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I am so angry! Eating sugar does not cause diabetes!?
Sorry... I just have to vent.... How many of you deal with this??? I saw an ad today that said "A soda today can cause diabetes tomorrow". Come on. What about type 1 diabetes? Thanks a lot! It's so annoying to know that people make assumptions- "Oh she has diabetes, she must be fat and old." I hate that. This disease is so frustrating! I'm so sick of what people think and say about my diabetes, about diabetes in general.

What do you do to deal with this?

Well........technically sugar can cause diabetes....

Everyone knows that type 1 diabetes is not caused by over eating. No worries. Type 2 is caused by overeating. Soda has a lot of sugar and can cause someone to be overweight.

Sugar and excess weight does cause diabetes...just that most Ad's don't make the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Quit being sensitive about it and move on.

There are two types of diabetes. Sugar does cause one of them. Why are you so mad?

That's like getting mad at sunscreen commercials because they say that the sun causes cancer.

I know this I had the most adorable and vibrant friend who has type one. I actually tell people who say thoses kind of things that type ones are born with it and that most of them are skinny because of the diet they have to maintain. Though the ad did not make the distinction, it is true that a bad diet can cause diabetes in people not born with it and sugar= more or less bad diet.

Well, I am type 2, so being overweight DID cause it.
And, I am fat and old (47).
Maybe because not many type 1 diabetics live long?

bob t
if you're diabetic, sugar can cause big problems.

Eating too much sugar can cause hyper tensity, cavities and tons of extra energy. But diabetes is caused when the pancreas isn't producing enough insulin to balance out the sugar intake. Signs of diabetes: dramatic weight loss (without trying),excessive mood swings,unquenchable thirst, weakness and fatigue, numbness in hands,feet,fingers,etc.

i have it too! I'm 14..everybody calls it the sugar disease..it pisses me off..they go oh you ate to much sugar huh?...nobody but us diabetics and close people to us understand...they find cheats to get out of type 2 but no us type 1's gotta deal with it! grrrr that makes me mad i totally understand!

The best way to deal with ignorant people is to teach them. Why don't you start a blog or present your own thoughts/ideas on diabetes to a marketer and have them place it in magazines. Remember, we learn from each other, tv, newspapers and magazines. So try to educate us! Good Luck!1

I understand that it must be aggravating seeing that this disease's complexity has been dumbed down for the general public to understand but also try to understand that these ignorant posters are actually trying to help people live healthier lives to avoid such diseases or progress it. Maybe you could create publicity of your own with accurate information and an understanding about how people with diabetes actually are. It's okay, just calm down, relax.

I try to find something to make me laugh.. Some days are harder than others.. I'm very lucky I have a wonderful hubby and 2 boys they always seem to know what I need.. Any time you need to vent feel free to email me.. I am still a new at this diabetes thing but I am ok at being a good listener. Stress is no good for you so take 3 big breaths and count to 10.. then shake your arm and head to remove the stress, and remember you cant change the veiws of others, but you can change the way you let them get to you...

Esmerelda Y
haha wow that is annoying. i completely understand, i would be mad too...it's like they're pretending type 1 doesn't even exist! people need to be more educated about these kinds of things...and they're not going to learn by seeing those kinds of ads!

Joe B
In the commercial they are trying to prevent the types of diabetes caused by too much sugar in the system, not aiming at the other types.

serene e
Don't care about what other people say or think.

Or, you can choose to be an educator about it.

just ignore!!!
its just a stupid stereotype! just like anything else

Kelsey M
Actually , my dad has type 2 diabetes and he ate sugar free food all his life........it was caused by genetics , im going to possibly get it.......so ya its NOT CAUSE BY EATING TOO MUCH SUGARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can't eat sugar while u have diabtease , so i agree with this question!!!!

You Betcha!
I've seen that add. I really wish the media would make a better effort to mention which type they're talking about. It is kind of irritating when media just says "diabetes" and doesnt include the type.

EDIT: mrs_G..."Maybe because not many type 1 diabetics live long?"

I'm afraid you're wrong. Only 5-10% of all diabetics are type 1. That leaves 90-95% of all diabetics as type 2. With those stats, who do you think is gonna get most of the media attention?

Mr. Peachy®
Me? I try my best to educate people. Google 'Mr. Peachy', and you'll see what I mean. Or, visit my diabetes info page linked in my profile.

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