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 Girls get teeth sanded down to make strait line?
It looks very nice....

when I brush my teeth a lot of blood come out of my gum, what it is?

Ok there is noting really wrong !! . The only thing you can do is brush your teeth and gum slowly . Not to hard . And after a few weeks . Your gums will be more than firm (strong) And you will not have any more blood coming from your gum not much any way , may me a little . But if you have red line on your gum . You should think about getting your dentist to have a look .

You might have gingivitis. You need to brush and floss all the time and use listerine to rinse your mouth at least 2 times a day.

shantel a
gingervirus u got sensity gums use a softer tooth brush trust me it will help

Stephen C

If this happens a lot, you should probably head over to your dentist. You could have gingivitis.

linda mary w
i went to the dentist today for the same problem,said it was gum disease and to brush the gums often and use mouth wash good luck

10 Years Out & Proud!!!
Gingivitis, it happend to me too, still under treatment

you may need to get a complete cleaning for the tartar just under the gum line, or you actually have a bit of receding of the gum line. Keep brushing and if you can get an electric toothbrush do so asap. (was really good for me when i got one) . Be sure to floss much more & right after meals. Get to a dental hygenist asap.

You need to floss daily.

Vivimos en los Ultimos Dias
you may have a periodontal disease. you will need to see a periodontist to take care of this. i suggest that you take care of this fast you do not want ot loose your teeth. if this is too bad you may have to have surgery.

You have probably one, or several things that could be going on. One, it could be gingivitis, if your gums are swollen, red and bleed easily, this is probably the case. Or if you see your dentist regularly, brush and floss religiously and this has just started. Then you could be brushing too hard causing damage to your tissue. Or maybe you are under a lot of stress and not eating right or taking care of yourself. Any one or all of these can factor into what is going on with your mouth. Let's start with the more serious one, gingivitis. If you feel that this may be the case, you need to see your dentist and have a professional cleaning, perio screening and have a diagnosis made to be sure of the extent of the damage. They will advise you the best way to get your condition under control before any more damage is sustained. If it's just that your brushing too hard, go easy. It's not how hard you brush, it's how long you do it. Brushing too hard can cause a lot of problems as well as cause tissue recession and sensitivity. If it's stress or diet related, then you'll have to make some personal changes to fix your diet or resolve to remove the stress from your life.

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