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Is it diabetes if ants are attracted to someone's blood?
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Umm..wow, I didn't cut myself purposely, but I did get a laugh on reading all the fake answers.

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Does this sound like diabetes?
I am waiting on my blood test results, but the suspense is killing me....I am constantly tired, fatigued, and hungry. I crave sweets all the time, have split, blurry vision, have gained weight in the past two years, and wake up feeling nauseated some mornings. Does this sound like diabetes or something else??


Kaushik N
Fatigue Is One Of The Factors Of Diabetes
im not too sure bout the others
just dont worry too much
im pretty sure everything will
go well

Ciara Anne ;D
wat r u 70?

Pineapple E
check with yor doctor

that kind of does but you should wait on those test results
ask your doctor

It could be diabetes, or it could be a simple vitamin deficiency. A change in diet or taking some kind of supplement (a vitamin) could cure all your symptoms!

Not necessarly diabetes, just sounds like normal life to me...I wouldn't worry to much...however, knowing your age, weight, and height would give us a better idea

Most of the symptom you mentioned was indication of diabetes. Plus see if you urinate more that usual and if you shake when you are hungry. also diabetes targets eyes.

Just don't think too much about it despite do research on thing to do just in case you have It. Hopefully not. I'm 26 and I have type 2 diabetes I'm not in insulin medication but the pills are killing me. my blood sugar is control with a 3 mile run 4 times a week and strict diet. I feel nothing.

Don't worry you will be fine! its just a Scare!


go to a doctor and get your A1C checked that will let you know if you are diabetic a simple blood test

[email protected]!!
Sounds like pregnancy. But it COULD be diabetes. Either one.

I have diabetes.
Symptoms are usually tiredness or dizziness, you are thirsty, go to the bathroom a lot, hormones are off so you may feel slightly depressed blah blah, blurry vision, shaky hands, and have a hard time concentrating.

Stephanie S
surgar doesnt make you get diabetes just to let you know
if you skip meals, eat fatting foods, and dont exercise is how you get diabetes
if you have a dry mouth have a dark back of neck and lose feeling in your foot then you most likely have diabetes

Just lay off what isnt necessary to live on.
exercise, and eat healthy along with PLENTY OF WATER.
it may be possible. but there are ways to prevent it.
good luck! :)

do you have diabetes in your family history, if yes you may have type one if you are usually below the age of 45, but if you are older it may be type 2 diabetes which is controlled by healthy eating and pills

I'm gonna say diabetes cause that what happens to me some times. If you've been vomiting go to the emergency room

jenny m
could be a lot of things. maybe your thyroid. nothing you can do about it right now, but wait for the test results.

Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

Frequent urination
Excessive thirst
Extreme hunger
Unusual weight loss
Increased fatigue
Blurry vision
Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Blurry vision
Cuts or sores that are slow to heal
Itchy skin, yeast infections
Increased thirst
Dry mouth
Need to urinate often
Leg pain

just wait for the test results....trying to find answers on the internet is a bad look.

i felt tired all the time and had a constant sore throat in college....i looked around on the internet....and i had convinced myself that I had AIDS....when you start to read about symptoms of something you think you have, you tend to make yourself feel them...the mind does crazy things.....anyway...turns out, i only had mono.....so don't stress too much....you did the smart thing and got a blood test

but....for what it's worth....i've heard that a main sign of diabetes is being thirsty and having to pee all the time

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