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Blood flow in legs and feet!?
Im diabetic and the blood flow in my legs is very low. Can you tell me anything i can do to help blood flow?

Keep them active and massage them frequently. If you're on MDI its going to get worse unless you gain better control. I really recommend looking into insulin pump therapy since its proven to be better therapy and helps w/ Neuropathy.

Dianne H
The more exercise the better. There is a machine you can use also. It is called a "jigglin' George". It moves your legs back and forth that helps with circulation. i use it and it helps alot. I found mine on ebay.

Believe the overall health consensus for your condition is a healthy diet plan and exercise.

tim g
Walk around a little, regularly.Take folic acid & B vitamins.

have you been diagnosed with peripheral artery disease?
sounds like it.

it's vital to lead a healthy lifestyle. there is something called plavix which could help the blood flow, although it is not a cure for the disease. youhave to find a form of exercise that you can tolerate. some doctors will even put you on a pain management program so that you can walk and exercise. that's how vitally important it is.

my heart goes out to you.

i have done some research and i recommend taking cinammon capsules.

speak to your doctor about aspirin therapy as well.

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