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 I'm diabetic.for past few weeks my sugars been going out of control.they were in control at first.help!!!?

 Question about diabetes?
My dad just found out that he was diabetic. He's 52. My sister and I are only slightly overweight, and my dad isn't over by that much. What are the chances that we will get diabetes?

 Is it diabetes if ants are attracted to someone's blood?
Is it diabetes if ants are attracted to someone's blood?
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Umm..wow, I didn't cut myself purposely, but I did get a laugh on reading all the fake answers.

 Am I diabetic?
I am 16 years old and have a BMI of 18.0. I am very slim and my friends are beginning to worry. However, my main worry is that I begin to physically shake when I am the slightest bit hungry. I drink ...

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Could you abide by the diet after the surgery?
Could you pass the psychological exam to have the surgery?...

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 what kind of foods do diabetic people eat?

 I'm 12 years old and my mom thinks i might have Diabetes what should i do?
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Who is responsible for diabetes and obesity in america?...

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 Does anyone else think people with type 2 diabetes are just lazy and don't bother eating/exercising properly?

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How could it happen to me, if I eat healthy and stay active? I also have no family history of (Type 2) diabetes....

 Can Diabetics drink Diet Cola of Pepsi?
if not then name any drink (including fruit juices) that they may drink without affecting their health.[available in all parts of the world] .
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I live in India and here ...

 Were our doctor went wrong? Should we switch?
A few days ago we went to the doctor because my sister was showing signs of diabetes. SHe was drinking a lot and peeing more than normal. She started puking a lot also. We went to the doctor about it ...

 Ok well I'm not sure if this exsists or I'm just to wird but...?
I think I have like the smallest crush on myself o.0 omg LOL is that even ...

 Is diabetes a disorder or a disease?

 Low Blood Sugar?
I do not have diabetes but have consistently low blood sugar (around 40-50) until I eat a lot of sugar (usually 4 glucose tablets) or 1 cup of orange juice, 2 or 3 granola bars, some crackers and ...

 Diabetics only please ?
I have been diagnosed as diabetic 2 . My glucose tolerance test was 12.1 .Have any of you been the same reading as me .What type of lifstyle did you then adopt? Thank you for taking the time to ...

 Why do diabetics have to check their feet?
I have type 1 diabetes and all the doctors and books tell me to keep care of my feet. Why is this?...

 help with drugged up diabetic niece refusing insulin bm=23.2?
she is refusing to take her injection her blood sugar is 23.2 what do i do she has taken some sort of powder or pill ran down street in rain with no shoes on and i had to chase her she is 17 ...

How can I make my son stop with insulin?
My son has got diabetes type 1. He doesn't work out and he loves eating sweets. He is not overweight at all but he should eat more healthy and grow some muscles. Is it possible to make him work out and eat healthier and then he can stop with insulin?
Isn't it possible to eat pills? I don't want my son to become a masochist.

TopEST Contributor
well i guess u could threaten him or bribe him to, but in the end he won't be happy that u r forcing him to eat healthier. and i don't think it will change anything anyway, my aunt has diabetes and she eats healthy and excercises and she still has to take insulin. good luck!


sugar baby
How old is your son? Is he still a minor child living in your home? If he is then do not buy him sweets.
If he is an adult and on his own, then you can not make him do anything.
I think the pills are for people with type 2, but I am not sure.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Type 1 diabetes is more difficult to treat than type 2. But exercise and eating right is very important. He can lose his feet to diabetic neuropathy and lose his eyesight if he does not take care of his diabetes. He will probably always need meds, because type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. But eating right and exercising will keep him in better shape than if he doesn't do those things.

He should definitely cut out the candy to drop the insulin dose. He will either gain weight and/or have high blood sugar.

It's probably not possible for a Type I to completely do without insulin, but you can lower your needed dose considerably by going carb free. You'll still need a baseline level, with Lantus perhaps, to keep optimum.

I would not go so far to say that a Type I can NEVER drop insulin. There were some diabetics who managed to live into adulthood at least before the days of insulin...but that was rare.

OK Type 1 diabetes means your body NO LONGER makes the hormone insulin. It has to be replaced by injection. If insulin were to be taken by mouth it would be destroyed by the stomach acids and would have no effect on the blood sugar. Type 1 diabetes has nothing to do with what you eat as far as how you got it. Right now you should be focused on learning all you can about type 1 diabetes and helping your son learn to live with this thing that he will have for life. This web site is good for you I think,

if your son is a type 1 diabetic and you MAKE him stop with his insulin, in this country we call that murder, cuz you will kill him, ya retard. you shouldnt be allowed to have a son, you should have spent every waking moment educating yourself about his disease so you can help him live a long and healthy life, because of your stupidity, its likely your son will suffer from his disease and the complications that can come with it in the future.

I'm no expert on diabetes at all, but from what i've read he will have to take insulin for the rest of his life. With him eating sweets, the diabetes can progress further

telling your son not to take insulin is like telling him to die, which will happen if he stops taking it. Diet and exercise plus eating right *IN COMBINATION* with taking the proper amounts of insulin can help him to keep his glucose levels in check, but this is a disease that he will always have. It sounds like you *need* to get yourself educated about the disease.

dwarakanathan cr rama
type 1 diabetes has to be treatment with insulin only --no pills for type1 to con troll the diabetes --with in total calorific value the of the consumption the sweet consumed if come under ----nothing happens and also en garage the physical exercises to compensate the increase in the sugar level

Type 1 diabetics do not create their own insulin because the pancreas doesn't function properly.

Of course a good diet and exercise plan would possibly help with reducing the amount of insulin he'd need to take but won't let him stop using the insulin for control.

There's a great website with loads of information on type 1 diabetes listed below. Take a look around and you may find some good ideas to help him learn to live a healthier lifestyle with his diabetes.

Wow! You are soooo horribly misinformed about diabetes! Clearly you have not attended any diabetes classes with your family.
A person with type 1 diabetes has no choice about taking insulin. It's a matter of life and death. He must take insulin even if this turns him into a masochist! (OMG! I have never heard a more bizarre and stupid statement in my life!!) A diabetic can eat sweets. Carbohydrates in general are the issue. He takes insulin to account for the carbs he eats, whether this is a Hershey bar or a baked potato or a plate of pasta.
Perhaps you should make a point of attending your son's endocrinologist appointments so you learn a bit about what is going on in his body.
He'll grow muscles in his own good time.

Gary B
With a Type 1 diabetic, insulin CANNOT be stopped.

In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas fails to produce insulin. Insulin is REQUIRED to allow the body's fuel (glucose) to pass from the blood into the cells. Without insulin, the body starves to death.

Without insulin, many Type 1 Diabetics do not grow properly, and remain small and thin throughout their life time. Your son's "lack of muscles" is not his fault, and it is not likely that more food and exercise will improve things.

TYPE 2 Diabetes can be controlled with better diet and exercise, but TYPE 1 REQUIRES insulin.

There are NO insulin pills. Insulin is destroyed by the digestive juices in the stomach. The ONLY way to receive insulin is by injection.

Without insulin your son will die.

YOU need to talk with your son's doctor, and ask for a Diabetic Training class, Your personal ignorance concerning your son's disease could kill him.

German Shepard
Type 1 diabetics do not produce insulin, the only way they can get the insulin they need is to inject it via shots, a pen or an insulin pump. Until stem cell research comes up with a cure he will ALWAYS have to inject insulin there is no pill that will keep him alive.

Having read your other questions regarding your son, not only do you need to learn about diabetes you need to take parenting classes. Your ex wife should ask the judge from your divorce to restrict your visitation rights until you learn how to be a parent!

"I don't want my son to become a masochist."

Wait, WHAT? What does that have to do with diabetes or insulin?

Are you the guy who wrote the masochist question yesterday? Something's wrong with you...not sure why you're asking these lame questions.

There is no way, if your son has Type 1, that he can ever stop taking insulin. Not pills, not exercise, not diet....nothing can take away type 1. If he doesn't take insulin, he will die!

the eyes have it!
i'm thinking you haven't had an Intelligent conversation with your doctor. please do so asap

Belizean Chic
you're a loser you're son is sick because of you, and you're hatred for gay people God is punishing yur kid dumbass

btw please go to the site and vote click on any of the stars to vote

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