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 Is it diabetes if ants are attracted to someone's blood?
Is it diabetes if ants are attracted to someone's blood?
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Umm..wow, I didn't cut myself purposely, but I did get a laugh on reading all the fake answers.

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 Were our doctor went wrong? Should we switch?
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Is diabetic chocolate different?
Is diabetic chocolate any different from normal chocolate apart from having no suger.

It depends which ones you get. If you get the stuff sweetened by Sorbitol, they are disgusting. There is new stuff out now which is sweetened with fruit suger which acts like starch in the body and so safe for diabetics (within reason) which is OK. My mother is diabetic and we use this to make chocolate puddings, mouses, ice cream as well as just eating and it is very nice. I think a lot of chemists stock it now but can't remember what it is called. The suger in it is called Fructose. You can buy it in packet form and it's great for making cakes as well.

james h
Its made of carob I believe and tastes horrible!

devils advo
yep its sugar free.

jackie m
it is higher in fat making calories higher in diabetic chocolate.

Yes it tastes foul avoid it unless it's thorntons which is ok

It just contains a sugar substitute like sweetener.

it got less sugar in diabetic choclote i never tryed it myslef but i had choclote in with no milk and that can be a bit rich

Just because something claims to be sugar-free, that does not make it safe for a diabetic.
Often the claim of no sugar is in reference to no sugar added. That doesn't mean the product is free of sugar, just free of added sugar. That's a trap for many diabetics.
Just because something contains no sugar does not make it safe either - bread for example. What you need to watch are carbohydrates, that include all starches.
If a chocolate product claims to be diabetic, that only means that the sugar source or type is different. There are still carbohydrates and you still need to bolus for the carbs or your blood glucose will run too high.

chocolate is made from cocoa bean. Diabetic chocolate contains artificial sweetener.

harry j
Proper diabetes management is critical in preventing serious long-term complications arising from high blood sugar. Unmanaged (or
poorly managed) diabetes can lead to medical complications as serious as blindness, emergency amputations, or permanent damage to
internal organs. Obviously, diabetes management is something every diabetic must take very seriously.

Yes, it contains sorbitol as a sweetener. The biggest problem is that people often think they are free to eat "sugar free" foods in unlimited quantities, not realizing they have almost as much carb as the real stuff. Diet drinks are an exception, they use carb-free sweeteners in those. Sorbitol is a laxative, so if you eat more than just a little, you can get intestinal problems. I recommend eating the real stuff in tiny quantities, like those "bite" size Snickers or Hershey's kisses (but have just one or two!).

it's not as sweet...

Yep, they use artificial sweetners so it tastes different.
But be careful - the candy still has carbohydrates and calories, so the product is not "free" if you are counting carbs.
Don't eat too diabetic candies, they can cause you to have diarrhea.

Carob is NOT used that much anymore. Those products that are still using it have greatly improved over the last 30 years.

New labeling requirements DO indicate whether a product is sugar free or just no sugar added. Neither are carb free.

Many products are now being made with splenda, which does not affect the taste nearly as much as sorbitol did. Try some.

Once you get off the regular sugar candy, the diabetic ones are pretty satisfying. Hershey's is making a rather good line these days. Some of them I prefer over the regular because I like the taste of chocolate, not the taste of sugar. I find I can't enjoy a regular reece;s cup because of the overwhelming taste of sugar in it. The same is true for many diet sodas.

old know all
Most of them use sorbitol or maltitol as a sweetener. They are both alcohols and both purgatives. How much of either you can tolerate depends on your metabolism.

The sugar is replaced by sweetener, which a) doesn't taste the same and, b) can have unusual effects if you eat too much! Great for curing a cough, you'll be afraid to . . .

cheryl g
if you eat too much it has a bit of a laxative effect

Paul D
Its all a matter of taste.
The first time my wife gave me Swiss Chocolate or even Belgium Chocolate (Guylian Shells) I hated it because it didn't taste like good British Chocolate that I was used to BUT after a while I got used to it.
Many of the other contributors have mentioned the one pitfall and that is that Diabetic Chocolate OFTEN is sweetened by sorbitol which in excess does have a laxative effect.
On the whole a reasonable amount of diabetic chocolate is fine and and wont cause any problems but like all things if you eat a whole large bar it might cost you a lot because of its effects as mentioned and also a lot 'cause it costs the earth.
Also Diabetic Chocolate tends to be loaded with extra fat to help with the process of setting. Fat causes chocolate to be absorbed differently.
My suggestion is to include a small amount of ordinary chocolate as part of your diet. After all most people would eat lets say 4 to 6 cubes of Cadbury's Dairy Milk and this would be around 6CP or Carb Portions which is 60 grams of carbohydrate, build that into a meal as part of the sweet phase and you have your answer.
Diabetic Chocolate tastes okay when you get used to it but initially it tastes very different but like most changes you get used to it with time.
Hope this helps

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