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Am I a hypochondriac?
I noticed a few changes in my habits recently, and looked up a few symptoms online (big mistake, I know) and now have convinced myself I might have diabetes.
However, I do realise I am at little to no risk from diabetes, im neither overweight nor old, im generally fit, although i rarely excercise. My diet is suffiicient, although admittedly lacking in fruit and vegetables. None of my family have been diagnosed with diabetes.
The symptoms which i originally noticed are:
Excessive Thirst
Excessive Urination
and after looking up these symptoms, I found out that excessive hunger, and being prone to infections is also common, and I defintely do exhibit these symptoms.
Interestingly, it is often discussed that sweet smelling urine is a symptom, I have this also, however i have not been able to find anything on the internet that states this as a definite symptom.
While I think I have enough symptoms to get tested, I realise I am not at risk, am I just being a hypochondriac?

miss london
I think if you look into most illnesses you could relate to the symptoms in some way. I'm sure your not but have a check up you need to put your mind at ease.

you dont have to overweight or old to have diabetes you obvioulsy didnt read that bit online!!! go to local chemist they often do diatetes tests now, if it shows anything you can make appt to see your gp

Mike T
i think you should get tested to put your mind at rest. if you don't have diabetes at least you no that so you will not think you do as much or at all and if you do have diabetes then you should feel good that you did check on the net and get checked for it

Messy Jess
It is possible that you have diabetes. Just go to the doctor and he will do a simple urine test and you will know within minutes. If you dont have health insurance, you can go buy a glucose monitor from your local pharmacy and test your blood sugar. Wait thirty minutes after you eat and test your sugar. It should be between 80 and 120. If it is higher than that, there is a strong indication that you have diabetes. This, of course, is not a definate answer but it is a pretty good preliminary test. If it is a bit over 120, dont fret. Wait another half hour and test it again. Good luck!

Possibly both. You could be a hypochondriac and you could have diabetes. However, sometimes we know our own bodies best and our instincts are right.

Ask for an HbA1c test, and a Glucose Tolerance Test.

I recommend getting both tests because they can misdiagnose if they just do a random or simple fasting test. (this happened to me, fasting test showed negative, but I asked for more tests and I do have it).

Most people with type 2 diabetes have NO symptoms until the disease has been untreated for several years. The average time between developing type 2 diabetes and actually getting a diagnosis is 8 years. That's EIGHT YEARS of diabetes going untreated, and damaging your body.

I recommend that you get tested asap, and ask for BOTH of the tests that I mentioned.

Good luck!

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