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 Blood flow in legs and feet!?
Im diabetic and the blood flow in my legs is very low. Can you tell me anything i can do to help blood flow?...

 how high should my blood Sugar be before I go to the E.R?
I just got out of the er for my blood suger.They didn't tell me how high is to high
Additional Details
Help me asap diabetes is new to me and i can't see my doc... till ...

Koter Boters misses Rufus!
How do you get in the hang of writing your numbers down?
I am not good at writing my blood sugar numbers down! I hate writing them down. Why write them down if their in the meter already?
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Student-That site sis for allergens! please don't post that crap again!

I guess I'm the odd one here. I write my daughter's numbers down, but I don't write them down immediately. I'll sit down with the meter every few days and plug all the numbers into Excel. Even if I need to do it more often I'll still usually wait and do it at the end of each day. There is also the option to download the numbers to your computer if you have a One Touch, but I found the program you have to download your numbers to is difficult to read.

Unless your meter is completely destroyed somehow you don't have to worry about losing the numbers. I recently had to change the batteries in my daughter's One Touch and all the numbers were still there.

And if you don't like the little booklet why don't you get a regular sized notebook? That's what I did before I started putting the numbers in the computer. I got frustrated and tossed that little book within the first week.

i agree with zygote22 and the other thing is habit habit HABIT!!!!!

It's true that writing down the numbers can seem like a useless extra chore, but a diary of your blood sugar numbers comes in handy when you're talking to your doctor or nutritionist. The only way I know to make this automatic is to keep your diary and a pencil in the same place as your blood glucose meter and write it down immediately after the number flashes on the display. That makes is seem like part of the same task, so then you don't have to take the time to go back later and update the numbers.

Bozz Mozz
So you can easily pick up trends. You'll see them better on paper than you will on the machine. It's a hard habit to get into but it's so important. Also, when you go to your endo with funky numbers, you might've been sick one week, which you won't remember, but it'll matter during a review. Also also, you can scan a page and know how much average insulin you're taking daily, a question you'll be asked from time to time. These things are so much easier on paper.

I hated those little books. They're portable but they're too damn small! No room for comments or explanations. I made a spreadsheet which I'd be happy to share with you if you like. Let me know, my email is attached. Keep your BG machine and your notes in the same place so you won't forget or neglect to write them down.

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