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☆Lindsey & Jackson☆
I have diabetes, I have no other diseases, why can't I reuse my insulin needles?
I DON'T, but I was just wondering why they say you can't. I have no diseases other than diabetes (been tested) and they say you should never re-use a needle. I never have, but I was wondeirng the reasoning behind this.
Additional Details
all of that makes perfect sense. thanks.

It causes the increase chance of Hepatitis C

bacteria that can form on the needle afterward, even though you may have sterilized the surface the inner tube may not. (the manufactuers sterilizers at certain temperatures)
best to discard and use a new one

BAD idea. The used needles are severely duller, thus the injection won't be smooth at all.

The dumb only seem to get dumber
No, You can get a bad disease like celluites

It's basically for health reasons. See, even though you've cleaned the injection site with an alcohol pad, there are still bacteria in the air and surrounding areas of your injection site. I'm not sure of the spelling, so please forgive me if I'm wrong, the thrush bacteria lives in air and on surface areas and is easily destroyed. Unfortunately, it multiplies at an incredible rate. so even though you just cleaned the area, the thrush germs will return to the area just as quickly as before. There is also the possibility of a germ or virus in the blood stream under your skin that can attach itself to the syringe needle both inside and outside upon injection and withdraws. That's reason #1. #2 reason is because the needles aren't really that long lasting, and repeated use will dull them and they can and have broken off just under the skin.

Good question,your needles are infected with contaminated blood once used,even though you don't have anything else,there still contaminated.

It's more about the risk of infection. Diabetics are at a higher risk of infection and technically once the needle has passed through the skin and comes back out into the air it is no longer sterile. Ever heard of Hepatitis C? It is caused by bacteria and can be contracted from a dirty needle, dirty drinking water etc.

ask your doctor

Vince M
The other reason is that insulin needles are very fine. Once used to penetrate your skin, the needle has been slightly blunted. It gets even more damaged with the third use, and so on.

The blunter the needle, the more it hurts when you poke yourself.

Guy R
I have been reusing my needles for over 8 years....
Such a waste to use only once no problems at all.
5 shots a day, I use the same needle for a couple weeks, it amounts to a huge savings.

You can, I have being doing this forever. Don't let anyone scare you into thinking you can't. Reuse a couple 3 times and destroy.

i personally wouldnt want to put a needle that is full of god knows what back into my body, even if thats the only place its been to begin with. arent they cheap anyways?

It won't kill you.Many people reuse for financial reasons.
If money or medical insurance is no problem, use new needles.They have a teflon like substance on them that make them more comfy to use.After you use them, the substance comes off and the needle is blunt.It may hurt a bit more, but in a pinch, it will do.

Amy Kay

No there may be some bacteria trying to get a free ride in to your body,besides it will pain also freely.

Nancy O
And once used they are not as sharp.

Like the others explained it's because of the risk of bacterial contamination and because the needle may become blunt.
But. Unfortunately, not all people with diabetes have enough needles to throw them away after each injection. In real life many people reuse the needles. It is possible if the skin is clean when you inject insulin, if the syringe or pen is kept in a clean place. Insulin contains a substance that prevents bacterial contamination, it's called cresol, that's what gives insulin it's specific odour.
According to the ADA recommendations needles shouldn't be reused, but when there's a lack of needles they can be reused. Reused needles don't cause pain after few injections but they may become blunt after few days, especially if the person must inject insulin 4-5 times a day.
In conclusion: if you have enough needles, don't reuse them, if you don't it's better to reuse a needle than to miss an insulin shot. The risks are not that high, since you're the only one who uses them.

to keep your unused insulin clean:)
and your body safe from the bacteria that builds on a used needle

Hello =)

It will have been contaminated with blood, which, of course will be dead blood in short order. This blood decays and acquires bacteria.

Normally, re-using a syringe and needle is safe, but, can introduce bacteria into the insulin vial, and into your bloodstream

If you look at the ADA website, under some heading, something about ways to make dealing with diabetes more affordable, you will see that reusing syringes is one of the things that they suggest. They also mention that this is not recommended, just suggested as one way to save money. They recommend reusing a syringe no more than 3 times, however.

Namaste, and Happy Holidays

there are a few reasons
one, once you push the tiny needle through your skin, it takes a little sharpness out of it,
two, even though you may have cleaned your skin, there are always stuff that will catch on the needle and contaminate it, like your hair, your skin particles, the blood, the medicine and they such.., plus it is hard for YOU to sterilize the needle again,
three, just by it sitting out int he air with all of the above on it will make it less desirable to use the next time, because the needle out side and the tip and the inside of the very tiny hole has all the above plus more contaminates on and in it...
four ( SMILE..and how else can they make money ) smile..laugh...

if i did I would only reuse it once..then throw it out properly..

good luck

Cause they are contaminated with bacteria and cells/debris of your skin. You could get an infection. Please always use sterile ones.

Mr. Goodkat
Because it is no longer sterile. Once you introduce the needle to air and blood, it becomes unsterile.

There is a risk of infection and they do become dull when using syringes multiple times, but I will confess, when I was without insurance, I reused them until the numbers began to wear off. I have more issues with irritated sites now with my pump than when I reused my syringes.

I'm a nurse. The reason for this is because the needle is considered used and then therefore dirty. Also it would need to be cleaned in order to be used again.

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