelson. A hospital is in order for sure. Use your Ipod to text someone you know. I hope you are playing with us.
Good luck my friend. >

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