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My blood sugar count has been high for 3 weeks now. No matter what I do, I can't get it below 320. Any ideas?
I am taking Metformin and Glucophag and it won't go down. Could I be changing the type of diabetes I have to insulen dependant? I just got diagnosed with this in December so it's all new to me. I do go to all the sites and I am taking the easy way out by asking you guys. My doctor was asked but the wench said she didn't have time to deal with me. Needless to say, I got my records and split. What kind of doctor should I hire?
Additional Details
I made an appointment with an endo today, thank you all for the quick response. I don't feel good right now though so I am going to the hospital. Blood Glucose is at 344 and climbing even though I followed my diet to the t today, and yesterday and for that matter, for the last five months!

why don't you try drinking liquid CHLOROPHYLL and apply KINOTAKARA. email me for further info [email protected]

glucophage is the same as metformin
i take metformin and amaryl. if you are sick or fighting infection your sugar may be high. some antibiotics kick me up to the three hundreds. i make a note and don't let the dr give them to me again.
when i have a problem like yours i go on a high protein diet. my internist recommended the south beach diet, but i never got around to reading the book. i will eat protein- meat , cheese, and check my sugar two hours after eating. i won't eat until it is below 160. when i say i will eat meat and cheese, it is in small portions. I drink black tea instead of my favorite coffeesugarmilk.
my gp basically takes care of my diabetes, but when my liver levels went high he sent me to the internist. (see above) Some hospitals have diabetic clinics where they keep track of you. Losing weight helped, just going from 178 to 158 make it easier to keep my sugar down.
when i have it controlled i do allow myself a bit of chocolate now and then. I am 51 and have had diabetes for about 6 years.

Watch your carbs, more non greasy proteins, such as grilled chicken, watch out for sugar in any juices or fruits.

ask ur family doc. if theres any thing that u can do?


High blood sugar is nothing to mess with. I would go to the hospital ER right away and let them help you deal with it, then find yourself a different but good doctor.

Cut back on all carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, bread made with flour, etc. Do not drink alcohol! Use Splenda instead of Equal. Equal has aspartame which carries side effects. Do everything sugar-free. I'm discovering a lot of good, name-brand products out there that are now carrying sugar-free products.

my sugar was in 500 when i found out. i got real bad off thats when i went to dr. your eating is the most imporant thing. stay off all suger bread anything white for 3 or 4 days.if that works then you can controll it by food.i was insulen dep. but now i free of it all i watch what i eat andi lost weight lots of it take a diabete class. any good family dr...just not the one you had

320 IS WAY TOOOOO HIGH. Call another dr. on your health plan, and if you start feeling bad go to the ER they will help you short term

at these levels being persistent, u shud see a doctor...if not an endocrinologist, a general practitioner would do fine.u might need short term insulin mixtard followed by a modification in the medications u take.
food should go on low carbohydrate diet.no bread, rice, sugar, potatoes, fruits, juices, alcohol, smoking, groundnuts etc. and add some exercise(walk a couple of miles in the morning)
metformin 500 mg half an hour before food twice a day is the actual dosage to start with, woudnt work if u take it with or after food(just in case u een taking it wrong)
can increase it to 750 mg twice a day if u dont achieve control with the first regime(but only after testing yr blood sugar regularly and then deciding)
tell me what happens with so much.

Call your doctor immediately. Diabetes is NOTHING to play with.


I know something that may help you. it is based around a rare botanical called a Mangosteen. it is grown in South East Asia and has many different medicinal benefits. This Fruit has decades of scientific studies and research that have been done from medical universities from around the world, best of all it either equals or out performs a lot of over the counter and prescription drugs that are within our reach. Most importantly
It is a Natural Alternative to Medication and has worked for thousands of not millions of people go here to
http://www.MyAsianSecret.com view all the information and make your opinion based on what you see and hear! look at the other sources are below.

glucophage and metformin are the same kind of medicine i take it too it doesnt make ur sugar go down it regulates it and keeps it at a certain level u may need to find out what kind of meds will help ur sugar go down im on insulin ive been on it for 2 yrs now and im still type 2 not just type 1 takes shots ppl who r type 1 make no insulin at all i would definitely find another dr because she sounds like a quack

I am also a diabetic, and I also take Glucophage. You know, most of your problems with your sugar levels have to do with food. Remember that it does not only matter what you eat, but how much you eat and when. It is all portion control for me.

What has worked for me, and if you can afford to do so, is Nutrisystem. It will teach you portion control and will help you visualize what and how much you should be eating. I order mine from QVC (American Classics is good).

About your doctor, well, most are just quick to prescribe meds and send you on your way. You should definitely get an endocrinologist, as well as a dietitian.

Make sure you also monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels since, as you know, they are almost always tied with diabetes. Good luck, try and exercise (walking) and hang in there!

The best NATURAL answer to Diabetes is Bitter Melon.

This vegetable is available in all Philipino markets.

Wash the vegetable and eat it raw - about half the vegetable per day and check your sugar level after about 4 days - you will see the difference. Of course I must warn you that the taste of it is very unpleasant. Once you know that it is good for you you will come to like it.

I know a person who was injecting insulin daily stopped it after his wife started to crush the vegetable and made him to drink a half cup of this juice daily.

Of course you have to have it raw. Boiling it or cooking it and eating it will have no results.

If you get good results post it as a question in this section so that others will know the value of this vegetable.

find an endocrinologist... quick !! peace and love to you and yours... good luck

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