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Aruna A
Can diabetic patients take lot of papaya. Will it increase the sugar level.?
I am diabetic patient for past 7 years I feel hungry always. I want to know what type of food can I take to fill my stomach full.

Lauren J
Lots of people with diabetes are hungry all the time, making it especially hard for those with weight issues to make the kinds of choices necessary for better health (in the case of type 2).
My son has type 1 diabetes. We have always such with things like cheese, lean meats, basically all the fatty and/or protein-based foods. He likes tofu which is really filling and satisfying too.
Otherwise, there are lower carb foods like nuts, popcorn, veggies with dip, etc to have. Drink a lot of water too - if you have no room in your stomach, it won't want you to fill it up so fast. The other thing we do is make the carbs count (if we are trying to limit carbs) by not giving him condensed carbs (raisins, any dried fruit or anything with extra sugar in it) and sticking to really watery fruits and veggies.

Diabetic patient can eat papaya but only about 1 slice a day. Fruits also contains sugar, so it should be taken in moderate amounts. If you feel hungry always, take small frequent meals. You can have crackers or juice in between meals.

See a doctor or dietician so that you caloric daily requirement could be computed and they can give you more advice on what to eat and what to avoid.

Yes, you can eat papaya. It is actually an exception for diabetics.

Also, I would suggest you to eat pineapple. Pineapple is very rich in enzymes and it is good for you.

Also, eat bitter gourd. My father is diabetic, and has mentioned that after eating bitter gourd, his appetite has gotten better. He says that he feels full with less food. Also, drink buttermilk.

By the way are you type 2 or type 1 diabetic. I have recently read that coffee reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. I would recommend you to start drinking coffee. Just 1 glass a day would be enough. ( I am trying to get my Dad to drink it:) ) The reason is because it contains antioxidants, and Vitamin K. They are good for you.

Also, if you didn't know already, soak some fenugreek seeds in water, and drink in the morning or add to foods. It is a natural remedy for reducing sugar levels.

Sachin V
No you cannot take papapya, it has a lot of sugar content.

papaya has sugar content in it :(

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