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Wiska Flickits
I have a insulin dependent chihuahua to which I give her 4 units twice a day. ?
I have given her insulin for two years now. My question is this. Anyone have any idea if insulin hurst when injected? She is a chihuahua so there is only so much fat you can find on her. I am very careful, I only inject sub-q but often she acts as if it burns, or hurts her when I inject the insulin. She will tolerate the placement of the needle, but the actual injection makes her squirm. I have tried all that I know. I used to keep the insulin refrigerated now I simply keep it out on a cool location. I inject her in the neck or shoulder area. Please help, I do not like the idea of hurting my dog.
Additional Details
I also use ultra fine 31 gauge short needles. I do give her lots of love after the injections and she runs around wagging her tail and spinning in circles lol. she will also wake me in the morning for the injections because she knows that after she will be fed breakfast. So although she is a dog, I feel she understands what I am doing is for her safety and health. What do you think?

i agree with the above user, varying the site of injection should help her. it probably does hurt her a little, but it's either a little bit of pain or a dead dog. i'm sure the dog understands you're not trying to hurt her. try petting her and telling her "good girl" when she is done with the injection - positive reinforcement can't hurt. maybe even a treat to let her know she's being cooperative.

EDIT: it sounds like she does understand. don't beat yourself up about "hurting" her, she knows that you're still loving her and doing it so you two can enjoy each other for a long time :)

Vary the site of the injection. Yes, you may be hurting your dog momentarily, but you are doing it so she can live. I did a lot of squirming when my mother gave me insulin shots in the morning when I was three and four years old, but that didn't make her stop giving me insulin shots. YEARS later she asked me why I didn't tell her that the brown metal table that is till in my grandmother's house was/is very cold against bare skin? DUH!! I assumed my mom could read my mind when I was very young. :-)

Give your dog some tactile attention after you give the injection. When I accidentally step on one of my cat's tails or paws, even just the fur on the tail, and chunk of fur gets pulled off, I always say to the cat that I'm sorry, and stroke them, if they let me. I think they know I didn't do it on purpose. Some part of your dog understands that the injections are good for her.

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