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 Which toothpaste do you use? Be specific.?

 Which is most unattractive - crooked teeth or yellow & stained teeth?
Heya, just wondering which do you dislike more - teeth that are crooked/crowded or teeth which are yellowy or stained. And I don't just mean in a potential partner, just people in general. P...

 i know its not wise to do but whats the best way..?
.. to remove a tooth without going to the dentist?...

 i bit my lip and it hurts SOOOO much?
its unbarable, the pain, its hard to kiss my wife, or eat food, i just wanna sit all day with my lip hanging down, i tried putting oragel on it but it only lasts about a minute. what can i do to ...

 How often are you supposed to get a new toothbrush?
I saw an article on Yahoo! a few months back that said you should replace your toothbrush way more often than we think, like every month or two months or something. Does anyone remember the exact ...

 What's the best cure for mouth ulcers?
I keep getting them all the time and use Bonjella but it doesn't seem to do anything! :(...

 Should I get braces again? (look at my pic)?

I had braces back when I was probably in 6th grade, I am now going to be a senior in highschool...

As you can see my ...

 How can I have nice breath after eating?
I'm going to my boyfriends house tommorow for dinner, and we're having home made pizza lol yummy : )

But after we eat we'll probably be kissing and stuff I want to have nice ...

 How much did your braces cost?
My braces are costing $7,200!
I think there too expensive!

 What happens if a vampire bites somebody with AIDS or Hepatitis?

 AHHHHHHHHHH getting braces tomorrow:S:S:S:S?
OMFG im so scared to get braces 2morrow:'( im scared im gunna look be ugly and ppl are gunna make fun of me:'(

also are coloured braces just gay, cuz honestly i don wanna come ...

 what color??
im getting my braces off next month and cant decide what color to get my retainer as!! any suggestions???...

 how do i remove my braces myself(teeth)?

 tomrow im getting 12 cavities filled?
im very scared, it may not be all 12 tomrow it may be half tomrow half another day, can i please have some advice about what i should do! im very scared! :(
Additional Details
i brush my ...

 I'm scared my dentist will find out I'm bulimic?
I'm fourteen years old, and I am bulimic. I have a dentists appointment tomorrow, and I'm scared he or she will see that I have a disorder. Can they see this? Also, if they can tell, will ...

 A Question About Braces?
Im getting braces in 15 days, and i was wondering how long it will take to get them. I'm only getting my top teeth, though. Also, can someone explain what the metal thing that goes around the ...

 if some braces fell off from my teeth, will it mess up the process?
i havne't called my orthodontist to tell him this, cause im afraid he will get mad, but i have had my braces like this like for a month!:S:S:S:S wil it mess up the process!?...

 When I brush my teeth in the morning, I throw up....?
I have noticed that I have a sensitive gag reflex (at least that's what I think it is). Many mornings when I brush my teeth I gag and eventually throw up. Is this normal? What can I do for ...

 how much do the tooth ffairy leave these days?
my neice is staying the night with me and her tooth has just fallen out how much under the ...

 What color Braces should I get on Wednesday?
I already have braces. I shouldn't have them on fofr much longer. I might be gettign them off on Wed. or the next time after that. Right now I have Lime Green and Purple. I've had: Hot P...

what color of braces should i get.?
i want to know what color of braces would you pick for braces. for me 15 years old.

not white, makes your teeth look yellow.
not yellow, yet again, makes you have yellow teeth.
not black, it makes you have the apparence of black decaying teeth?
prehaps green, blue, or red, it's HOT;HOT;HOT.
feel the rain on your skin (8)

Either blue or black, both look good

Unless ur a 10 year old girl, get clear or silver.dont get white they'll make ur teeth look yellow!

do you mean for the elastics?
I used to get the rainbow pattern and when i got my retainer it was also rainbow pattern.

I also used to just get silver so it was the same colour as the brace. I wouldn't recommend black, it could look rotten.


Pablo P
CLEAR, The colors always end up looking stupid.

I Love Raccoons!
navy, school colors, orange and yellow for summer, green!!

plain or black :P

do u wear a uniform? i did. my friend n i were from the track n field team n our sch tracksuit were blue n yellow. so she alternated colors. i thought it was seriously cool! but e yellow is really not visible. n soon, it just blends in with ur yellowing teeth. since u cant really brush it. i suggest u really nice green or blue. blue is e safest. but if u like to stand out, there are some orthodontist that provides braces w like really bright orange. i like lime green and blue.((:

if you have the option of getting clear ones or metal go for the clear ones...if your stuck with metal ones get your favorite color

black, dark blue or gold. they always look the best.

i got teal. idk why tho. i was just bored i guess. it doesnt really matter what color you get. no one pays that much attention.

well ur 15 right ur almost a man so u should stop with the coloring and other baby stuff get it clear

Alex in Wonderland
probably clear but do not go silver it makes your braces look even bigger

Darth Hideous
blue. or clear. it depends on your style. whats ur hair/eye color? get braces to compliment those colors.

you should pick your favorite color let's say it was blue you should get and color that is your most favorite in the selections it could be what you really want

Clear.You don't want anything else.It'll make you look weird.

clear black or blue

Morgan Hamilioz
Black, it makes your teeth look whiter.:) hope i helped.

Daughter of Athena
lol. i just got mine changed to silver. its a neutral color and looks good on white teeth. dont get white though, because it can turn yellow and then it looks nasty.

Wake up, Donnie
When I had my braces, I always just got black or clear/silver
Honestly, I think other colors look weird and far more noticeable
But that's just my opinion

Definitely clear

Lexi C
Okay everyone says clear but don't! You can get food stuck in your braces and it will be even more noticeable! they will even turn yellow. So go with and darker color like black green blue purple...or my favorite...Orange!

Craig W
i got Green and Orange neon... WHAT EVER YOU DO DO NOT GET CLEAR OR WHITE!!!! Stains and food will seem SOOO obvious with white and clear

clear and get clear rubber bands there not as noticeable. answer mine


I always had white elastics on my braces

Guys with silver or black ones are HOT but if u want the also have these NEW clear braces not the same metal squares that they claim are clear but its like this plastic mouth piece that fit around your teeth and its like when people put those whitening strips on I would suggest those because those are LEAST noticeable

Get Your Favorite Color :]


maciel s

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