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 Do I have diabetes???
I am 17, 5'6'' or 5'7'' and weigh about 190 lbs. My mom has this diabetes thing that pokes your finger, then it shows your blood sugar. The doctor gave her to track her ...

 If you're 17 and haven't been diagnosed with Type I diabetes, you're pretty much in the clear, right?
Just wondering.
Don't you get diagnosed with Type I earlier on in life?
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 Can diabetics be cured ?
If we regularly follow the guidence from the dr take medicenes as per dr instuctions withous miss and follow a perfect diet regime and do excercise will this (diabetic) be cured no issue if takes ...

 whats wrong with me? i'm 15 years old, and been constantly thirsty for about 2 weeks.?
i've had loads to drink, but it never seems to stop me being thirsty. my granda has diabetes is this a sign that i have?
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 Is it true if you have diabetes you lose weight/bodymass?

 Who else has Diabetes? If so what Type?

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Type 1 since I was 11!

Never been over weight!

Very annoying!...

 I am fifty and have just been diagnosed with diabetes. I've attended diabetes class and it scared me. If I am
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 What are the symptoms of diabetes?
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 Im 5'7 285 lbs with diabetes in my family. i am already feeling some of the symptoms of it. what can i do?
every site i go to tells me to eat right or diet and exerise but what if i cant excercise and what is eating right

and how can eating right help when everything you eat rurns to gluclose ...

 ok does this sound like diabetes? i've been to the doc but havent got my results back yet and realy scared.
1)realy bad dizzy spells + bluryness
2) sickness
3) i get ill realy easily (i've been ill every holiday)
4) feel hungary all the time
5) feel tirsty all the time
6) need ...

 has any one else got type 2 diabetes & how do u manage your blood sugar levels ?
im having trouble maintaining mine and i think im doing everything right [diet medication etc ]
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thanks to all who took the trouble to reply . i got some wonderful feed-...

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 What the different between type 1 & type 2 diabetics?

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 What are some symptoms of diabetes? What symptoms made you call the doctor before you were diagnosed?

Diabetes is it the end???
Hello, once diagnoised with diabetes II does that mean your stuck with it the rest of your life, that your cells will simply not go back to a normal state were they were before you were diagnoised? Or have I destroyed my cells ability to respond to insuline for the rest of my life?

yes it is im sorrry you wont be able to enjoy many foods

Deabetes is a disease that can be controlled and even get to the point of not using medicine but you are not considered cured of it. You just get control of it and not let it control you.

You will have to talk with your Dr.!!
My Mom had it & she had to take meds for the rest of her life BUT you may be able to get by with just watching your diet & working out!!! It is a diagnosis that will stay with you for the rest of your days but it isn't the end of the world.
Like I said, Talk to your Dr!!

diabetes is a disease that as of yet is uncurable. and its not just for those in there 40s, 50s or even 80s. kids r getting it at an alarming rate. as long as u take care of urself and listen to the doctor u should b able to have a very long and productive life

martin h
I have heard that with some obese people they have reversed the diabetes II after losing weight, but I don't know how rare this is.

dont worry abou it has a lot of people have it,just follow the steps for your medication,they have actually just discoverd a vaxine for it this year and will start being issued in the next few years.

Alot depens on the following.
Are you over weight?
Do you take insulin currently?
Some times if you have adult onset diabetes or diabetes type 2, you can make it disappear by losing weight and getting plenty of exersize, eating a nutritious diet and taking control of your eating habits.

Once you are diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, yes, you're stuck with it for life. I used to think it was the end, but once you comply with the treatment, you'll do a lot better than if you weren't taking care of yourself. It is an uphill battle for me, so I understand where you're coming from.

The differences in the types is that T1 (due to genetics), the body actually destroys the pancreas, rendering it useless, therefore the lifelong insulin injections and such.

In T2 (due to unhealthy lifestyle), if you're a heavyset person, the insulin your body produces no longer takes effect because your body isn't recognizing it. Diet and exercise, along with insulin and other meds, help bring your glucose levels down. If you work hard and show improvement, you can reduce or even eliminate your meds! Your body then will be more receptive to the insulin your body produces.

There is no cure for diabetes.

This depends on why you developed diabetes. If it is hereditary and you are not over weight or you do not have a thyroid problem, then yes it is permanent.

I don't think so...I have a friend who was at 550 and he watched the diet and exercises, his reading went down to 105.

Type 2 diabetes is non insulin dependent...so for the most part your pancreatic cells are making adequate amounts of insulin, but the receptors on which the insulin acts to control sugar are defective. Although there is no permenant cure for diabetes as yet, there is a phenomenal improvment in the medical modalities that are now available for diabetics to achieve good control of their hyperglycemia. The other good news is that you control your disease to a large extent. The more you educate yourself and know the basic concepts of diabetic control, the better readings you get. Be consistent, stick to your treatment and make a few lifestyle style adjustments like losing weight. Talk to your doctor about your concerns and you will see its not that bad....Good luck.

My younger brother has Diabetes Type 1 and he is in the hospital right now on life support. He suffered a heat stroke and low blood sugar. I know that a lot of you do not believe in God in Yahoo! Answers, but if you all could pray for him or think about him for a moment I would like that. His name is David. He has had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 12 and I remember when he first got it he had come home from his cousins wedding and he looked pale and thin. My step-father wanted us to go to Raging Waters after my brother came home because we had Season Passes. I said that my brother should go to the hospital because he did not look too good and he was throwing up. We went to Raging Waters and the whole time we were there he was throwing up. I did not know what to do. I was a 13 year old girl who had never really been in situations like that before. When we got him to the hospital his blood sugar was through the roof. It was way passed 100. When he went to the bathroom, his urine smelled, and he had this frail look about him. I am telling you all this because Diabetes is no laughing matter. It is serious. You can die from it and many have. My brother's great uncle, I found out, had Type 1 Diabetes when he was 4 and back in the 1910's there was no insulin. He died at the age of 4, due to lack of resources for his Diabetes. To those of you who have just found out that you have it take care of yourselves and when you see that something is terribly wrong, get to a doctor, quickly.

I would say no, you're not stuck with it. I had a friend who was diagnosed with diabetes, and through diet, he reversed it. You can eliminate the need for medication if you stay focused on a healthy diet. Follow the diabetes diet. It's a lifelong lifestyle change. Talk to your doctor about it.

BTW, Halle Berry has diabetes, and she's doing well!

Kirk M
Type 1 has no cure yet.
Type 2 can be overcome with diet and exercise.

Read this book
He is the MD that got glucose meters in patients hands.

BTW if you are type 2 eliminate transfats as well as highly glycemic foods.

Your life is still worth of living for. The diet of the people with diabetes...the healthiest diet there is. Everyone should follow it. Cheer up. You can live with it your fullest.

It depends on your overall health. I have worked in dialysis for 8 years and some people control their diabetes with exercises and diet, but if you are over weight it will not get better. If the onset was caused bu obesity then there is a chance you could get better by following a diet and losing weight. Remember diet and exercise is the key to being healthy you must take care of your self because diabetes is one of the leading causes of kidney failure. Good luck!!!

Well friend all is not lost, just because you've been diagnosed. There are hundreds of thousands of people that are living relatively normal lives with this disease. I've been living with it for 16 years. I've been insulin dependant, (on the needle) all that time. I thought my life was over when I got the diagnosis, and the doc. told me I would have to inject myself, (most likely three times a day for the rest of my life.) But friend, I've learned it's all in the way you approach it. Some peoples problem can be controlled simply with diet control and exercise. Some people with what's reffered to as a lazy pancreas, (the pancreas is what normaly and naturaly makes insulin in your body) in some cases the pancreas can be coaxted into waking up with diet control. The next step in most cases is oral medications, except in the most extreme cases, (like mine). The problem as you suggested is not necessarily with your cells, (in some rare cases the bodies' refuse to recognize the insulin,) which is the key that causes the cell to open up and accept the sugar in the blood to give you energy. To belay one of your fears, diabetes does not cause cell damage, it causes nerve damage. Due to lack of insulin, or your cells refusal to recognize it, (insulin) the sugar in your blood increases, (causing hyperglycemia) that coats your nerve endings, causing numbness, (or nueropathy) which is first noticed in your extremities, (fingers and toes) if the high sugar count, m.g.d.l. (or micro grams per deci-litre) is not quickly brought under control, that's when nueropathy begins.
this numbness can be held at bay with strict control of blood sugars, which in most cases has to be done artificialy, either oraly or with needle.So to sum up my meager knowledge of diabetes, great strides are being made all the time in medications for diabetes. Heck I ran into a fellow in the hospital, in Sarasota, fl. that had undergone a pancreatic transplant, and was living a totaly normal life. I hope I have been some help in aleviating some of your concerns.
Good Luck; W.W.W. (Scooter)

carol p
sorry once you have diabetes you have it for life just need to eat healthy ... i have type 2 have had it for 5 years now my mother has it as well she has had it 22 year and so did my grandmother so in my case it runs in my family

la reina
no- once you get type two with diet and excercise you can be cured of it. but talk to a doctor because u need treatment until u get healthy

At this time there is no cure for diabetes.

However, there are many useful sites and sources for diabetes treatment. As someone who has had diabetes for 13 years I can tell you that your diet will change and your habits will probably become more routine-based than they have been.

Fortunately, this doesn't hamper my ability to do everything I did before my diagnosis. Try this site to get started:


Good luck!

Once you get diabetes, you're stuck with it. It's a condition you'll treat for life. If you follow treatment procedures you'll be fine - best of luck!

the type 2 diabetes is caused by a decreased sensitivity to the insulin. hence it is supposed to increase the insulin level in the blood to get a normal effect. this happens at the DNA level in which the gene coding for the insulin receptor is dameged. hence it is almost impossible for the moment to give a cure for this disease and unfortunately you will have it for all your life...

Try a vegan diet. A recent study showed the vegan diet will reverse type-2 diabetes. See http://www.vegetarianorganiclife.com/

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