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 Who else has Diabetes? If so what Type?

Additional Details
Type 1 since I was 11!

Never been over weight!

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 ok does this sound like diabetes? i've been to the doc but havent got my results back yet and realy scared.
1)realy bad dizzy spells + bluryness
2) sickness
3) i get ill realy easily (i've been ill every holiday)
4) feel hungary all the time
5) feel tirsty all the time
6) need ...

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 Why do i get the shakes when i'm hungy and is it something i should be checking into..or what?

As I was shopping today I became very dizzy, nausea,and had a faint feeling. Is this a sign of diabetes?
I have also gained unexplained weight, frequent urination, and always thirsty.

♥Long Island cuttie♥
yes...those are MANY signs of diabetes. i think type one..idk 4 sure. would see your doctor right away

hope i helped=]

「Buta Uri?♥『?豕?
Yes, it can be. I would go to a doctor to get a blood-glucose test. Or if you know anyone with a glucose tester, you can just use theirs. I hope you don't have it :(

go to ure doctor. it can be
um. ya i think type 1
if it runs in the family too.
my grandfahter has thatt

Juan C
Regardless of the type of diabetes, the symptoms are the same. They are often more insidious in the case of type 2 diabetes.

* Elimination of excessive urine (it is common to get up at night to go urinate)
* Increased thirst and hunger
* Weight loss
* A weakness and excessive fatigue
* Blurred vision
* An increase in the occurrence and recurrence of infections of the skin, gums, bladder, vulva or the foreskin
* A slowdown in the healing process
* Numbness or tingling in hands and feet

Note. Untreated diabetes causes severe symptoms it is important to recognize.

Yeah those all are signs of diabetes. I would go to the doctor right away. Hope it all turns out alright.

Yes, I am a pre-diabetic. And I have suffered from the same symptoms. But, there's also another health problem you could be suffering from, called Insulin Resistance.

That's what I have. Signs of this are dehydration, under-eye dark circles, nausea, nose bleeds, dizziness, weight gain, and the basic diabetic issues. What makes this unique, is the darker skin that occurs on you're neck, elbows, knees, under the knees, behind the ears, and around the ankles.

Look for this, if you have any of these symptoms, ask your doctor to be prescribed Metformin and go to a nutritionist and ask for a blood glucos testing meter. I use FreeStyle (this meter is the best).

Hopefully, this helped. Good luck, it's a long journey, but you're strong, you can get through it! :)

Frequent urination, always thirsty (really dry mouth- throat) all the time, yes, these could be definite signs. You need to go for a check-up and blood test.

The first parts weren't. Diabetes' sign is unusual weight LOSS. The urination and the thirst, though, are signs, according to my first source.
In my second source, however, there are more symptoms. Check them out. I suggest seeing a doctor anyway, if you're unsure (or sure you have it) or still worrying.

ted j
Check your blood sugar.

Not necessarily. Just call a doctor and set up an appointment. Make sure you eat too. That could have had something to do with the dizzy and faint feeling.

This could be a sign of diabetes. My friend has this and she only found out like last month. I've notice that both of you have the same symptoms. you should go to the doctors just in case.

all the best to you.

its sound like but go to a doctor and he can give u a test

check your sugar. if it runs in the family maybe,

if not you could have just been tired & dehydrated

There are many myths to how to properly define whether you have diabetes or not. I recommend you go see a doctor. Because it may be serious. (You could actually loose eye sight)

Where'd you come up with that idea. You could have anything with those symptoms from a pregnancy to a temporary drop in your blood pressure to lord only knows what else.

The signs of diabetes are, hand shaking, faint feeling, and you have to be standing at the sink drinking, water after water after water! I should know my mom has it.
I hope I helped!

I could agree with you that yes those are signs,
i would check with a doctor because they are all clear signs of it
however it could be you were dehdyrated too...

no. it could be that ur preganant but thats my best guess go to ur doctor

it is a sign you may want to go to the doctor if this continues.
have you eatin anything?
are you used to walking while shopping alot do you usually exercise?
or it might be just a little bug or something.
hope i helped. :)


ask the doctor....no one here will be exact, and we wouldnt be able to give you medication anyway.

could you possibly be pregnant?? if not I have hypoglycemia which is low blood sugar and normally it is caused by missing meals and then I start to feel shaky, sweaty, and nauseated but not dizzy, or thirsty. Hope this helps

cool girl
HOLY CRAP! go c a doc NOW!!! u might but maybe not, im really sorry if you do, i really am. (might just b puberty) :)) good luck...

Oscar C
Go to the doctor and have yourself examined. Also request for a blood test, especially on your sugar in the blood.

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