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what can you do for a tooth ache?

Mickey L
I suggest you brush your teeth three times a day.
5 minutes each.
Also, you floss(however you spell it).

Try not to eat foods that are hard.
Also, eat or drink lots of vitamins.

jay d
book a dentist appointment. Take a painkiller, paracetamol, or Ibruprophen or both usually leave few hours between doses. Make sure you are ok with Ibruprophen first though if you have any blood problems, or are asthmatic or any stomach problems you may not be able to use ibuprophen. If you want something stronger try paracetamol with codeine but this may cause drowsiness, or even Paramol (paracetamol with dihydrocodeine). Also can try anbisol conatining an anaesthetic that will help relieve the pain or try rub clove oil on.

go to the dentist. if you cant then use some whisky or some oragel

The best thing is to take an over the counter pain reliever such as Tylenol or Advil, and get some Orajel to put on the area. Also, milkshakes are good to drink to try and numb the area, but don't drink it through a straw... or anything for that matter. The pressure from the suction of the straw will put pressure on the toothache site and cause more pain. Call your dentist if the pain in unbearable during the night, and they should be able to make your appointment for you for tomorrow and write you a perscription for something to dull the pain if over the counter medications aren't working. Make sure you write down the dosage and how often you're taking those medications to inform your dentist when you see him/her. They should also write you a perscription for an antibiotic because the toothache is most likely caused by an infection in the root of the tooth.

come closer
take an over the counter pain reliever, Tylenol, Motrin, Advil...etc.

depends if ist actually a tooth problem or a gum infection. start with a hydrogen peroxide wrince and up the vitamin C and wait a few days. if nothing changes, see a dentistand skip the asprins ect alltogether- could also be just stress and your grinding your teeth at nite, or just tensing the jaws more than you realize during the day.

The best thing Ive found, although it may sound weird, swish whisky in your mouth and kind of keep it on the side that hurts for a little bit. Its numbs it better than anything else Ive ever tried.

The Pool Dude
IF YOU HAVE A TOOTHACHE RIGHT NOW - Go gargle with salted water - It will wear off but it's the most instant fix and feels like mana from heaven....

If its just wiggly.. and the gum around it is all sore, then take a couple Advil.
If its a cavity that your waiting to get filled, they have this gel stuff you can buy.. I cant remeber the name you might have to ask your dentist about it.. But you just put a bit on your tooth and it completely numbs the pain, trusty me it works!

dental girl
oil of clove, ambesol, tylenol, motrin, heat pad, sleep propped up, oh yeah...go to the dentist.

motrin and apply some orajel on the part that hurts.

take advil.. or something...

oral gel doesnt work that good for me so i swish vanilla extract in my mouth and it actually helps, or dab vaseline on your tooth.

tinkerbelL roqksxx
*[O R A G E L ] ` shouLd do the triqk :)

they have that tooth numbing gel. that will work.
you can get it at the drugstore.

or advil works really well.

but you better go to the dentist in case it's a cavity or something

well wat i would do is see ur dentist as soon as u can and c wat they say and if its abscessed then u need 2 b put on some antibioticics and oragel is the worst thing u could do 4 a sore tooth... hope this helps..

800mg Ibuprofen usually does the trick if you have any. Make a dentists appointment ASAP.

Pain killers are usually useless if its a bad bad tooth ache, the kind where you are bent over in two and aren't able to even lay down to sleep...
I tried loads with mine anadin, ibruprofen, panadol, voltoral, voltoron diclophenic, ordinary paracetamol, co-codimol, codipar, nurofen, solphadine and little triangular pink ones the doctor gave me.
None of them worked at all.
The best thing i found was to rinse my tooth in warmish salt water and then soak a piece of cotton wool in clove oil and put it over the tooth but pure clove oil stings like hell.
Your best bet is to try that until you can see a dentist.

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