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 Talking to the children?
I just went on Meds. for T2. Now that I am on the meds I feel it is very important to let my 7 & 10 year olds know what to do if ......"Mom is acting funny" - Test my blood sugar and if ...

 pins & needles in legs, extreme tiredness,?
I have been to my Doctors the past 12 months on 2 occasions with the following symptoms and would ask if anyone may have some
feedback on what could be causing the problems:-

1) Pins ...

 diabetes? can i have it?
im 22, i was once considered "border line" when i was 300 pounds, i had gastric bypass, and now i weigh in at 155. but a nurse gave me a meter, and showed me how to use it, over a year ago. ...

 is 55 a bad blood glucose reading?
that was before food, now im going to eat and check it agian in 30 mins. what should it be then?
Additional Details
hypoglycemia is on one side of my family and diabetes on the other.

 How do you get in the hang of writing your numbers down?
I am not good at writing my blood sugar numbers down! I hate writing them down. Why write them down if their in the meter already?
Additional Details
Student-That site sis for allergens! ...

 i have a diabetic dog and heard quercetin could help his eyesight but dont know how much is safe for him.?

 How many medical professionals in the diabetic field?

 what are the chances of fertility when you are diabetic?

 any information regarding Dr J P Jain palam gaon delhi diabetes killer, one who can cure diabetes.?

 Is there a non-disposable pen for injection of lantus insulin?

 What should I cook?
Running out of ideas to cook for my Dad. 75 year old recovering from heart surgery and also has diabetes.


 Is Milligrams the same as Equivalent Units?
I have some medicine and I need milligrams but I got eu. which stands for Equivalent units. I need to know how to convert, or how many Milligrams are in Equivalent Units....

 Can diabetic patients take lot of papaya. Will it increase the sugar level.?
I am diabetic patient for past 7 years I feel hungry always. I want to know what type of food can I take to fill my stomach full....

 Can emotional instability be a symptom of diabetes?
I was just wondering, because my grandfather was a diabetic, and I also know that he was often emotionally unstable and even abusive towards his wife and children. And don't get me wrong. I know ...

 I have a insulin dependent chihuahua to which I give her 4 units twice a day. ?
I have given her insulin for two years now. My question is this. Anyone have any idea if insulin hurst when injected? She is a chihuahua so there is only so much fat you can find on her. I am ...

 Blood flow in legs and feet!?
Im diabetic and the blood flow in my legs is very low. Can you tell me anything i can do to help blood flow?...

 how high should my blood Sugar be before I go to the E.R?
I just got out of the er for my blood suger.They didn't tell me how high is to high
Additional Details
Help me asap diabetes is new to me and i can't see my doc... till ...

A highsalt diet that restricts protein,phosphorus,and magnesium & increase fluid intake is a treatment for?
1) renal failure
2) struvite uroliths
3) diabetes mellitus
4) hyperlipidemia

Silver Thunderbird
not exactly sure, but it would cause your body to process electrolites, and flush the system... I would imagine it would be hyperlipidemia or renal failure, as i've never heard of #2 and having #3 i've been warned to avoid that kind of treatment... ;)

good luck!!

da d
2) has to be the answer. Mineral and protein restriction would fit with this answer and increasing fluid intake would also fit.

Conciously increasing fluid intake would be a detriment to 1) and 3) and would not be a benefit for4)

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