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Is it diabetes if ants are attracted to someone's blood?
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Umm..wow, I didn't cut myself purposely, but I did get a laugh on reading all the fake answers.

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How dangerous is a bloodsugarlevel of over 600? ?

LOL did you get that? if you did your machine is defected. there is no such thing, you'd be long dead.

Call a doctor right now. I once got to 577 and was told that it was only usual to see that type of number during an autopsy.

See a Doctor immediatley

Really really bad. I'm diabetic and I've never seen mine over 400.

check it out here:

reza y
dear human
i dont know yor age.
but 3
time in a week if your fasting blood suger was upper 140mg.
you should go to endocrinologest doctor.
in a day after eating suger or mail never blood suger increase more than 200.because relase insulin of panacrase glland cause never in normal body suger cant going upper 200
suger upper 200mg 2hour food eating is abnormal
you geat diabet.and for know era this high blood suger
started going lab and test your blood for hemoglobin(a1c)
syntheses thes hemoglobin related to un controol diabet
???sid effect blindness(suger in your vessel in eye convert to sorbitol this suger
cause blindness///atheroscloroses (close yor artereal in your kidny and heart cause renal failure .and mi(myocardial damage)
son as possibel go doctor
1-tretmet.sport diat .tablet. in sever case injection insulin
oky doky y

IT's Gone......That's it

It's That Guy
If you just raised it up to that by eating a lot of sugar, it wouldn't be so bad. But if levels like that are sustained for a long time, they can be VERY dangerous. 600 is a lot even for a diabetic.

Dr. Sanjeev
600 blood sugar is an emergency even it is post prandial, I think insulin is certainly indicated in this case, there should be strict diet control, and insulin administration in a monitored dose is necessary, Patient may turn into diabetic ketoacidosis which may be life threatening. Please go through the following link and follow them.http://dr-healthguide.blogspot.com/2008/12/what-should-diabetics-eat.html and http://dr-healthguide.blogspot.com/2008/12/how-to-know-that-i-am-diabetic.html

[Insert Name Here]
Mine was 600 and I got admitted to Loyola Hospital, so....... that's BAD.

That is a 'critical high'. You need medical attention to prevent kidney failure etc.

I think you are asking only the question: so if you are diabetic if your level is above 500 . you have to take it series and consult the doctor:600 will lead to coma

Today I would tell you that 600+ is possible, two years ago that is what my meter read the first time. Actually, the meter err'ed out because it could not read more than 600. My HbA!C was 12.1.

I has just lost 52 pounds in less than 30 days. I had no muscle tone and was actually shuffling my way around. I was sleeping less that 1.5 hours as a time. I was eating all I could find, but there wasn't any waste. I learned later that my body was in the process of shutting down. My eye sight change quite a bit.

I do not know how long I was at these high glucose levels. I turned out to be very lucky. In less than 45 day I was able to lower my meter reading to less than 200 and my HbA1C was around 6.8.

My current readings are 115/85 and HbA1C of 5.6.

Best Wishes

It is dangerous and requires emergency intervention. Some people have consistently high levels and don't experience the symptoms normally present as levels rise into dangerous ranges, but the effects are still there. This is an emergency, and should be treated immediately.

Your first responder is either going by the Canadian/European unit of measurement, or he just has no idea. Your third responder doesn't have a clue ... You can't get to 600 unless you are seriously diabetic. Non-diabetics don't go above 180.

In answer to your question, it's very dangerous. And it's immediately dangerous ... you don't only have to worry about long term complications when it's that high. It's time to go to the hospital. When my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes her sugars ranged from 400 to 600, and she had to stay in the hospital for two days.

Brenda T
OMG! You need to get medical attention now! That's really high. I believe high blood sugar levels can even lead to coma.

High sugar/glucose level in the blood in medical terms called Hyperglycaemia

Hyperglycaemia is when the blood glucose level is too high. When it's mildly raised then symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes occur, namely excessive thirst, passing urine frequently, tiredness, weakness and lethargy.

If the blood glucose level becomes dangerously high then the person becomes dehydrated and may become comatose. This is a medical emergency that requires hospital treatment.

When very high levels of blood glucose are present for years, it leads to damage of the small blood vessels.

This in turn increases your risk of developing late-stage diabetes complications including:

* retinopathy (eye disease)

* nephropathy (kidney disease)

* neuropathy (nerve disease)

* cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack, hypertension, heart failure, stroke and problems caused by poor circulation, eg gangrene in the worst cases.

u did not mentioned that which test is that. I mean there are 3 types of blood sugar test:

Fasting blood sugar test - A normal range is 70 to 100 milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood (mg/dL) or 3.9 to 5.6 millimoles per liter (mmol/L).

Random blood sugar test - A normal random blood sugar level hasn't been clearly defined. However, even if you've recently eaten and your blood sugar level is at its peak, your random blood sugar level shouldn't be higher than 200 mg/dL (11.1 mmol/L).

Oral glucose tolerance test - A normal blood sugar level after an oral glucose tolerance test is lower than 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L).

click on the link to know more

Hope this information will answer your question.
Happy New Year

Tin S
Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state (HHS) is a life-threatening emergency caused by high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). It causes severe dehydration and the blood becomes very thick. Without prompt treatment HHS can be fatal.

How does it occur?
HHS is most common in adults with type 2 diabetes. Because type 2 diabetes can be a silent disease for many years, HHS may happen in people whose diabetes has never been diagnosed.

Most people with HHS have a blood sugar level over 600 mg/dL, which is several times higher than a normal blood sugar. When the kidneys detect this high blood sugar, they try to get rid of the extra sugar by putting more sugar into the urine. But this makes you urinate more and you become dehydrated from the loss of fluid. As you become more dehydrated, your blood becomes thicker and more concentrated. As the blood becomes thicker, the level of sugar in the blood gets even higher, too high for the kidney to be able to fix it. As you become more ill, you are less likely to be able to drink the water that can help prevent this severe problem. With the high blood sugar and dehydration comes an imbalance of minerals, especially sodium and potassium, which can lead to problems with the brain and heart.

The two most common reasons for HHS are:

not taking diabetes medicines as prescribed
getting an infection.
If you are diabetic and have an infection, your blood sugar often rises above your usual levels. However, you may not know that you have an infection because many types of infections have few or no symptoms, at least in the early stages. This is especially true for older adults. This is one reason why regular home monitoring of blood sugar is so important. If the infection and rising blood sugar levels are not detected and treated, the dangerous hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state can develop.

There are many other medical reasons that can cause blood sugars to get dangerously high. For example:

If you are taking a diuretic (water pill) for high blood pressure, but you are a diabetic and not checking your blood sugar regularly, your blood sugar can become high over time.
If you are depressed or you are older and getting forgetful, you may forget to take your medicine or to check your blood sugar.
Drug or alcohol abuse can also put you at great risk for developing HHS.
What are the symptoms?
The most common early symptoms are:

blurry vision
dry mouth
confusion, especially in older adults.
Other possible symptoms are:

muscle cramps
Eventually there is a loss of mental function, starting with confusion and disorientation and worsening to seizures and possible coma. When HHS causes a coma, it is called hyperosmolar nonketotic diabetic coma.

E man glucose meters do register over 600, they say HI

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