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Is it diabetes if ants are attracted to someone's blood?
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Umm..wow, I didn't cut myself purposely, but I did get a laugh on reading all the fake answers.

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 what kind of foods do diabetic people eat?

HELP! My dad's diabetic...?
Diabetes runs in our family and my dad just recently found out that he got it as well. Can anyone advise me on how to take care of a diabetic person? The do's and don'ts? What to eat and not to eat? I bought him one of those home blood sugar monitor device but other than that, what other stuff that are available here in US that can be beneficial for him (he resides out of US so I want to send my dad anything that can help him). Thanks so much in advance!!!
Additional Details
Thanks everyone for the advises/messages! I'm not really too scared that my dad has diabetes as like what I've said, it runs in our family but it's only now that it really did hit me. As of now, he's only under medication and not yet an insulin dependent. I just want to be educated so i can help him stay to live his life as normal as it can be.


My husband has Type 1...your dad can't eat sugar. Since he can't eat sugar he will crave it, my husband actually sneaks candy into the house and has his little stash. You need to meant with a diabetic specialist to make sure you are taking care of him.


Amy Bee Pea
The best thing you can do is to educate yourself, go to the library, get reading material from your dad's dr.
There are a lot of things you can do.
I'm assuming he was diagnosed with adult onset (type 2) diabetes.
The great thing about having type 2 is that you can almost cure it with diet & exercise.
Unfortunately, for me and many others, type 1 (or juvenille) diabetics are sentenced to be on insulin for the rest of our lives.

Good luck with your pa- tell him to not get discouraged - its not easy - but everyone has something they have to deal with.

He's lucky he has a kid like you who is so concerned. This makes a HUGE difference in a diabetic's life.
Also - don't ever listen to people that say "i knew someone who had diabetes ... they died blah blah blah" or "they went blind" or "they took off their foot..." you're going to hear HORROR stories. Don't listen to them.
Stay positive but dont nag him. Be supportive!
best of luck to you! if you need to chat - email me. :)

ps to summer - your husband absolutely CAN have sugar - he just needs to balance it with fast acting insulin.

Some Dude
He is obviously type 2 if he just got diabetes. I am Type 1 and had it for 28 years. It is actually harder to control type 2 because their body still can make insulin. Watching the carbs is the main thing. He can still have them but the doctor will help him to know the amounts and frequency of carbs he should have. Exercise (down) and stress (up) can effect blood sugar levels too. For me I count my carbs and take a certain amount of insulin for each gram of carb. I also adjust for the current blood sugar level and life events. Send me an email if you have any specific Q's or clarifications and I'll try to answer.

well my mother is a diabetic and my grandfather is too...just make sure he watches his carbs...carbs turn into sugar...my mom did not know that so when she first found out she was a diabetic she only watched her sugar and when she went to the doctors the next week they told her that her blood sugar level was still very high...it was because she didn't watch her carbs...so just be careful...its not that difficult to live with...its just a lifestyle change...good luck with everything

go tot eh diabetis site here online and youlllarn everything ya wanna know ok?? its NOT a death sentence but one does need to learn what to let him eat and what hes not to eat... and how much of something and well all that
also like potatoes..they shouldnt have many as potatoes are starchy and starches turn to sugars..like alchohol etc.....
and you cna go to the librarya nd get books and learn about this... good luck and hugsss sweetie

Janet C
The American Diabetes Diet is horrible for type ii diabetics. Have him follow a meal plan that includes lots of green leafy vegetables, round veggies such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and various other veggies. He needs to stay away from the nightshade family, potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant, etc. Brown rice is exceptionally well tolerated by diabetics, (DO NOT USE WHITE RICE), and various other whole grains like quinoa, millet, sweet brown rice, etc. He can have some fruit in season, but only on occasion as a dessert treat. Sea salt should replace all salt. He can use either Shoyu or Tamari, all natural soy sauces for flavoring soups and veggies instead of salt. No refined sugars, flours, bread, meat or dairy. He can enjoy fish twice a week, and beans soaked overnight and then cooked with Kombu seaweed are an excellent source of protein as well. Take walks everyday for about 20 - 30 minutes.

This is a very condensed version of the Macrobiotic Diet which I follow and have been able to maintain my blood sugars at a level that allows me to take very little insulin to keep my blood sugars in line. Tell him to chew each mouthful of food, (very important!) at least 50 times, the more the better. Liquefying the contents will help him immensely in regaining his health and keeping him off of insulin.

His blood sugars should range from: Fasting, 85 - 90 (first thing in the morning), to 135 - 150 two hours after eating. If he keeps good control on his blood sugars, he'll find himself feeling well and not developing the complications of diabetes. I'll include several books that you can get and read that will help you with the diet, but all in all, the change will be great for him.

I wish you and your dad luck. My father is passed now, but I hope for your dad, many years of health and happiness yet to come. Bless you for asking and helping.

I am assuming it is Type 2 Diabetes. His diet is the most important - exercise next. He needs to see a Doc and get an Rx for meds or Insulin if it is too high. Usually Type 2 can be controlled pretty easily with meds and exercise.


My Dad is a severe diabetic and has actually lost his leg due to not taking proper care of himself with diabetes. Its a good thing your Dad has you to help watch out for him!! My Dad lived in another state and by the time he came back home too much damage was done, now I have to take care of him as he is. My heart goes out to you and your dad!!

Old Dawg
Check Out This web site.
I too Am Diabetic............

You're dads doctoe will have told him all the dos and donts if hes diabetic. Is he insulin controlled or diet controlled ? This will make a difference to what he can do. Eitherway he will need to avoid too much sugar in his diet. You could send him sugar free sweets, chocolate, biscuits and cake if he has a sweet tooth.

Crazy Cat
Sorry to hear about your Dad. I have type 2 diabetes. Here is a web site that has been helpfull to me.
It is the America Diabetes Assocation web site. It has all kinds of info. Good luck, your Dad is lucky to have you.

these days u cant find lots of stuff. you just have to look around. I know there are books on diabetic dining right by the cash register in drug stores sometimes. but i found lots of info here: http://www.diabetes.org/all-about-diabetes/diabetes-learning-center.jsp

Larry B
Check out this site for info on diabetes.


I think the most important thing to control is his diet! Not sure how you can do that though if he lives abroad! Next appears to be exercise, and finally be sure he takes his meds as prescribed!

shinsei Leo
You Please don't worry,My mother has the same problem and also almost her leg got amputated.I 've learned this problem from saveral hospital that visited by mom for years.we changed many hospital allready to find who can cure my mom.From The expensive one to the very Cheap one.Now her legs cured and her level of glucose +/- 150.I finally found The herbs that can maintain her from high glucose.This herbs does'nt works fast, but its ok as a food suplement.
She comsumed the herbs with other regular medicine for few weeks.Then she stop the Regular Medicine, slowly stop the herbs.Diet and does light sport.once a week I go check her
level of glucose.(every times i check its around 150) its greats.For her legs i used alternatif Indonesian medicine it calls Tupai's meat.My mom had been waiting for 2 year until one of my mom friend come and sugest us to find this kind of
meat. its only take 3 days all the open wound closed and stop linking.We were very happy and i went to all hospital we ever
stop to find best medic before.told them that we had to do.But
they didn't believe us. so We don't care!! Since then I learned more how to cure people with alternative way.Now I have 2 clinics in Indonesia.I welcome people to ask me.People may contact me directly.
Form [email protected]

the american diabetes association's website can give you a great deal of useful information.


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