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 can you take insulin and still keep working?
my dad was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago and was doing ok for awhile, now the doctor tells him he needs to quit working and talk to a lawyer to get started on disability because he has to ...

 What happens if you're diabetic but never get it diagnosed or treated?
Like if someone pees all the time, stays thirsty, has the round "diabetic" belly, but never goes to the doctor and feels fine except for a bit lethargic and low energy? Will you suddenly ...

 help I'm SO dead?
One of my friends from school has diebeties and I think I might have it because some of the symptoms are happening to me one of the biggest thing is I just about faint every time I see a needle what ...

 I have diabetes, I have no other diseases, why can't I reuse my insulin needles?
I DON'T, but I was just wondering why they say you can't. I have no diseases other than diabetes (been tested) and they say you should never re-use a needle. I never have, but I was ...

 Diabetes is it the end???
Hello, once diagnoised with diabetes II does that mean your stuck with it the rest of your life, that your cells will simply not go back to a normal state were they were before you were diagnoised? O...

 how do u get diabetes?
ma doctor told me that u get it if ur over wieght nd u eat alot of suger or it runs in ur familly... nd den he said dat u dnt get it from eating alot of sugar... isz dat true?...

 What is the best way to fight diabetes?
My random Blood count is 300...

 parents think i am crazy when i tell them i think i have diabetes?
I looked at all the symptons of diabetes and i might have it. however, most of the symptons could be a coincidence (look at my last question). how do i convince them that i want to see my doctor or ...

 i weigh 550 pounds if i don't eat at all just drink water how long well it take 2 lose weight?

 my son is angry over diabetes, he's 12.?
He is getting very angry and crys. He said he lays in bed at night and asks God what he did to deserve D. It breaks my heart. I've gotten him a book written by a 14yr old boy with D, and I see ...

 I'm I going to get diabetes?
Both my parents got diagnosed with very light diabetes 3 years ago, my dad is 63 and my mom is 52, my grandfather has diabetes he was an alcoholic and ate very bad, my uncle has diabetes, my brother ...

 isa hba1c blood level of 8.6 ok?

Additional Details
child mole grow up,
and shawn c why are you even answering if you dont know what it is. its an idication of long term blood glucose ...

 As I was shopping today I became very dizzy, nausea,and had a faint feeling. Is this a sign of diabetes?
I have also gained unexplained weight, frequent urination, and always thirsty....

 My friend recommended this organic food to my husband saying that It can cure my husband's diabetes?
My friend recommended this organic food to my husband saying that It can cure my husband's diabetes . and we don't have to pay him if it doesn't work. But my hubby have to fast for 3 ...

 what happends if i dont get enough protien ?
i'm a vegetarian and i'm afriad i'm not getting enough protien or any of my daily needs. i've been feeling reallly weak , expectually in my ribs. and i'm excessively tired ...

 Does diabetes affect one's ability to drive well?

 i'm scared of needles?
is that ...

 Do I have diabetes???
I am 17, 5'6'' or 5'7'' and weigh about 190 lbs. My mom has this diabetes thing that pokes your finger, then it shows your blood sugar. The doctor gave her to track her ...

 If you're 17 and haven't been diagnosed with Type I diabetes, you're pretty much in the clear, right?
Just wondering.
Don't you get diagnosed with Type I earlier on in life?
I know that you can get Type II when you're like 80, but doesn't juvenille diabetes mean it appears in ...

 Can diabetics be cured ?
If we regularly follow the guidence from the dr take medicenes as per dr instuctions withous miss and follow a perfect diet regime and do excercise will this (diabetic) be cured no issue if takes ...

Does this sound like suicide?
I am a diabetic on insulin and oral medications. I am giving up on life because I am alone and the one I love doesn't love me. So I am over eating sweets. Like I ate about a pound of fudge since yesterday and I just finished a half gallon of Edy's ice cream, which I ate in about an hour. I'm getting heavier everyday and my bloodsugar is starting to escalate. I don't care anymore so like an alcoholic, I'm overdosing on sweets instead of booze. Do you think it will help me to just wipe my lousy self off the face of the earth quickly or will it be a slow death? Anyone have any clues??
Additional Details
First of all, I'm an adult. My parents are no longer alive. I am also a widow and just lost my husband 1 1/2 yrs. ago. Secondly, I have had my blood sugar under control and lost lots of lbs. and kept it off for around 5 months. All of my levels are excellent, in fact ultra low. No issues at all. I am already seeing professionals for my depression but none of the medications help me as I have too many side effects with them. I have to constantly change to see if something "else" will help. In the meantime, I do care for someone more than just friendship. It's my own fault as this person has committments in other areas of their life.......not married......not involved with another, just other committments to their job. I knew this when I started having feelings for them but I couldn't control the feelings. It doesn't make it any easier though. Sad, alone, unwanted, etc. that creates issues for most people, even weakness when it involves sweets and nothing to look forward to..........

I think I'm diabetic too but I'm not sure , I need to try that you know , and yes it will be slow , if u wanna die fast just find a way to die quick , u can ask that in this site ...

yes: STOP! there are plenty of people out her that love you, you just haven't met them yet. if you continue to eat that way, you are going to be in terrible, terrible pain...not exactly the easy slow death you were looking for. i suggest you contact your family, a teacher, counselor, anyone, and have a long talk. love comes and goes...i know. i met a guy once that i thought was the one, so i gave everything up for him, only for him to rip my heart out a couple months later. did i give up? no. one year later, i met my future husband, and now we are married with one beautiful boy. life isn't easy, but that doesn't mean you should give up! hang in there, it will get better, i promise.
now stop eating those sweets and see a doctor!

Love is not worth losing your life. There is someone out there for you that will love you for who you are. You need to love yourself and believe in yourself, only then can you truly love anyone else. Giving up on life is not the answer. Think of your family and friends. What a waste. Think of the heartache and senseless hurt you are going through and could cause. Buck up-Get your head out of your ***! You are here for a reason-have faith in yourself-you will make it through this a stronger person.

Think about it... Is that really the way you'd like to leave this life? Things work in mysterious ways; what if you weren't meant to be with the one you love? Things always happen for a reason. Sometimes what you think should happen, doesn't, and things end up better than if they went "your" way. I've been there (seriously). It really does make you a stronger person every time you make it through a rough time. Make it through this, and do it for you because you deserve it.

I wouldn't call it suicide, most certainly depression and self hatred and possibly you are suicidal, but what you're doing is not suicide. It's no more suicide than anyone else who overeats...or smokes cigarettes, or drinks to much, or takes drugs. You're waiting for someone to walk into your life and fill that lonely void in your life. Let me tell you from my own life experience, it's never going to happen. There's no one out there that is going to come into your life, love you and make it all better. Someone loving you is not going to magically make you happy. You'll surely find a way to sabotage it because you have this self fullfilling prophecy that you're not loveable. You'll continously be looking for something to prove you're right, that you are disgusting and no one will ever love you. I know, I've been there. What you need my friend is to believe you are worthy. When you truly believe that, you'll make better choices for yourself, in all areas of your life, including your health. Talk to someone as soon as possible. You ARE worth it...you just need some help realizing it. God bless you.

I just read your additionall info....The best medication, that has no side effects, is exercise. It's hard to do anything when you're not feeling good, but it is much better than any medication you can take. Second, you say you're seeing a doctor, but are you just seeing a medical doc that is giving you medications? You need someone you can talk to. Third...one of the ways I pull myself up is by helping other people. Sitting around thinking about how unloveable you are is not going to help you! Stay busy, volunteer. Helping other people is great way to get your mind on other things and see that you have value. The worst thing you can do is sit around your house, eating junk. It's only going to contribute to your depression. Take care of yourself.

Christine H
It sound to me like you are simply going to make yourself sick and if in an extreme case cause a coma. Not a way to solve any of your problems. Everyone is here on Earth for a reason. What if you don't go outside tomorrow and someone gets hit by a car because you weren't there to stop them? Every day is a new lesson in life and good or bad it's ours to try and make suit us. If someone you think you are in love with isn't giving you the go ahead - that's not the one for you. But, there will be another chance if you are here. Talk to someone - PLEASE! Every day above ground is a good one.

.Don't do it. Slow or fast. Go get help. You've got people around you that care about you. It would be very selfish of you to do this. Think of someone you love dearly, finishing themselves off. You would never have this person again. You would cry yourself to sleep. those who love you would go through so much. Is that what you want? To end your pain, so that they can deal with it? I'm begging you, don't do it. Seek proffesional help.


Pl dont go on like this. You can commit suicide this way, BUT it will be lingering slow and painful.
When ur Bld sugar rises all of ur smaller arteries r affected and u get damage in all ur organs. U can end up with renal failure, stroke, heart attack, loss of vision.
and please dont throw away ur life, u can easily decrease ur insulin requirements by losing weight. Get on an ex programme and stop killing urself for others.

in love with a great man
to answer ur question yes it is suicide and yes it will be a slow and painfull death.one of my friends is a diabetic and i know from experience it is hard and dangerous to eat sweets.you are killing urself slowly with each bite.

Hibernating Ladybird
I think you should listen to what Some Guy You'll Never Know is telling you. And meet up with him, maybe. I am too far and cannot really help you, as I have noticed...
Maybe you guys should meet up and you will find a better way than to kill yourselves..... who knows?

You are not alone. Nobody is alone. Write poetry instead. Listen to music. Go out and help others who are in need. If you don't have support, be support for someone who is in bigger need than you are. That's how karma works... around, around, and all around!!! That's how society works.
If you do good, you'll get some good back. And the more good you do, the more good you get back.

Put down that icecream box now.

And, look up the song "Jenny" by Terranaomi on youtube..... it might help you a lot!!!!!

Since you are doing it the slow way....which will be sooner than you think...and there's no coming back once you are gone....write a letter to each person telling them that you loved them...and that you felt loved by them...and that your decision was yours. Part of them will die, too you know...and in fact one or two of your loved ones will be a living dead thereafter....but you couldn't care much about any of that right now, because all you feel is the pain.
All this for a guy? If all of us would choose this option...there wouldn't be too many of us women left. Please give yourself one more insulin shot...then go to the book store and get the book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People...or if you think it's too complex to read right now get: Living The 7 Habits....it will teach you everything....start a new life and become a better you!!!!...instead of giving up just like that,.... because of a man.

Kidney dialysis which can only be done for 3 years, and blindness are a certainty. Some of the things in the statements are not accurate. Blood sugars will not start to escalate from over consumption, they will skyrocket, go up to 500. So are you helping someone write a novel? Have several friends who are diabetic and have lost several friends with diabetes too. Don't forget leg amputation due to lack of circulation and feeling. Heart attack any second now. Diabetes is no laughing matter.

You do need professional help. Please call someone you know well and ask them to help you find a good councilor. If you have no good friend then call one of the help lines and talk. Life sure can get messed up. If you want others to care about you then you have to care abut yourself. Always remember that the most important person in your life should be you. If you do take good care of you then you will have value to others. If you do not then no one really cares and will leave you to yourself and your self pity. You are the one that has to make the difference.

Go to a doctor --you need help. Don't wait! You might have a medical problem and you do have a depression problem.

Look dear. The first that has to love you, is yourself. Love yourself, and the people around you, will love you too. I would like to know if you are a woman or a man, and your age, to tell you another things.

Sounds like a slow, painful death. If you are lucky, you might go into insulin shock or a coma, but most likely you will have to have your extremeties amputated or something just as bad. You are in control of your life.

know your worth. you are too good to be doing this to yourself. also someone out there needs you and you need to be around for him/her.
you just have to look outside of your present situation.

Please stop hurting yourself.. Please get help. Check out this site:


go see a therapist and show him/her this so they can help you understand more.

Please go to a hospital crisis unit and you will see, no one is worth your life, it is suicide, what you are doing and what you just wrote is proof.

You have to love yourself more than that person you claim doesn't love you. You can't see it because of the pain you are in, but please don't continue this way, I care about you and I don't even know you, and remember Jesus loves you. Think about your mother and your family, they love you you are never really alone no matter how desperate you may feel, envision the pain and suffering you will inflict on; those who care about you, and don't give up on life, your real prince may be just around the corner, I know its hard to live with diabetes, but you can do it. I will pray for you now. Amen

no idea.....it sounds weird

One Sexy Jeep Girl
I'm sorry to hear that your life is full of pain. Yes that is a sure way to die as to whether or not it will be a quick or a slow death I cant say for certain but I'd bet it'd be a slow one. Please don't do it. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. People do care about you. I don't know you but I care. Email me OK?

It is suicide. I'm speaking from too much experince on this subject. I've had a close friend and the person I was in a serious relationship with kill themselves. It was over 10 years ago and it still hurts to this day. My friends mom sold the house cause she kept thinking he was there and couldn't stand the guilt. You're hurting now. I promise you suicide is a permante fix for a problem that usually can go away with time. Don't do this to yourself and those around you.

Honey, I dont want to sound corny but personally I believe that God is always with us and for that reason we are never alone.

And look at it this way, I care about you, and dont want to see you hurt yourself by eating all that junk. So you are not alone.

Where there is life there is HOPE

I am also diabetic , this is a very dangerous situation that you are putting yourself in. Do you live alone? I dont even want to talk about what death would be like.

I really believe that you need to talk to a responsible adult now. Call the distress line immediately.

I dont know how old you are but am guessing you are much younger than me.

If you were my age you would realize that there will probably be many loves throughout your life (or at least a few)

I am wondering about your own lack of self worth, does it all hinge on your one love? That is not good.

Start loving and caring about yourself more, and you will find people attracted to you.

As I asked, please call the distress line and talk to someone.
I'll be checking back.

Okay sorry about the age thing! It certainly sounds like you have been through and are going through alot.
Me too. I'm glad to hear about your faith. Have you ever noticed at really difficult times in your life when you say to God, please I cant take it anymore , and pray for his help, something happens that you would never expect to ease your burden?
Well that always happens to me.
I believe that suicide is a sin. We are needed on this earth until God takes us.
Obviously youre intelligent to see that you are overdosing yourself , and you are abusing food. It is an escape to relieve hurt, like any other addict. Just about everyone in our dysfunctional society is addicted to something. We need to express our pain in a different (and healthier) way.
I am so sorry that you are suffering from depression, until that is resolved it totally distorts your perception of reality and it is hard to see hope. Once they find the right meds that work for you, you will feel so much better, that dark cloud will lift.
I am so concerned for you , please let me know that you will contact a help line, self help group or doctor ASAP. You need to find someone for support in real life. Please

I'll admit I'm not sure, I've never actually talked with a diabetic. But please, if life is so bad, (which I have been through plenty of times..) look at all the beautiful things.. mountains, flowers, trees, animals, grass, sunsets, night sky's, moon, etc... try starting fresh. Talk to a family member or pshycaitrist. It's never worth it to die early.. wait until it is your real time and find ways to enjoy life now. You can also Google depression solutions if you need to. Best of luck.

Pop T
Actually, it DOES sound like suicide, but nothing you cant fix. You dont have any cancers, or perminent visable desieses. Watch some inspirational movies, and songs. Lose that weight. Who cares about the one you love but doesnt love you? If you can pump some iron and get fit, go on the street at get the confidence to ask that guy that always passes you by out.

Suicide is not the answer

I would be very afraid of suicide. There's very few things that God can't forgive. DING DING DING DING DING DING ...and we have a winner!

I think you need to see a shrink, serious. Your depressed it sounds like.

it sounds like a cry for help.you really need to talk to someone and quick.life is what YOU make of it.you shouldn't rely so much on some one else making you happy.you have to start liking yourself first.

Look. I'm not going to tell you to "get help" or "find jesus"...And I'm not trying to say I went through the exact same thing, but it was something close to it... Been there. Done that. Though I didn't do it with ice cream... Luckily enough, all my attempts failed... Give up and focus on something else, then love will happen... Sometimes you just have to ignore sh*t, however hard it may seem, and not obsess over it... F*ck all the people who turn you down.. Obviously they are too shallow if they won't even give you a chance... EVERYONE that isn't a complete shallow idiot has one reason or another to end it all... It's just that if they all did, the world would be full of nothing but little paris hilton worshiping idiots with IQs of around 20...

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