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 Diabetes is it the end???
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 how do u get diabetes?
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 What is the best way to fight diabetes?
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 parents think i am crazy when i tell them i think i have diabetes?
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Additional Details
child mole grow up,
and shawn c why are you even answering if you dont know what it is. its an idication of long term blood glucose ...

 As I was shopping today I became very dizzy, nausea,and had a faint feeling. Is this a sign of diabetes?
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 Do I have diabetes???
I am 17, 5'6'' or 5'7'' and weigh about 190 lbs. My mom has this diabetes thing that pokes your finger, then it shows your blood sugar. The doctor gave her to track her ...

Diabetes, what is your personal experience? How did you find out you had it?

Paul P
A couple of signs are being thirsty all the time and peeing all the time.

Then, it's time to have your blood sugar tested, which is usually done both by a finger stick and immediate reading, and ultimately confirmed by a glucose tolerance test, in which case you fast from midnight, go to the hospital for a glucose reading, then they'll either send you to the cafeteria for a specifically planned meal, or give you a glucose-loaded drink, and test again after a fixed period of time.

a member of my family got it when she became pregnant and ppl who have this durning pregnancy tend to have very big babies , it went away after the birth but when she became pregnant for the second time it was back again and now she has it for life , when it is managed properly you can lead a normal life through diet and medication .

Went for a routine medical and the blood test revealed it. I took on board the advice given about diet etc and over a very short period, I think 4 months, I lost 3 stone in weight. Subsequent tests have shown that I have effectively reversed the diabetes and I keep to a fairly strict diet which causes me no hunger but I avoid all fats, strong and too many alcoholic drinks, no cakes or biscuits and of course no sugar.
I am probably more healthy now as a type 2 diabetic than I was previously.

I Tisi
I am not a suffered but I lived in a village on a Greek island where over 50% of my customers were diabetic. The important thing is that if there is a history of diabetes in your family that you get checked regularly. If sufferers are not treated it can lead to blindness, gangrene in the extremities which can lead to amputation and of course the final straw is an early death. If you are worried it is so easy to have a test so don't ignore it.

I was 10. I had been drinking and going to the loo alot. I also lost a lot of weight. But then I started getting sick. This went on for a week and no doctor suggested that I needed a blood test. But then my mother insisted I had one and it came back VERY High. I was admitted to hospital where I went into a hyperglycaemic coma and then a hypoglycaemic one. Still that was nearly 33 years ago now and I am here to tell the tale.

I was 29 and just went from a stay at home mom to working my own job and helping my husband at his company he owns. Even though I wasn't overweight at all I lost weight that was great but then I lost more -too much and I was always thirsty and going to the bathroom all the time and was sooo tired. At first I thought it was working 2 full time jobs 5- days a week . One day I was running to go to the bathroom and fell through the china cabinet! The hospital didn't catch it (no blood work was done just a bunch of stitches I severed a nerve and artery in a finger) A few weeks later I was watching ER and that was the story line (an adult with type 1 not the china cabinet accident) and all her symptoms sounded like me. I saw my doctor and asked for a test. they thought I was crazy but I gave them my list why and that was enough for him to order the blood work. It came back fasting over 500. Then I spent the next 10 days in the 600 + range while my doctor prescribed every diabetes pill known, finally he gave in and let me see an endocrinologist, who discovered I was type 1 and truly did need insulin. It was quite a ride those few months. but that was 3 years ago and now it is second nature to me. The bad part all the weight came back! I could live with out that part! For the most part I live a normal day to day life now.

Diabetes runs on both sides of my family, for me it was more when would I get it, not will I get it. When I went to my doctor for a regular check up, he told me I was borderline diabetic, and to watch what I eat, which I already did for the most part. I've learned since then, if your borderline diabetic, you are a diabetic. It's been three years since I was diagnosed.

I knew months before I was diagnosed that I had diabetes, I knew the symptoms, I was in total denial, in fact I was the queen of denial.

The first thing I did when the doctor made it official, (YOU ARE A DIABETIC) besides taking my meds, was get a glucose meter and started taking my glucose 3X's a day. I now take it 5X's a day. Then I started to get my team together, including an endocrinologist, diabetics teacher and a dietitian, this was tough, I went through a lot of people before I found my team.

Like most people I hate needles, and I had a staring contest with my lancer before I got up the nerve to take my own blood.

I started out with pills, moved to Byetta, which had to be injected, another staring contest, then I moved on to insulin and now I'm on an insulin pump and have the best control I have ever had. So there is a light maybe not a bright light but a light none the less at the end of the tunnel.

Peter D
I was extremely thirsty, no matter how much U drank I just wanted more, I was weeing alot and couldnt control it, I even couldn't make it in time on occassion, I was getting up during the night to wee, and then drink alot.

I went the doctors with mt mum, and we told him all these symptons, and he said that I was changing from a boy to a man and it is just a hormonal change and that my mother was an over anxious mother, and to come back in a week! Disgusting that!

When I got home from school, the next day, my mum told me to do a urine sample and we went to the doctors and waited till we could be seen.

He tested my urine and found that it was full of ketones, and I got sent to Alder Hey, and he kept ringing up to see how I was, if you feel there is something with you and the doctor fobs you off, keep on it him/her, has my case proves, or you could potentially end up dead, because of their incompetence!

ubi S
The first thing i found was that i was constantly thirsty. Then if i ate chocolates i would become flushed. Sometimes my eyes battled to focus. I also lost some weight. Docter send me for a glucose tolerancy test

I do not have it, but several family members have it and two of my grandparents died from complications of diabetes. Usually they didn't find out they had it until they had a health problem. My uncle unknowingly had it for at least 10 years (with a lot of nerve damage resulting) because the VA only tested fasting levels. His fasting level was normal, but his A1C was extremely high. So, be sure always to get that test if you are suspicious!

My doctor said that since I have a family history, that he wants me to test several times a year. No need to do it at a lab. It is cheaper to buy a store brand test (Walgreens) and test yourself. Be sure that the strips haven't expired. Then, several times a year, do a fasting test and then a one, two and three hour test. If your fasting test is over 90 or any of the numbers in your 1, 2 and 3 hour test are over 150, you should check with your doctor. It's easy to tell though that exercise and losing 10% of your body weight will generally lower your numbers.

I do not use family member's monitors. Monitors are cheap. Test strips are a tad costly, but you only get them every other year.

maria s

I actually found out by chance. I was interviewing for a job in a hospital and had to have a physical. The report was given to me to see my regular Dr. and take the report with me. I was sent for a fasting Glucose Tolerance Test. Nasty drink! And was diagnosed as diabetic. I am one of those diabetics that stay thirsty all the time, and in return, spend a lot of time in the potty. I take my meds as directed and try to watch my food and keep it under control.

my mum did when i was 2 years old(1958) my dad worked on the ground growing all veg and fruit for the markets and shops he was one of a large work force we use to go with mum to pack the fruit what with fruit and a few sweets had a bad chest infection recovered from that but then kept falling asleep anywhere and drank gallons mum took me to doctors
done the test you ,only had to pee in a jar then very primitive, he said i had diabetes the rest was history (people only know you have it if you tell them live your life to the full you can do any thing you want as long as you make sure you have every
thing you need )hth

I was pregnant and had to be tested (it's routine) and I found I had it then through a fasting glucose blood test. I feel healthier now and I actually lost some weight now that my blood sugar is under control. (mine is controlled by diet and at home monitoring)

Jovi Freak
I was 15, very thirsty I used to take 2 litre bottles of pop to school and often fell asleep on the desk, wanted to go to the loo all the time and lost lots of weight, I was very very thin. My mum took me to the doctors and told him I was diabetic, he just took some blood and sent me home, a few days later an ambulance arrived at school to get me, they said that I would have approximately 3 days to live without treatment ! That was 23 years ago.

I was terrified of needles and refused to inject myself.

Its just second nature now I inject 4x per day and have 3 kids. I haven't let my condition stop me from doing things.

Well in some respects I was lucky. My gran had Diabetes for most of the time I knew her. My dad had Diabetes. My step-dad had Diabetes. My uncle had Diabetes. Looooot of Diabetes in different branches of my family. So, being morbidly obese I knew there was a fair chance the damn thing was gonna get me. I was in college when it did, and people have mentioned the main things - exhausted - I mean can't-keep-your-eyes-open, sleep for a day kind of exhausted. Peeing almost constantly. Thirsty as hell. Don't know if anyone else has mentioned the insane, incendiary rage though? When I ate wrong, I'd get furious with the stupidity of people, the existence of people, simply want to stab them and move on. Total madness. Did a test, and had ketones in my urine, which was diagnostic.

Was on diet control for the best part of a decade, shifted to oral medication when it no longer seemed to be controlling it. Now on maximum medication because essentially I've had some dumbass times of non-compliance, and now I have a little liver damange and a little eye damage because of it. So now I'm on "probation" to get my blood back under control and postpone the shift to injecting Insulin for a while.

i was waking up at five in the morning begging for food, going to the bathroom tons, losing weight even though i was consuming TONS of food, drinking a lot, and sleeping.

It was a gift from my mother. I was 12 and always tested my urine, (before the blood test came out there was a urine strip).. It turned bright green which is a bad sign... I hid knowing that I had it for a year. I really felt bad.... started asking my mom questions about the disease and she kinda thought I knew something that I was not telling her... she made me test in front of her and the rest is history. There are really worse things to have. If you control it you will be ok... but sometimes it really is a pain in the you know what.... GOOD QUESTION... thanks for asking!

cross-stitch kelly
I found out about 7 years ago. My father has had it for quite some time, and I was eating out with them when he suddenly said, "Herbie (my mom), I'm getting the fuzzies again--you'd better give me some candy." I asked him if it was like tunnel vision, and he said yes. I'd just started having the same problem, so I went to the doctor that afternoon. The next day he gave me the fasting test, then walked in afterward and said, "You flunked. Not bad, but you flunked." Luckily, I'm purely diet controlled, and my blood sugar averages around 100, as long as I take care of myself.

at my doctors,the nurse asked me to volunteer,and other people too...patients.so i did volunteer for the diabetes test..and,a week later..the phone rang.it was the nurse at my surgery..telling me,i had diebetes..mild one..this was about 10 yrs ago.they offered medication,but i said no..so,im diet controlled..im usually quite tired,sometimes.but, i eat and drink normally.i cant wear nylon t shirts,or anything with nylon..go to be cotton..under my bust,i get red x itch like mad..otherwise,im doing ok..mary.

I have diabetes type 2 (adult onset). I learned about it a few years ago. So far I have kept it under control with exercise and diet, plus I take a medication called glucophage which controls how my body uses sugar.

The hardest thing about diabetes is learning how to change my diet to something healthier. I had to learn a lot about nutrition, what is good and bad. It is not just about cutting sugar out (though that is important). You also have to watch how much and what kind of fat to eat, try to eat a lot of fiber, and stay away from processed flour in things like pizza and bread.

There are lots of people living with diabetes who are otherwise very healthy. One of the most famous is Ray Kurzweil who wrote a book called "The 10% Solution" about changing diet. He claims he has no more signs of diabetes simply by virtue of eating very little fat.

There are many kinds of food that you can eat that are beneficial for diabetics. Fiber One cereal is a great source of fiber. Almond flour can be used for cooking. Oats have a low glycemic index (measures how much the food raises your blood sugar) and are high in fiber. Stevia is a natural sweetener with no calories. Turkey ham is a good protein source with low fat. Nuts are high in fat, but the good kind (unsaturated).

There are foods you want to stay away from. Caffeine raises blood sugar. Fruit should be eaten in moderation. Any saturated fat (e.g. butter, beef) will cause your liver to make more sugar and may worsen the diabetes.

Exercise helps a great deal. I prefer cycling, and I do about 5 miles a day. My doctor recommended I do an hour a day, which is more than I can manage with my schedule, but I try.

The best source of information about diabetes is the Joslin Center, listed below.

Tony Q
the onset of my diabetes is discovered from fasting blood test.

Diabetes runs in my family.. my grandad found out because when he got back from a holiday in Egypt, he was very ill and bed-ridden for days so we took him randomly to hospital and found out when they ran tests. Unfortunately, over a few years, he deteriorated, developed heart problems and died of a massive heart attack - his nerves weren't very good so he couldn't feel the mild ones, the doctors said they probably felt like indigestion.

My aunt, however, found out by being referred to her doctor from the opticians during a routine eye exam! She started with tablets but now has to use insulin. Her eyesight is quite bad and she has had many laser treatments on her eyes, to seemingly no avail. Her cataracts were removed though, which is something!

I'm very careful with my sugar intake, as I don't want to develop it myself. I have a great respect for those with diabetes, as I know first hand how much it can affect your day-to-day life. My advice; live one day at a time, enjoy it and most of all, HAVE FUN!! :)

Over a period of a couple of months I started feeling extremely tired but didn't feel I could go to the doctor about that, but when I developed some painful, sore, itchy patches that wouldn't respond to any treatment, I thought it was time to make an appointment. I donated a large sample of blood and was called back to the surgery a couple of days later and told I have diabetes. That was the day before my birthday!

With Christmas coming up as well, I was told to make an appointment in January when I would be 'sorted out', in the meantime to take it easy and not to worry.

I knew nothing about diabetes, so paid a visit to a bookshop and chose a couple of books out of many. One of them was a BDA, now Diabetes UK, book and included recipes. It was a relief to find out that I didn't have to make any changes to my diet. Oh, and it was a relief to find out what was wrong with me as I had been imagining far worse.

Apart from the inconvenience of having to take tablets and do blood tests, I think the worst experiences I have had relate to ignorant people who insist that to have diabetes means you are fat and live on a diet of sugar. Other people treat you as if you're not a human being, and tend to shun you.

I only found out i was diabetic after being sick for around 2 weeks, and wasnt getting any better. By the time i went to the doctors i was very unwell and was begining to go into a coma. The doctor thought i had meningitus.

I ended up in hospital and spent a week in ITU. That was a few years ago now. x

i experienced diabetes by having hot and cold flushes drinking juices inc coke milk anything cold and sweet also having pangs wanting to eat a lot of sweet stuff I was sweat ting most of the time also mood swings also tiredness
and my eyes started to get sore

I was 10. I was drinking a ton of water, and by that i mean 8 of the McDonalds collector cups full of water one after the other, then i went to the bathroom 11 times in an hour. My mom counted. I had also dropped 15 pounds in like 3 days. Those are the three most common first symptoms. I was in the hospital for 3 days and diagnosed with a blood sugar in the low 400's. I have since topped that, by being sick, or forgetting a shot.

You look like my avatar-twin, "intrepid"!! My son Martin is 20 now, and getting good at testing his own blood sugar and injecting himself, but I well remember the trauma of finding out that he had Type 1 diabetes when he was only four and about to start primary school......

When I took him to our family doctor, she thought it sounded like just a virus, but I did mention on the way out the door that he was very thirsty indeed and had been weeing more than usual. He had also been very tired and haggard-looking, and losing weight. A couple of weeks before this, he had been violently sick with what seemed like a tummy bug (I have heard of other cases of juvenile diabetes that start like this, though whether this is a cause or a symptom of the onset of diabetes, I don't know......) I had no idea children even GOT diabetes!

Our GP gave us a Diastick to test his urine in the surgery loo, and to her horror and mine it turned dark brown (full of sugar) - we had to get the bus to our local hospital there and then, not even go home first to get clothes etc.....and then began the trauma of needles, more needles, tears, guilt (on my part), increased marital stress (still bad after 16 years), trying to get help from social services that led to our son nearly being taken away.......

Since then our son has also had a mental breakdown....only the grace of God has kept him and me going, and my husband has lost what little faith he once might have had. It is 1.30a.m. and he has just come in and asked me WHY I am sitting up at the computer in the middle of the night???? Why do you think???, it is good to share. I hope things go better for you too. Blessings, Jill

I was thirteen. All I wanted to do was drink, eat, sleep and pee. I was a pretty skinny kid already, but I was rapidly losing what little weight I had. After going to some pretty ignorant doctors that thought I had either mono or an eating disorder, I finally went to one that had enough sense to test my blood sugar level. They called and told my dad that he needed to take me to the hospital immediately. I will never forget my dad's conversation with me:

Dad: come on.
Anita: Where are we going?
Dad: The hospital.
Anita: (tearing up) Why?
Dad: You got diabetes, COME ON!

So I did what my dad told me, cried all the way to the hospital, and after one week I was released from the hospital feeling 1000% better. And as they say, the rest is history.

Jim M
I lost a lot of weight, was extremely tired, extremely thirsty and kept having to go to the bathroom. That was 20 years ago when I was a child (jr high). Now, its my lifestyle! But my family benefits from the diet. I am a healthy male in my 30s with 3 kids. Im in better shape than my friends who are not diabetic. Trying to get Life Insurance is a killer though! (LOL)

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