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[email protected]
please i need this asap

i don't have a list but my girlfriend died of type 2 diabetes and i know peanut butter would up your sugar fast cause thats what she used when hers got low. colas and beer would up it to.but cinnamon tablets will help control you sugar metabolism and depending on how serious her diabetes is lower her meds. i take a 500mg pill a day. if you don't believe me it says so on the bottle so go to the vitiamin section of your local store and read it. mine are Rexall. also I don't know if this makes any difference but she eat a lot of corn and green beans and she also drink a lot of slimfast and ensure but like i said she was type two and had to take two shoots a day. but my friend girlfriend is 59 and has type 1 and she takes the cinnamon and she just checks every morning to see if she needs to take her meds now. she said it takes 2to3 week before you start to see any effects. also if you think you could get diabetes taking cinnamon now will help put it off. just go read the bottle or talk to the people in one of those vitamin stores.

If it's hard to control, then you need to cut down on carbohydrates, especially rice, bread, sugars, etc. These will raise blood sugar. You can help control the blood-sugar level by limiting carbs. Cheeses and meats and eggs and other low-carb foods are fine for diabetics (you don't have to watch intake on them as closely) but watch out for cholesterol levels.

Just watch the carbs.

edgar r
basicly anything with sugar and greasy food.

If you are type 1 and insulin dependent , and you are carb counting to control your diabetes then you should have been giving a max carb intake for a day. My son is type 1 and he is allowed 17 carb choices per day to be split between three meals and three snacks. Almost all foods show the carbs now so you look at grams per serving an on average 15grams equals a carb choice. If you find a food that doesn't have nutritional information on it there are a lot of free carb calculators available on the net where you can search the food you are wanting to eat. Like I tell my son there isn't anything that you just absolutely can not have but it is better to make healthier choices so that you get better nutrition and you are fuller. If you choose half a candy bar as your lunch you are not going to be very full and it is not good for you body either.

Jason E
I'm type 1 with A1c's in the 5.5-6.5 range. Humalog fast acting insulin has allowed me to eat anything and keep my blood sugar in check. If there's one thing you should not eat it's fat. This will harm you regardless of your blood sugar level.

Rex B
See here -


Why do you need to know now? Are you a type 1 and don't know what to eat. If so you need to visit a dietitian. A type 1 regulates their sugar levels by taking insulin to match the carb intake. So a lot of carbs at once is not good, but I/we can't provide you with a list. You need a professional that has your medical history too. i am a type 1 and I limit sweets and eat them in moderation and on occasion I don't avoid them.

confused girl
try searching on google.com


There's no specific list. Only info on which vegies and things
with carbs that any diabetic must limit. Carbs are in so many
things we enjoy in life. Things that taste good, is generally
those with the most carbs, I've figured out LOL. I've been a
Type 2 Diabetic for about 13 years. It's tough the first several
months of not knowing which foods to limit and which you can eat more of. You have to start reading contents on packaging. And knowing which to buy, and which not. There are alot of books from the library, thru the
Diabetes Assoc., and on the internet. Just google what you
want to know and you'll see many links.
You have to eat small portions of potatoes, beans (not the
green string beans tho) or legumes, rice, squash, carrots,
corn, fruits (canned or fresh). And try to avoid anything that
shows the content on the package, with sugar, glucose,
and general carbs. Also limit your sodium. This will also increase sugar levels. Bread is also full of carbs, and usually
two slices is the limit for breakfast if you don't have cereal or
other high carb food. I limit myself to one or two slices with
poached,scrambled, or fried eggs for breakfast. If I have a potato bar with those, I allow only one slice of toast.
Lunch should be a source of protein (meat, cottage cheese, sliced cheese). Two slices bread or bun for a
sandwich and include leafy green lettuce and maybe a slice
of tomato. You can have soups, but they are high in salt and
fat so watch the amount. And the crackers you might want to
go along with it.
Eating sensibly is the means to controlling your sugar levels. Eat small portions of different things. Rely on fruits for
a sweet fix, rather than any pastry or candy, you might be
tempted to eat. Fill up on fresh vegies, and they are good
bulking agents too. You will have to limit fruit juice as it jacks
up sugar levels sky high. I knew a man who couldn't even
drink orange juice, as he knew it put his sugars over the top.
If you have a low sugar level and feel bad one day, then juice
is one of the best things to raise your sugars to where you
feel 'normal' again. You need to read up on Type 1 Diabetes
and don't try to gain a few answers from people here and
there. You need to be under the care and guidance of a
professional Hemotologist who can help to treat you. They
have teams of nurses and other staff, who can teach you how to manage your diabetes. Have your doctor refer you to
one soon. Don't mess around with a regular MD as they are
often not as informed as the doctors who specialise in blood
disorders (Hemotologist).
Good luck and have a good life!

naveen n

You can do some research on this website www.diabetes.org it's the American Diabetes Asscioation. You will find some helpful resources there.

This list gets this question very often.
No one here can tell you what to eat.The days of one size fits all diets no longer exist !
You need to meet with a dietitian and a diabetes educator and discuss what food plan works best for you.
Take diabetes ed classes,join a support group and make new friends.
Read everything you can written in the past five years on diabetes and subscribe to all manner of diabetes magazines.
Good luck.

You can basically eat anything as long as you plan for it, or have enough insulin to counteract the glucose surge after you eat the food.

Generally diabetics have to avoid simple carbs and eat food which has some fiber, protein or fat in it so they don't have such a big increase in blood sugar (fiber, protein and fat slow the release of blood sugar).

There isn't a list of things you can't eat. My nephew was just diagnosed, and he can eat pretty much anything. He just counts carbs, and doses his insulin to counteract the carbs.

They did tell him to stay away from soda and sugary drinks, though.

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