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Chad D
what kind of pain killers can i take after i get a tooth pulled?

omfg itz Blaine
just take a dozen pain killers of your choice and i bet you feel sooo much better XD


William B
aspirin, or Tyndall

Answer Fairy
Any kind you want. Your doctor should prescribe something for you, though.

Meri C
They hopefully will prescribe ibuprofen. That is the best thing and it really really works. More than anything else.

αςhα ♥
any mefenamic acid 500mg if you're adult,if not,250mg is fine. =)

Ibuprufen and other OTC painkillers are usually prescribed in higher doses. Your particular case depends on your personal medical history and this is a questions better suited for your dentist or primary care provider.

Mom of two beautiful little boys
They usually prescribe Ibprofen 800 milligrams...that works.


I took 2 Tylenol RAPID RELEASE pills every 4 hours after having four teeth pulled. They work fast and are so effective. Now I take them for almost all my pain medicine needs.

Are you kidding? Why are you asking that question here?! What are you paying your dentist for if he can't even give you a decent prescription or give proper advice and information after a procedure?

living water
you can take advil first and if this is not enough you can also take tylenol with it

Take over the counter ibuprofen 2 tablets every 6 hours for 3 days. Even if the area doesn't hurt. I work for a dentist and this is the advice we give our patients. The area may not hurt. But ibuprofen keeps the inflammation and swelling down. Advil and Motrin over the counter can also be used. If you cannot tolerate ibuprofen take Extra Strength Tylenol.

The best person to answer this is your dentist. Any reputable dentist can tell you what medications you can take that won't cause any problems with any other medications you might be on at the time.

Most likely they will give you hydrocodone (Vicodin). Some dentists will only tell you to take ibuprofen. Unfortunately narcotic painkillers are highly abused. This has lead to doctors sometimes being apprehensive to prescribe them when the need is marginal.

First it really hurts so ask ur denitist for one, when i pulled mine i was given motrin 500mg and that worked well,but you need to take them prn when u have the pain cos those medications can really affect your Kidneys.Goodluck!


The mother of all painkillers !!

indrajeet d
Ask the doctor...............

Kelly A
Ibuprofen is the only thing that really works for dental pain

Sarah M
Midol, I've used it twice (teeth drilled) and its worked wonders!!!

Good luck!


they will normally prescribe your vicadin (hydrocodeine) or percocet (oxycodeine)

well thats with getting your wisdom teeth out, 1 maybe just ibeprofin

Anything with Codine in it should help

first you have to stop it from bleeding, ice cream really helps or ice if you don't want the sweet thing there.
Paracetamols are one of the safest analgesic, if that doesn't work within three to four hours take tylenol... the safest of them all is to ask your nearby dentist

ask ur dentist.. mine gave me a gel to put over the tooth....was very effective...but sorry cant remember the name right now

Ian W
Iboprophen or codine based.

Take them as soon as you can so that they are working before the dentists anaesthetic wears off.

NOT take Asprin, as it is an anti-coagulant that will cause the bleeding to continue.

McCain's a butt sniffer!
honestly the question should be what kind od pain killers should i take ...because in reality you could take anything... my gfreind had some dental work done and the doc gave her vicodin this will help the pain but it is an opiate based pain killer witch can be unbeleivably addictive.. i would steer clear of any thing like hydrocodone oxycodone etc.it is hard to stop once you have started... GABAPRENTIN is a non opiate based pain killer and it works well

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