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Alice Cullen
wisdom teeth surgically removed. Any words of wisdom?
I'm seriously freaking out! I hate the fact of being out cold for it, the after effects and some of my friends got sick off the pain killers. I’m going off my parents insurance in April so I have to have it done before then. Any advice on how to cope?

DON'T use a straw afterward - you can get a dry socket from using a straw. I had all four of mine (plus a few others) taken out and after a few days, I was right as rain. :) You can make it through this! :) Good luck! :)

are they hurting at this time? im 33 & still have mine. I was told to get them taken out years ago but I didnt. Im not going to do it until they start hurting

suzanne g
just do it. It's one of those things in life you just have to grit your teeth & get thru.

just deal with it. It hurts more in some cases than others.

I had mine out about a month ago. It's painless during surgery but it hurts a couple of hours after. The best thing to do is fill the prescription as soon as you leave the surgeon's and take the pain killers right away, don't wait until it starts to hurt. Then take the pain killers as prescribed, eat light meals, especially soup,and gargle with salt water after you eat. It's no big deal if you follow the steps. The only pain I felt was a couple of hours after I had the surgery, that's because I didn't take the pain killers as soon as I got home.

♥ tigereye ♥
I think it's actually better to get "wizzies" pulled while you are asleep. I had mine taken a few years ago, and the healing time was really quick. I flew from Seattle to Toronto two day's after, and was able to slowly eat regular foods a day after that. As long as you do what the aftercare instructions tell you, you should be good in about 4 days. Everyone is different though. As for getting sick on painkillers, take with a small glass of milk. You may be able to get your dentist to give you a prescription for an anti nausea med if you have had problems in the past for upset tummy caused by pain killers.

Quit freaking out first of all. You will be fine. Follow the doctors orders and you should have no problems. Write down a list of questions for the dentist and have him answer them prior to the surgury. Also, explain your fears to the dentist so he/she can reassure you. Good luck.

it's not that bad. i had it under under anesthetic.....and there are a lot of other things that were more painful, just think at least your teeth will stay straight =)

Lady, everyone is different, you are worrying too much, this isn't brain surgery, you are having some teeth pulled. I had no problem at all and I was 21, so anyway, good luck and try not to get your pants all in a bunch, it is no big deal....honest.

wisdom teeth
haha jk i dont knooo.
gd luck though

ok, i have been knocked out cold twice...that's not what you have to worry about, it's just like sleeping. As for the pain of your teeth, don't run around or eat freakishly cold or hot things. my friend got her wisdom teeth pulled when she was 13 and she wanted me to go with her. So i guess you could eat some comfort food, and take your best friend or someone to go with you. she just didn't do or eat too much for like 3 days so just take each day one at a time, people should be able to understand.

My husband had oral surgery to have teeth removed. The day before his surgery he started taking Arnica, you can buy this at your local herb or healthfood store. He had several teeth removed, quite a bad infection going into surgery, and a very hard time with his surgery (this should not be the case for you if it is just wisdom teeth extraction). He had absolutely no bruising and very minimal pain that he was able to use Ibuprofen only for. He had his prescription filled, and we ended up flushing the majority of the pain pills because he just didn't need them. Just make sure that you use a homeopathic form and not an herbal. There is a difference.

As Real As It Gets
Actually, I just thought it was funny that you asked for 'words of wisdom' about losing your wisdom teerth.

It sounded like you needed substitute wisdom for what was being surgically extracted.

Christina J
they don't knock you out completely. You'll be OUT, and won't be aware of what's going on, or remember any of it... but they need you mildly reactive so you can open your mouth and stuff. The pain pills, if they make you sick call your dentist/surgeon and ask for different ones. Lots of ice on the OUTSIDE of your jaw. Don't smoke, dry sockets hurt like hell! don't drink from a straw. and then just take it easy

I have a question to ask you before I can answer your question.

Are your wisdom erupted? That means they are not in the bone.

If they have erupted then I don't see why you have to be put out for it. I would have two done one day and then after that had healed the other two removed.

You have six months before you go off their insurance so you have time.

If they are impacted then it would be a good idea to have all four done at once under anesthesia... it is a surgical procedure and it requires that the patient be "cooperative".

As to the healing... every person is different. Some people cannot take pain killers. Others have no problem. You don't know if you will have an adverse reaction so I wouldn't look for problems.

The most important thing is to find a good oral surgeon, one that you really have confidence in and trust him/her to know what is best for you.

Remember, the longer you put things off... the harder it is to do them.

Good luck.

Well, they removed the 4 wisdom teeth from my mouth, for an orthodontic treatment. Let me tell you, I had no problems and no pain, what you have to do is eating healthy-soft food for a few days, don't eat pork, or fish, chicken and vegetables are fine. And my dentist gave me the chance to eat a lot of lemon ice cream, to make it be better.

Good luck!!!


Just don't worry about that- it's not so bad. I got sick from my pain meds, but once i got off of them I was fine. Just make sure you have someone to take care of you. Rent some movies and get cosy in your bed for a couple days.

Sweet B
wisdom teeth eeew i had all of mine done thank god they are out now though good luck cause child birth is easier than getting your wisdom teeth pulled out I hope you have plenty of pain medicined

Love your play on words. Was that intentional?
It is just another surgical operation. Nothing to worry about. Some people get sick from pain killers. You won't know if you will or not until you try them. If they make you sick, contact your doctor for an alternative. As for how to cope, just think positive about the whole experience. Remember, this is not the first time the doc has done the job. Have confidence in him.

I had all mine removed at the same time and I remember having problems with food lodging in the holes that were left. You need to use a saline solution for mouth rinsing for quite awhile afterwards.

I had my wisdom teeth removed in January. Don't sweat it. after the surgery I was groggy, but in no pain. They gave me Ibueprofin and vicodin. I never got sick from the pain killers. I wasn't in a whole lot of pain, but my mouth did hurt. They will give you a thing to flush your mouth out. Make sure you use it. There will be holes where the teeth were, and until it heals, make sure you flush out those holes with that tool after you eat. Otherwise it can get infected. It's real easy and very painless. A common side effect is something called a dry socket. You'll know if you get one. Your mouth will be in extreme pain to the point where the pain killers do not work. If you get one don't panic. The dentist will ask you to come in and they'll give you this nasty tasting herbal stuff and put it in the whole where the dry socket is. You'll leave it in there for a few days and it will immediately start working. The important thing is to stay calm. It's a very common surgery, that a lot of people get. You'll be fine, and it will not be as painful as you think.

Loveable_Lilly _2007
get pain meds

Embrace it - it will be the funnest few days of your life if you take your meds!!! If you eat before you take the pain killers you wont get sick... and if you tell the doc. before you go under that the sleeping gas makes you sick, they will give you something before tot ake it away!

[email protected]
don't do this one on your own,have someone drive you to the Dr. and stay overnight with you,Follow all of the Dr's directions,,Mac donald's milk shakes are good for the first 48 hours..............you realy do want to be out for this,that way the Dr. isn't fighting your fear along with the teeth.

Delusions of Grandeur
eat lots of fresh pineapple (not the canned kind) two weeks before hand. it prevents swelling, trust me!

and cancel all your plans for the next three days. all you will want to do is lie on the couch and watch tv.

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