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Mitch M
How bad is sugary junk foods for a diabetic?
My father eats chocolate donuts, ice cream and all other sorts of sweets. He has an extremely high blood sugar level as it is. I have warned him about eating right but he ignores my pleas. Is his diet going to be the death of him or am I worrying for nothing?

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i wish i could answer this

i think you should worry

you are right to worry. especially since your father has high blood sugar already it will just make it worse.

Uh - it's very bad - my brother-in-law just ended up in the hospital for high blood pressure and very high blood sugar levels.

He was there for 4 days. He eats all sorts of terrible things! Same things as your father. He needs to stop because he could have some serious problems later on!

you should worry and he should eliminate sweets from his diet.

very bad. yes this will be the death of him.

You are definitely not worried for nothing. It is deadly and he is on a deadly course. What I think is worse is that he could end up with a serious but not deadly complication, making his life completely miserable. Gosh, just from my own life experience I know of a lady who went blind in a matter of weeks when she decided she was done taking her medications. My friend's husband would sneak candy and cakes behind her back and he ended up crashing his car when his blood sugars were in the 600's, never healing right, losing his foot - upshot is this accident was 3 years ago and he's permanently in a wheelchair. All over some doughnuts.

Then there's my great aunt who kind of went crazy and over the course of one summer stopped talking to any of us, and we found out after she died that her fridge and freezer were filled with nothing but ice cream and sugary stuff. I was too young to know about it at the time but when I was diagnosed my mother told me not to be like Aunt M, and why.

These are just anecdotes from one person...the research is very, very clear on this.

I also think Sue is right that you really can't force him to change. But if there is anyway you can find a diabetic support group or a class in his area, maybe you can offer to go with him. It's really rough to watch someone do this. Sugar isn't destructive for everyone, but for a type 2 diabetic it can be like trying to break an alcoholic from a bottle, and they have to want to change their life.

Margie W
Have you thought of not letting hhim keep these BAD foods in the house? or maybe having someone fix his meals for him and let him try weight watchers deserts! They are to die for and if you only keep a couple in the freezer every few days, he will do much better. The higher his sugar levels are, the better risk of heart problems, kindney failure etc, I have found while working with some of my patients, they are so blooming independent, they dont want to listen . They know it all. Fix him some Weight watchers deserts but tell them they are new from the bakery freeezer (Um Hide the boxes). I tell some of my clients "Shhh, dont tell youir son or daughter I am giving this to you" they dont say a word and seem to enjoy it even more, kinda like a kid in a candy store. Sometime you just gotta be sneaky but in a healty way You just have to be smarter than the fox you are hunting,as they say

Anything concentrated sweet, or starchy (pasta, bread, rice, peas) food needs insulin to be digested properly. Diabetics must compensate for all carbohydrates with insulin or medication. If your father is diabetic and does not take insulin or medication he will get sick and eventually end up in the hospital. Hopefully he will get in touch with his doctor or an endocrinologist to help him regulate his blood sugar levels.

its extremely bad for him. everything er eat has some sort of sugar, if he keeps on eating like that he will lose a kidney,eyes,heart and most of all amping his body parts. when u get large amounts of sugar, those crystals tear up the lining in ur body. if u love ur dad give hum some Tough love. i watch as my dad suffered and died in the hospital this year and it was hard.

Cricket R
well if he's a type 2 then he needs to see the light...but if he's a type 1, all he needs to do it cover it and it'll be okay.

really, sugary junk foods are bad for EVERYONE, not just diabetics.

Your father eats the way my mother did. She died of leukemia, but she also had high blood sugar. A diabetic, whether it is type I insulin dependent, or type II mature onset, has a pancreas that doesn't work properly. Eating sugary foods causes his damaged pancreas to overwork. He may slip into a diabetic coma, or his pancreas may die. Either way he's a goner if he doesn't change his ways.

if he has to have insulin shots then he could die. he is effectivly over dosing on sugar.

my friend has diabetes where she has to have insulin shots, she ate one chocolate bar too many one day and in the lunch hall at school she had a fit & wet herself.

if she wasn't in a public place and was on her own - she could have slipped in to coma and died.

Sharon M
Sorry this is as bad as it gets. The complications of uncontrolled diabetes are myriad. Kidney disease followed by dialysis is just one of these. The easiest thing is to let him go and do as he pleases or you can choose to fight. The ones to aid you in this are a good professional dietitian, and his physician. But you cannot cure him of his ob cession with sweets. Hey, you might try some sugar free sweets. I doubt if he really wants to die a long drawn out agonizing death. There are some really good sugar free candies, and desserts.
and some great on line sites with good recipes. Pray hard, go slow and try no to be judge mental. Diabetes is a real bummer. no one likes to be lectured. Good luck!

Is he type 1 or type 2? How is his diabetes managed? If he's type 2 and supposed to manage his diabetes with diet, exercise and oral medications, then I'd say this diet is going to make his condition more difficult to manage.

If he's type 1, of course that's an autoimmune disease and while a healthy diet is best for everyone, there's nothing you can eat to make the condition worse - or better for that matter. If you eat more sugar, etc. you need more insulin to cover it, but it's a completely different condition with a different cause.

Miz Lamb
Your worrying is correct!! It is very bad for him.


there is not much you can do about it. This is like an alcoholic finally deciding to quit drinking and going to AA meetings.

HE has to want to do it for HIMSELF!! There is no way you can get through to him on this. And the more you harp and complain about his eating junk the more of it he is gonna eat just to show you he can.

I am afraid the only way to get through to one of these people is when they wake up in the ICU with a foot or eye gone!! Then they MAY listen, and may not.

The best thing you can do is to step away, quit urging him to eat correctly, and go see the doctor about your own blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Yes, you have a 20 percent better chance of getting this disease than your friends who do not have a relative with it.

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